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Fadros Pallujikaa
Also known as:
Race: Sycorax
Home Planet: Fire Trap, JX82 System
Home Era: 2000s
Appearances: DW: The Christmas Invasion
Actor: Sean Gilder

Fadros Pallujikaa was the leader of the Sycorax who led a asteroid ship to Earth. There they tried to invade it using blood control.


With his helmet on. (DW: The Christmas Invasion)
Fadros Pallujikaa duels the Doctor (DW: The Christmas Invasion)

He was married to Haxan Craw and wore her rib as a marriage bondage. (DWM: The Widow's Curse) and led the Sycorax aboard the asteroid ship which entered Earth's airspace above London, specifically Powell Estate. He saw through Rose Tyler's subterfuge when she claimed to have the authority to turn back the invaders.

He duelled with the newly-regenerated Doctor and cut off his hand (which, owing to the after-effects of regeneration, grew back), though he was eventually defeated by him. When the Doctor's back was turned, the leader tried again to kill him again but the Doctor used a satsuma from his borrowed dressing gown to hit a button which sent the leader falling to his death. (DW: The Christmas Invasion)

Later his fight was watched by Hax who wanted revenge on the Doctor for his death. (DWM: The Widow's Curse)

Behind the Scenes

  • On-screen credit for the character lists him as "Sycorax Leader".
  • Fadros Pallujikaa says his name in The Christmas Invasion, and it translates 'tribal leader', possibly meaning Fadros Pallujikaa was a title, not a name.
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