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Faction Description
The Academy of Arcane Science The Academy of Arcane Science is one of the oldest and most esteemed schools of knowledge on Norrath. They make their home in Freeport where they are free to delve into arts that are forbidden in most societies.
The Evol Ew Lizardmen The Alliz Evol Ew are a savage tribe of lizardmen that inhabit the jungles of The Feerrott. They worship the influence of Fear which directs them to defend the island and its monuments from any invader. They are cousins fo the cannibalistic Alliz Tae Ew.
The Alliz Raef Ew The Alliz Raef Ew are an unusual tribe of lizardmen that has come to dwell within the Desert of Ro. They have adapted to this arid environment, using the unfortunate victims of the inhospitable desert as a means of survival. Their reason for being centers around their god, a mythical giant reptile.
The Tae Ew Lizardmen The Alliz Tae Ew are a cannibalistic tribe of lizardmen that live within the jungle of The Feerrott. These lizards are members of a cult of Fear called Thulians. They are cousins to the Alliz Evol Ew, whom they often feed upon as their dark lords instruct them to.
The Anaz Mal Gnolls The Anaz Mal is a relatively obscure and hostile gnoll clan that dwells in the Desert of Ro. These gnolls have adapted to the hot environments of the desert. They have an unusual affinity towards all things undead.
The Ashen Disciples The Ashen Disciples are the result of a philosophical split within the Ashen Order. Abandoning the virtues of tranquility and wisdom in favor of strength and discipline, these monks deny the existence of the old gods and seek to gain greater temporal power through strength of arms.
The Ashen Order The Ashen Order is one of the oldest monk clans on Norrath, credited with establishing many of the founding principles of the monk. They removed themselves from society decades ago to seek a more humble life within their desert fortress of T'Narev
The Asilian Fairies These faeries are a once demure community of fairies that now fight to survive in Nektulos Forest since being driven from the cataclysms of the Underfoot. They now find themselves in a war for resources with a fellow fairy community of Sullian Fairies.
The Aravu Naga The Aravu Naga are a small group of exiles from The Shimmering Citadel. After being banished by the Djinn, they now only seek to right that single wrong.
The Awakened Located within the floating islands of the Overrealm known as Dragon Isles, this alliance of powerful dragonkind threatens to take over all of Norrath.
Bazzt Bzzt Bixie Brood Descended from the great bixie queen, Bazzt Bzzt of the Plane of Sky, this bixie brood has recently found themselves in the Overrealm of Norrath
The Blackshield Smugglers This band of smugglers based out of The Commonlands are gaining in both wealth and power. The source of their sudden increase in capital is unknown.
The Blacktalon Located within the desert islands of The Barren Sky, this clan of Aviaks is made up of loyal servants to the empire of the Awakened.
The Bloodsabers The Bloodsabers are a band of cutthroats that populate the sewers of Qeynos. They are a mixed race coalition.
  • The following mobs lower this faction:
    • Bloodsaber lookout
    • Bloodsaber initiate
    • Bloodsaber meddler
    • Bloodsaber ratonga
    • Bloodsaber specialist
    • Bloodsaber proficient
    • Bloodsaber adept (Vermin's Snye)
    • Bloodsaber adjunct
The Bloodskull Orcs The Bloodskull Orcs are a relatively new clan of orcs that has begun to operate near the city of Freeport. Unlike the larger orc empires, the Bloodskulls do not seem to have a fortified capital nor do they seem to be interested in conquest.
CThe elestial Watch Acting as a beacon of benevolence, the Celestial Watch is the religious backbone of the Kingdom of Qeynos. This order praises the gods of Love, Valor and Honor.
The Char'Gin The Char'Gin is a tribe of sdesert nomads that roam the desert lands of Ro. They are one of the affluent tribes of the desert and much of their wealth has come from their gift for mining.
Clan Crushbone The savage and cunning orcs of Clan Crushbone have long posed a threat to the inhabitants of Faydwer, maintaining one of the oldest and most feared orc empires on all of Norrath.
