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Fafnir in its spawn location in the field, Dragon's Aery.

Fafnir is a Hyper Notorious Monster (one of the three NQ Land Kings) in Final Fantasy XI, found in the Dragon's Aery, once every 21 to 24 hours. Fafnir acts as a lottery placeholder for its High-Quality version, Nidhogg, after 3 days have passed. Fafnir has a variety of devastating abilities shared by most monsters in the Wyrm family. To avoid damage from Dragon Breath and Spike Flail, the most common strategy to defeat any Wyrm is to fight it with all party members standing at either side of its front, more or less on its front toes. Fafnir is highly sought after by the endgame community for the sword which it drops at a meager 5% rate, the Ridill - which occasionally will attack 2-3 times per attack round - as well as the Neptunal Abjuration: Head - the parchment needed to un-curse a Cursed Cap to make a Hecatomb Cap, the game's strongest head attire for executing Weaponskills. Because of its relatively easy access and excellent loot pool, Fafnir is unfortunately the most heavily-camped monster in the entire game, which also makes it subject to the most third-party tool users attempting to claim it for their player alliances.

Special attacks

  • Hurricane Wing: Moderate area damage, severe but brief Blind effect.
  • Horrid Roar: Dispels at random one beneficial effect.
  • Absolute Terror: Inflicts a single target with the Terror status, an irremovable Stun effect.
  • Dragon Breath: Heavy frontal cone Fire-based damage.
  • Spike Flail: Catastrophic area damage when hate is taken from behind. Generally will cause a player alliance to be instantly killed.

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