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DC Comics

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Real Name
Lauren Pennington
Current Alias




Peter Pennington (father, deceased), Tara Pennington (sister, deceased)


Base Of Operations
NYPD 18th Precinct, New York City, New York, formerly Skywatch


5' 9"





Marital Status

Stormwatch P.H.D. Operative Combat & Tactics Expert

Lauren is a Seedling

Place of Birth
Chicago, Illinois


First appearance

Stormwatch #2



Lauren's latent powers were revealed when she found herself trapped in a burning building as a young woman. The building was ravaged by the fire, reduced to ash and cinders, but when firefighters combed through the wreckage, they found her unconscious but otherwise unhurt. Hearing of her miraculous survival, Synergy tracked her down and activated her powers. After undergoing the rigorous training required of a Stormwatch operative, Lauren was offered a position in Stormwatch Two, the reserve team.

At this point, the UN was still under the control of the shadowy, paranoid group of multi-billionaires called the Special Security Council - and their claws were sunk particularly deep in Stormwatch. Thus, while they were heroes, the operatives of Stormwatch were quite ruthless and did not hesitate to violate the rights of a country in order to advance the agenda of the Special Security Council.

Fahrenheit, an old Stormwatch hand, served under Bendix's leadership, then Synergy's. When Bendix was put in charge again and modified the teams' lineup, Fahrenheit was appointed leader of Stormwatch Red, the heavy fire team designed for deterrent display and retaliation. But the kind of missions she was sent to perform were not making her very comfortable - though she acted as a good, moral soldier. For example, she was sent with fellow Stormwatch members Flint and Rose Tattoo to the island nation ruled by Kaizen Gamorra. This was in revenge for Kaizen's terrorist attack on Britain, including his initial attack, the destruction of a British passenger jet in the skies over the middle of England. Though Flint and Fahrenheit only damaged property, they had to watch as Rose killed 233 civilians, the exact number of British civilians killed on the jetliner.

Fahrenheit spent much time with her teammates and friends in various bars around the world, drinking and avoiding talking about work. Much of this was at Clark's Bar, a watering hole where only super-humans are allowed.

Bendix's insanity later revealed itself and in a fight with Jenny Sparks he was presumably killed. Fahrenheit stayed with the team under the new leadership of Jackson King. In later missions, she was forced to kill, though she did not enjoy it. She began a relationship with fellow Stormwatch Officer Hellstrike, which violated many Stormwatch rules.

Fahrenheit met her doom when the Stormwatch super-satellite was boarded by hundreds of xenomorphs as it attempted to destroy an incoming celestial body before it would collide with the Earth. The courageous young woman was mourned as a hero by her few surviving team mates. After the Wildstorm Reboot (in Captain Atom), Fahrenheit along withe Fuji, Hellstrike & Winter, are alive as seen in the Stormwatch PHD series. The Authority's Doctor had discovered a way to resurrect Winter and in doing so brought back his other deceased teammates as well. Fahrenheit's memories indicate Monitors were involved. She rejoined Stormwatch, but during the "Battle of First Avenue" she fell from a height of several stories. Fahrenheit survived the fall, but awoke without her powers. Jackson King placed her on the new Stormwatch PHD squad. Manipulating her though the grief of losing her powers, Defile used Fahrenheit as a mole, but she sided with PHD when Defile finally came to kill the team. Her powers also returned at this point.

Jackson King told her that her betrayal was not her fault, but manipulation on Defile's part. He admits to her superior that this is a lie to keep Fahrenheit on the team.

Powers and Abilities


Enhanced Durability: By virtue of being a Seedling, Fahrenheit naturally has enhanced durability allowing her to survived the aforementioned fall.

Pyrokinesis: Fahrenheit is a seedling (mutant) whose pyrokinetic powers enable her to agitate the molecules in objects, quickly heating them like a microwave oven. When used on combustible materials, they burst into flames. Fahrenheit can both invisibly heat items (such as guns) and project large, very visible streams of flame. Her flame is hot enough to melt and mostly vaporize bullets, and she eventually learned how to lay streams of flame in front of her when fired upon. After a fall from several stories while fighting the Cooler. Fahrenheit awoke to find she had lost her powers. She would eventually regain them, but no longer has the fine control she used to.

  • Chemical Fire: After regaining her powers, Fahrenheit continued experimenting with her powers at an accelerated rate ; for instance she learned to create superheated smoke rather than flame to deal with an opponent immune to open flames.
  • Flight: When using it on the air surrounding her, she can create and control updrafts strong enough to let her fly at formidable speeds.


Skilled Combatant: In joining StormWatch, she also underwent a bit of combat training (from the hands of Backlash) to get a solid level of hand to hand fighting skill.

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Final Fantasy

Up to date as of February 01, 2010

From Final Fantasy Wiki


The Fahrenheit, also known as the Continental Circus, is the Airship available to the player in Final Fantasy X, though it is never called such in the game. In the beginning of the game, when Tidus is working with a group of Al Bhed salvagers led by Brother and Rikku, the airship is salvaged from the bottom of the ocean near Baaj Temple. It is properly unveiled much later in the story when the Al Bhed Home is under attack from the Guado. Cid helps the party escape and they destroy Home using missiles installed on the ship.

As they attempt to enter Bevelle, the airship is attacked by the Guardian Wyrm, Evrae, and a battle is staged on the deck of the Fahrenheit, using Trigger Commands to move the ship, which is damaged in the following after coming under fire from the Bevelle guard. After the party defeats Yunalesca, they are picked up by Cid and the remainder of the storyline is based within the airship.

During the assault on Sin, it is revealed that the Fahrenheit is equipped with very powerful laser cannons on either side. These lasers are strong enough to blast off Sin's fins after they are beaten down by the party. Unfortunately, the lasers break just before they can fire on Sin's head.

Unlike previous installments, there is no World Map overview and the player cannot actually fly the ship around Spira. Instead it is used more for quickly transporting from one location to another.

Enemy formations


  • The Airship of your characters in Squaresoft's game Bahamut Lagoon is called Fahrenheit (shortened to "Farnheit" in the English fan translation due to space issues).
  • The Final Fantasy Mechanical Arts depiction of the airship gives it the name Continental Circus, possibly its true official name.
  • Whilst the name of the Final Fantasy X airship is Fahrenheit, the name of the Final Fantasy X-2 airship is Celsius. Both Celsius and Fahrenheit are measurement scales of temperature.

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A temperature scale in which 32 degrees represents freezing and 212 degrees represents the steam point. Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit, an 18th-century German physicist, devised the scale. To convert Fahrenheit temperatures to Celsius, subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit reading, multiply by 5 and divide by 9.

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