Clan Smokehorn An honorable but deadly clan of minotaur that reside in the Steamfont Mountains. Victims of past slave raids, they are extremely cautions of strangers, however, their trust can be earned.
The Coalition of Tradesfolke The Coalition of Tradesfolke is the ruling trade organization of Freeport. They oversee all trade operations of Freeport and do away with any competition with extreme prejudice..
The Concordium The Concordium consider themselves the keepers of the arcane arts. They weild their magic in defense of Qeynos and continue their research in arcane arts that may be used to better all Norrathians.
The Court of Al'Afaz The denizens of the Court of Al'Afaz are as mysterious as they are powerful.
The Court of the Blades The Court of the Blades is ruled by the Caliph of the Blades, Dukarem. Their primary responsibility is the protection of the city from the hostile creatures of the desert, chief of which are the orcs of Rujark.
The Court of the Coin The Court of the Coin is led by the Caliph of Coin, Neriph. They control the flow of money in the city (Maj'Dul), including merchant transactions, banking and wagering. The Golden Scepter is the center of the Dervin economy.
The Court of Truth The Court of Truth is led by the Caliph of Truth, Ishara. Their primary responsibility is to gather and maintain the knowledge of the Dervish people. They also are heavily involved in the law making associated with the Arena Games.
The Court of the Master Djinn Very little is known about this faction.
The Deathfist Orcs The Deathfist Empire is one of the greatest threats to the civilized societies of The Shattered Lands. This orc empire maintains a vast war machine that has claimed Zek, the Orcish Wastes, a former resource-rich forest island, as their new base of operations.
The Dervish Cutthroats The Dervish Cutthroats are said to be the largest bandit organization that ever existed. They have long since terrorized settlers and travelers of the overland. These bandits can be found throughout the Shattered Lands, but they are most prevalent in The Commonlands.
The Dismal Rage The Dismal Rage is religious foundation of Freeport. This organization pays homage to the darker powers of Norrath, the principals of Fear, Hate, and War. Representatives are located in the Temple of War in North Freeport.
The Dreadnaught The Dreadnaught are a brutal mob of bruisers who have dominated all other gangs within Freeport. Founded upon the principles of strength and intimidation, the Dreadnaught act as the Overlord's enforcers to control the streets and alleyways of the city.
Drednever Expedition Before the Shattering, the Observers of Ak'Anon tasked the famous explorers Dabner Drednever and Ognit Ezertob with forming an expedition to explore new and uncharted lands.
The D'Vinnian Court Emperor D'Vinn rules over the orcs of Clan Crushbone and leads the remnants of the Thexian army that once threated to conquer all of Faydwer.
The Enchanted Reapers The Enchanted Reapers are the evil horde of beasts that invaded The Enchanted Lands. Their origin is a mystery. Their malevolent actions have brought sorrow upon a land once filled with happiness.
The Far Seas Trading Company The Far Seas Trading Company rose to great heights during the Age of Cataclysms, created from the union of survivng seafarers. Their flotillas now act as a lifeline between societies great and small, often rescuing survivors while gathering resources within the Shattered Lands.
The Forsaken City [information needed]
The Freeport Militia The Freeport Militia is the defensive force of Freeport. This merciless fighting force defends the walls of Freeport as well as the borderlands of the great city. Representatives are located in West Freeport.
The Fugutr Tribe The devout Satyr followers of Tunare found within The Lesser Faydark. This tribe of creatures originally from the Plane of Growth are found still protecting the various shrines and relics of Tunare.
Gazers of the Overrealm The orogin of these magical entities is a mystery. The answer may lie among the ruins of the Rending.
Gloompall Fairies These sinister fairies have made a home in the Tenebrous Tangle. Their alliance with the Gazers may not be as solid as it appears.
Goblins of Fire Peak This tribe of fire goblins have made their home in the burning caverns of Solusek's Eye.
