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Dr Who

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Affiliated with: Chosen Ones
Place of origin: Earth
Appearances: TW: Small Worlds
"Come away, O human child!"

Fairies (as the Human race call them) are dangerous Humanoid entities native to the Earth. Fairies are not alien life-forms, but have lived alongside humanity since the Dawn of Time. Their exact nature is unclear, although Jack Harkness describes them as part myth, part spirit world and part reality jumbled together, mixed with "old moments and emotions".

Powers and abilities

Fairies have a wide variety of advanced, seemingly magical abilities. They have control over the elements, and are able to control the weather to produce localized, but deadly, storms and gales. Not bound by normal physical laws, they can choose whether or not a camera can take their pictures. For example, they made themselves invisible to closed circuit television cameras on one occasion. On another, they enabled themselves to have their photographs taken. They can travel through time and have an apparent non-linear relationship to it - as demonstrated by a picture of Jasmine Pierce, who became a fairy in 2007, in fairy form in 1917. A common method of killing their victims is to "steal their breath", asphyxiating them by clogging their throats with rose petals.

Fairies are seen in two forms: a small, glowing humanoid form with butterfly-like wings and a Human-sized, more monstrous form. Both forms have wings and can fly with ease. At least in the larger form, Jack Harkness described them as only visible from the corner of one's eyes. (TW: Small Worlds)

Interactions with Humans

Jack said the Fairies came from the Dawn of Time. Humans, over time, made the fairies into something harmless and cute, however those who had encountered them (like Jack) never doubted their powers.

Jack speculates that fairies may be "part Mara", though it is unknown if he is referring to the Mara of Snakedance and or the creature from Scandinavian folklore.

Apparently, Fairies were once Human children, taken from various time periods stretching millennia into the past. Also, Fairies don't seem to reproduce normally, and instead take children and turn them into Fairies. These children are the Chosen Ones, who the Fairies protect and avenge if harm comes to them, until the time that they claim the children and take it to their "lost lands". These "Chosen Ones" always seem slightly odd and will try to spend as much time as possible with the Fairies. They generally aren't involved with the affairs of other Humans, but they will violently defend any infringements on their territory and kill anyone who they feel has acted against them. (TW: Small Worlds)

They also can distinguish between who harmed the Chosen child and who didn't, as when Jack was on a train with a group of soldiers who had run over a Chosen One: the fairies attacked the men, but left Jack unharmed in a car full of dead bodies once they were done. The Fairies also appear to have limitless powers over the elements, as Jasmine Pierce, a Chosen One, told the team when they tried to stop her from being taken they would "Turn the world to ice". When Jack said that would mean no more children, Jasmine revealed the Fairies would simply keep to the past.

It is possible that Fairies don't reproduce because they are genderless. They speak in a soft, eerie and androgynous voice that makes it difficult to determine whether they are male or female.

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Fairies are fictional wish-granting beings, usually winged, who populate fairy tales. Most often serving as godmother (or godfather or godperson) to the protagonist, fairies have appeared frequently in Muppet/Henson productions. They tend to be less competent than their literary counterparts, however.

Fairy Index

Muppet fairies

Non-Muppet, human-sized fairies

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A flying fairy.

The Fairies are the race that occupy Zanaris. They are small, winged humanoids. The fairies never come out into Gielinor; they instead live in their kingdoms in Zanaris. However, they have established connection to other realms besides Gielinor; such as the Cosmic Plane, the Abyss and Gorak Plane. They have most likely lived in Zanaris since before the God Wars, and perhaps even since creation.

Fairies are responsible for most of the (non-rune) magic. They are also responsible for keeping the seasons, creation, and even the balance of the worlds intact. That is not to say that all fairies are good however, as some have been known to conspire with orks.

Fairies appear to live in the air and fly around frequently. They rely heavily on magic and delight in mischief. Fairies are mysterious to outsiders, who know little of their culture and history. Indeed, many of the other mortal races would happily deny the existence of this tiny race, as most believe fairies are imaginary creatures.


List of fairies

Fairy Nuff.
Chaeldar, a slayer master.


The fairies are involved with the following quests;

Graphical update

Concept art by Jagex containing variations on the future look for fairies, using the Fairy Queen as a basis.

The Fairy race is set to be graphically updated alongside Zanaris. Jagex has released its three promised Developers' Blogs about this in a blog called "Fairy Area Improvement" (Concept, Modelling, and Animating).

Fairies will be slightly bigger then they are now, will show more detail, and have more life in their animations.


  • During the Quest "A Fairy Tale Part II" players will encounter a fairy who has lost one of her arms, of which the examine info is "It's just a flesh wound." This refers to the black knight's famous quote in Monty Python's Holy Grail.
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