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Faerie (フェアリー Fearī), also known as Fairy, is one of the summons in Final Fantasy Tactics. It appears covered in its wings, and releases feathers onto the battlefield, healing allies within its range of effect. It is more helpful than Moogle and has a larger area of effect.

When summoned, the summoner will sometimes say, "Shiny crystal light, energize! Fairy!".

Obviously, the Faerie is based off a fairytale fairy, only with the wings of a bird instead of a dragonfly's or a butterfly's. Also, mythical fairies were often associated with dark sorcery and evil witchcraft, and putting curses on humans, especially so in Sleeping Beauty.

It costs 28 MP to cast, has a speed of 25, and needs 460 JP to learn.


  • Faerie does not appear as a summon in Final Fantasy XI, but Fairies do appear in the Wings of the Goddess expansion as friendly mobs who heal Player Characters in campaign battles. Oddly, Fairies can be attacked by players. Fairy is also the name of a server.

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A flying fairy.

The Fairies are the race that occupy Zanaris. They are small, winged humanoids. The fairies never come out into Gielinor; they instead live in their kingdoms in Zanaris. However, they have established connection to other realms besides Gielinor; such as the Cosmic Plane, the Abyss and Gorak Plane. They have most likely lived in Zanaris since before the God Wars, and perhaps even since creation.

Fairies are responsible for most of the (non-rune) magic. They are also responsible for keeping the seasons, creation, and even the balance of the worlds intact. That is not to say that all fairies are good however, as some have been known to conspire with orks.

Fairies appear to live in the air and fly around frequently. They rely heavily on magic and delight in mischief. Fairies are mysterious to outsiders, who know little of their culture and history. Indeed, many of the other mortal races would happily deny the existence of this tiny race, as most believe fairies are imaginary creatures.


List of fairies

Fairy Nuff.
Chaeldar, a slayer master.


The fairies are involved with the following quests;

Graphical update

Concept art by Jagex containing variations on the future look for fairies, using the Fairy Queen as a basis.

The Fairy race is set to be graphically updated alongside Zanaris. Jagex has released its three promised Developers' Blogs about this in a blog called "Fairy Area Improvement" (Concept, Modelling, and Animating).

Fairies will be slightly bigger then they are now, will show more detail, and have more life in their animations.


  • During the Quest "A Fairy Tale Part II" players will encounter a fairy who has lost one of her arms, of which the examine info is "It's just a flesh wound." This refers to the black knight's famous quote in Monty Python's Holy Grail.
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