The Great Herd Roaming across the plains of The Thundering Steppes is the centaur society known only as the Great Herd. These centaurs have learned to live off the land and trust no one if they wish to survive the perils of the Age of Destiny.
The Green Hoods The Green Hoods are an elite band of resistance fighters located in the Orcish Wastes. Before the Shattering, this force was a highly mobile regiment of the Qeynos Guard. They have since broken off to form their own organization while still aiding Qeynos whenever possible.
The Guardians of the Vale The once large halfling nation has been reduced to a few staunch stouts that strive to exist within The Enchanted Lands. These are the Guardians of the Vale, a peaceful people forced to raise arms in order to defend against the evil that has overtaken their homeland.
The Guardians of Thyr Deep within the fiery abyss of the volcanic lands dwell the Guardians of Thyr, cruel fire giants. From an underworld they call Thyr they act as the frontline defense of their master, the red dragon, Lord Nagafen.
Hand of Marr The Good faction for Bloodline Chronicles.
The Ironforge Exchange Overseeing all trade operation of Qeynos is the Ironforge Exhange. This is an ancient trade organization ruled by one of the most affluent trade families of the Kingdom of Qeynos.
The Irontoe Brigade Tumpy's pals.
The Kaentrik Bards The Kaentrik Bards are a group of famous master bards from the old age. They have gathered together to fight against the Djinn after learing the horrid secrets of what happens within The Shimmering Citadel.
The Kromise Thundering across the frigid tundra of Everfrost is the Kromise, giants formed of frost and ice. These titanic brutes have long claimed the chilly Northlands and will not tolerate the presence of outlanders.
The League of Freethinkers The League of Freethinkers is a mysterious and loose-knit organization of hunters. Membership into this secret society is rare and only by invitation. They can be encountered throughout Norrath. What they hunt is unknown.
The Lost Children of Marr Taken by the young dragon, Venekor, to the Overrealm as prizes and servants, thse frogloks have begun to slip from his grasp.
Maj'Dul Citizens The citizens of Maj'Dul can very easily trace their ancestry back to the Dervish cutthroats that roamed the Desert of Ro centuries ago.
The Marked A secretive and silent group, the membership of the Marked seems to be entirely Ratonga. While it is unknown what goals this group pursues, they will without a doubt bring trouble to the other races of Norrath.
Mistmoore The minions, agents and associates of Mayong Mistmoore, Dark Lord of the Loping Plains.
Muckflick Goblins [information needed]
The Myntr Tribe A tribe of Satyrs that live in the mountains above New Tunaria.
The Mystic Guardians The druidic creatures of the Mystic Guardians are devoted to protecting their surroundings from any sort of corruption that threatens the island of Mara.
New Tunarian Citizens Citizens of New Tunaria.
The Nizari [information needed]
Order of Arcane [information needed]
The Order of the Blade These fierce maidens of the cold blade are rumored to be the children of the Ice Goddess, E'ci. They believe that only through intense combat and challenge can true honor be obtained.
  • The following mobs lower this faction:
    • Galebreaker Maiden (EF)
    • Skyshield Maiden (EF)
    • Cloudsong Maiden (EF)
    • Windrider Maiden (EF)
    • Skeldrauna
    • Sky Marshal Valdis
    • Gale Monarch Eyildir
    • Spirit of the Fallen
    • Galebreaker Pilgrim
  • The quest Karg's Gratitude lowers this faction.
The Ortallians The Ortallians are a desert dwelling caste of fanatical followers of Solusek Ro, a deity of flames. This small caste sprang up ages ago from a crusade started by a valorous orc named Ortallius.
Pirates of Gunthak These merciless brutes sail the seas of Norrath seeking weaker targets whose resources they can plunder. They have been known to go to great lengths to obtain rare and valuable treasure.
Protectors of Growth Named directly after the guardians of the Plane of Growth, these Protectors maintain their skills to protect and defend Kelethin and the Fae.
The Qeynos Guard The Qeynos Guard is the valorous defensive force of the City of Qeynos. They defend the city and residents of not only Qeynos, but also any ally of Qeynos in the continent of Karan.
The Ree Orcs The Ree Raiders are a small clandestine band of orcs that operate somewhere on the continent of D'Lere. They are plunderers that will seize goods to use as trade with any organization that will do business with them.
The Rujarkian Orcs The Rujarkian Empire is one of the largest and mightiest orc empires on Norrath. They have sway over all the other orc empires great and small. The Rujarkians maintain a vast fortress homeland built into what is left of the great Rujarkian Hills.
The Runnyeye Goblins The Runnyeye Goblins have long been subjugated by their evil eye taskmasters, forced to toil and do battle at the whim of their powerful overlords. They can often be found salvaging what others would call refuse and bringing it back to their underground forges to be reshaped into tools of war.
The Sabertooth Gnolls The Sabertooth Clan is the largest known clan of gnolls inhabiting the Shattered Lands. These gnolls are comprised of many smaller packs that have banded together to bring about the end of the great cities of men, whom the have viewed as an eternal foe.
The Sandscrawlers The Sandscrawlers are a clan of goblins located in The Pillars of Flame. They are terrible diplomats and tend to eat anything that they happen to kill.
The Seamist Faeries These fairyfolke have long existed in the magical woodlands of The Enchanted Lands. Though these fairies generally maintain a docile nature, a few of their ilk have been driven to rage in an attempt to survive in a homeland ravaged by evil forces.
The Spirits of Marr The Spirits of Marr were once noble order known as the Knights of Truth. Slain by Sir Lucan D'Lere and the Freeport Militia, their spirits have been eternally bound to the Freeport Graveyard.
The Steppes Settlers The residents of The Thundering Steppes once lived solitary lives, but the ravages of war and the wrath of nature have brought the settlers together to form this well-organized, yet loose-knit, society.
The Strifewing Located within the desert islands of The Barren Sky, this clan of Vultaks is in constant conflict with the local Aviak clan known as the Blacktalon.
The Sullian Fairies The Sullians are a community of fairies that have been driven from their subterranean homelands and now fight for survival within Nektulos Forest. The now find themselves in a war of resources with a fellow fairy community of Asilian Fairies.
The Swiftrider Mercenaries The Swiftrider Mercenaries are the life line bewteen the warring factions of nomads found in the Desert of Ro. Their only goal is to make gold.
Sylvan Hunters The scout guild is in place to survey the land for threats and report them to the leadership of the Fae. Located in Kelethin.
The Temple of Scale The Temple of Scale is made up of the zealous religious followers of the Awakened. The leader of the Temple is Harla Dar, high priestess of this mysterious dragon clan dwelling in the clouds.
The Thexians The Thexians are dark elves that promote the return of traditional ways of the Teir'Dal, something that has vanished since their refuge within the walls for Freeport, a city of men. The Thexians operate in secrecy and seek only the alliance of Teir'Dal.
The Tribunal The favor of The Tribunal, The Council of Justice.
Thulian Knights Crusaders of Fear, the amygdalans continue their directive to spread terror among all things.
Tunare The favor of Tunare, the goddess of Growth
The Tunarian Alliance Taking their name from the goddess of nature, the Tunarian Alliance act as the elite scouts of Qeynos and defenders of the laws of nature. They are comprised of rangers and druids from throughout the Shattered Lands.
Underpaw Gnolls [information needed]
The Windgazer The Windgazers are a small clan of Hooluks that live in seclusion within the isles of The Barren Sky. They hide themselves to avoid being constantly hunted by more aggressive and powerful aviak clans such as The Blacktalon and The Strifewing
The Windsisters The Windsisters are a group of Harpies dwelling in the Pillars of Flame. Be careful, as harpies are known to kill you just so they can eat your heart.
The Whistling Fists Clan Founded centuries ago by the legendary Zan Fi, the Whistling Fists Clan was the original order of monks on Norrath. They refused to become an arm of the Combine Empire and sought solitude on the isolated island of Mara

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A faction is a grouping of like-minded individuals, united in a common goal or set of common goals. The individuals band together as a way of achieving these goals and advancing their agenda.


List of factions by game

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Guild Wars

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Guild Wars Factions, globally released on April 28, 2006, (exactly one year after the original Guild Wars was released) is the official product title of ArenaNet's second campaign in the Guild Wars world. It is also referred to as Chapter Two, Campaign Two, Factions Campaign, or more commonly: Factions.

Relationship with other Guild Wars campaigns

Guild Wars Factions is a stand alone product and doesn't require the player to already own the original Guild Wars (Prophecies Campaign). However, the two campaigns can be linked by adding the Factions retail key to an already existing Prophecies account and players from both campaigns will be able to interact. They will be able to compete in PvP and players who own both campaigns are able to take any Prophecies characters that have reached Lion's Arch over to the lands of Factions. Also any factions character that reaches Kaineng Center will be able to go to Lion's Arch (if Prophecies is unlocked), Kamadan (if Nightfall is unlocked) and Boreal Station (if Eye of the North is unlocked).

The stories of the Factions Campaign and the Prophecies Campaign link at Lion's Arch, where Canthan merchants were already present in the Prophecies Campaign.


The Factions Campaign takes place in Cantha, the home continent of the sailing merchant empire, with an Asian theme.

The backstory revolves around Shiro Tagachi, a former bodyguard of the righteous emperor of Cantha 200 years ago. Shiro murdered the emperor and was killed for it. As he died, he let out a wail that turned the seas into solid jade and petrified the forests. The game takes place some 200 years later, when he returns from the grave to wreak his vengeance upon the Canthans, becoming the antagonist of the story.

The plot also focuses on the warring factions of the Luxons and the Kurzicks who continuously and violently compete with each other for resources in Cantha.


Current Events


Past Events

Current Available Editions

The game is currently available in two editions:

Features Released with this Chapter

The following features were released with Guild Wars Factions:

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The factions separate. ("The Beginning of the End")

The survivor factions were created on the 91st day of the Oceanic Flight 815 survivors on the Island. Each of the factions was led by Jack Shephard and John Locke, as the crew from Naomi's freighter began coming to the Island. The split was based on a difference of opinion on whether the freighter crew were coming to rescue them (as Jack believed), or for more nefarious unknown reasons (as Locke believed). ("The Beginning of the End")




Jack believed that the people on the freighter were coming to the Island to rescue them and that Locke was a dangerously insane person who would do anything to stop them from leaving. Those who followed Jack had various motives for doing so. Most hoped for rescue, others were loyal to Jack, while still others followed Jack out of distrust toward Locke.

Locke, motivated by his vision of Walt, believed that the people on the freighter were a threat to the lives of everyone. Many of those who followed him were motivated by Charlie's warning and a sense of loyalty to, Charlie given the circumstances of his death, and some simply had nothing to return to off the Island.

The split

Tensions between Jack and Locke reached a breaking point on their 91st day on the Island, when Locke threw a knife in Naomi's back to stop her from contacting the freighter and threatened to shoot Jack. Locke ended up wondering off the scene, leaving Naomi bleeding to death, and letting Jack make the call and contacting a representative of Naomi's expedition. ("Through the Looking Glass") Shortly after, Jack told Kate he will kill Locke if he comes back. When the group from the radio tower met up with the group from the beach, Jack crept up on Locke, got him down, put a gun to his head, and pulled the trigger. When the gun proved empty, he started beating Locke and had to be pulled off by Sayid and Sawyer. ("The Beginning of the End")

In front of the entire surviving community, Locke made his case and declared that anyone who "wanted to live" should come with him. Jack responded that nobody would go with Locke, as "they're not crazy." In response to Jack's remark, Hurley spoke up for Locke and specifically talked about Charlie's warning. Jack did not respond and did not attempt to address the warning. Hurley went to Locke's side, followed by several other survivors, more prominently Sawyer and Claire. Rousseau, Alex, Karl and a captive Ben joined Locke as well.

The two factions, led by Jack and Locke, parted ways. Jack's group returned to the beach camp, while Locke's group took over the abandoned Barracks. ("The Economist")


Locke's group was later attacked by the freighter's mercenary team, who landed on the Island to obtain Ben. ("The Shape of Things to Come") Most of Locke's group was killed during the attack, and those who survived rejoined Jack's group at the beach. Jack's group was joined by the science team sent from the freighter; at first, the addition consisted of Frank, Miles and Faraday, while Charlotte was held captive by Locke. Later on, though, Miles was traded for Charlotte. Eventually, Miles rejoined Jack's group.

Several exceptions of the surviving members of the factions are Ben, who left the Island ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3"), Locke, who joined the Others as their leader and Claire, who was last seen in Jacob's cabin. ("Cabin Fever")  ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Jack's group


Jack's group
"No one's going anywhere with you, John. Because they're not crazy." - Jack

Picture Name Status Motivations for joining
Desmond Alive, Rescued Although Desmond was concerned about Charlie's message relayed from Penny, he was torn, however, by the prospect of finally seeing her again, and when the split transpired in the jungle he went with Jack. Left the Island by helicopter in "The Economist", and was finally rescued in "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3". Married Penny and had a child with her named after Charlie.
Jack Alive Wanted rescue at any cost; believed Locke was unstable and not to be trusted. Rescued in "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3", and returned to the Island in "316".
Kate Alive Promise of rescue. When given a choice between rescue and following Sawyer, Kate chose the hope of rescue. Stayed behind at the Barracks with Sawyer in "The Economist" but did not change groups. Banished from Locke's group as of "Eggtown", reunited with Jack's group in "The Other Woman", and rescued in "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3". Returned to the Island as in "316", ending up in 1977 to join DHARMA as Chef. Helped detonate Jughead's core in the Swan in "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2".
Jin Alive Will do what's best for Sun and their unborn child, mainly ensuring Sun makes it off the Island. Seperated from Sun when the Kahana exploded, and remained on the Island during the time flashes after wich he joined The DHARMA Initiative with Sawyer, Juliet and Miles. Helped detonate Jughead's core in the Swan in "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2".
Sun Alive Always followed Jack. She wanted to have her baby off the Island so that she would not die during childbirth. Rescued in "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3". Returned to main Island after the crash of Ajira Airways Flight 316 in "Namaste"
Sayid Alive Didn't trust Locke because Locke had physically attacked him, lied to him and acted irrationally, but is very wary of Naomi and everyone associated with the the freighter. Left the Island by helicopter in "The Economist", and rescued in "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3". Returned to 1977 in the Island in "316", taken prisoner by the DHARMA Initiative in "Namaste" and rejoined Jack and the Hostiles in "Follow the Leader". Was shot by Roger and helped detonate Jughead's core in the Swan in "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2".
Rose Unknown Doesn't trust Locke after witnessing the murder of Naomi; stays with Jack's group despite previously noting she didn't plan to leave the Island, due to her belief that it had healed her cancer. Stayed on the Island during the time flashes; after the Flaming arrow attackw attack]], "retired" with Bernard and Vincent and stayed three years living in the island, until the incident in "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2".
Bernard Unknown Faithfully intends to stay by his wife's side, whatever she may decide. In "Ji Yeon", Bernard tells Jin that he and Rose decided to stay with Jack because it is "the right thing to do," as he considers Locke a murderer. Stayed on the Island during the time flashes; after the flaming arrow attack, "retired" with Rose and Vincent and stayed three years living in the island, until the incident in "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2".
Vincent Unknown Was taken initially with Locke's group however was used as a decoy and later joined Jack's Group. After the flaming arrow attack, became Bernard and Rose's pet dog, until the incident in "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2".
Juliet Deceased Will follow Jack because she desperately wants to leave the Island, in hope of reuniting with her sister. Remained on the Island when Ben turned the frozen wheel, and experienced the time flashes after which she joined The DHARMA Initiative with Sawyer, Jin and Miles. Detonated Jughead's core in the Swan in "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2".
Daniel Faraday Deceased Was found by Jack and Kate after parachuting from the helicopter, and decided to stay with Jacks group. He left with Charlotte to disable The Tempest but later returned. After skipping throught itme and joining the DHARMA Initiative he was killed by his mother when confronting the hostiles.("The Variable")
Charlotte Lewis Deceased Was found by Lockes group after parachuting from the hellicopter, she was later traded for Miles and decided to stay with Jacks group. She left with Daniel to disable The Tempest but later returned. She died as a result of temporal displacement during the time flashes.("This Place Is Death")
Neil "Frogurt" Deceased Joined Jack's group because he didn't want to follow Hurley. Neil was killed on the beach, during the flaming arrow attack. ("The Lie")

1. Background cast that were actually visible in "The Beginning of the End" as part of Jack's group, since they were not among the four extras to depart with Locke:
2. Not visible in "The Beginning of the End" however seen on the beach in later episodes.
3. On the first trip to the Kahana and presumably died when the C4 blew it up.
4. On the second trip to the Kahana.

Daniel Faraday, Frank Lapidus, and Miles Straume encountered this group in "Confirmed Dead". Miles was traded to Locke's group for Charlotte Lewis in "The Economist".

As of "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3", Frank has left the island along with the Oceanic 6 and Desmond, and Charlotte and Miles remained on the island. Daniel Faraday has also since returned to the Island and rejoined the survivors.

Locke's group


Locke's group
"If you want to live, you need to come with me." - Locke

Picture Name Status Motivations for joining
Aaron Littleton Alive, off island Claire's son. Goes where Claire carries him. Left the group with Claire in "The Shape of Things to Come", only to be left by her with Sawyer and Miles in "Something Nice Back Home". Given to Sun in "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1", and rescued in "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3", he was later given to Claire's mother by Kate.
James "Sawyer" Ford Alive Gained respect for Locke during their time on the Island, and was not present on the trip to the radio tower to witness Naomi's death at his hands. Sawyer questioned Locke's story about his conversation with "Taller Ghost Walt", until Locke showed him his gunshot wound from Ben. He later tells Kate that he has nothing to go back to off-Island and that life at the Barracks looks comparatively good to him. Sawyer has left Locke's group in "The Shape of Things to Come", and joined Jack's group in "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1". Sacrificed his own rescue to assure his friends' rescue, remained on the Island during the time flashes ending up in 1974, joined DHARMA as Head of Security during three years. Helped detonate Jughead's core in the Swan in "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2".
Hurley Reyes Alive Followed Locke because of Charlie's warning message and the belief that if they ignored Charlie's warning, his death would be meaningless. Stayed with Locke after Sawyer and Claire's departure to help find Jacob's cabin. Left the group after he, Ben and Locke reached The Orchid. Rescued in "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3". Returned to the Island aboard Ajira Flight 316 in "316", ending up in 1977 to join DHARMA as Chef. Helped detonate Jughead's core in the Swan in "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2".
Miles Straume Alive Miles was traded for Charlotte however stated he was right where he wanted to be while being held captive. "Eggtown" After the attack on The Barracks by the mercenary team Miles joined Sawyer and Claire in an attempt to join Jacks group. Miles decided to join the losties and after the time shifts he joined The DHARMA Initiative with Sawyer and Jin. Helped detonate Jughead's core in the Swan in "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2".
Benjamin Linus Alive Asked specifically to go with Locke. Knew that the freighter people are on a mission to find him, and therefore wanted do anything to avoid them, knowing that Locke "needs" him alive in order to better understand the mysteries of the Island. In "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3", Ben left the Island, but returned on Ajira Flight 316 in "Namaste".
Claire Littleton Unknown Followed Locke because of Charlie's warning message, moved by Hurley's emotional speech on the subject. Questioned Locke's decision to kill Ben without consulting the rest of the group. Claire left Locke's group in "The Shape of Things to Come" with Sawyer and Miles, yet left her son behind in order to follow her father Christian in "Something Nice Back Home". Claire was last seen in Jacob's cabin by Locke in "Cabin Fever", and her status (and location after Ilana's group burned the cabin) is currently unknown.
Danielle Rousseau Deceased Had no intention of ever leaving the Island. Generally regarded anyone unfamiliar as a threat, and thus naturally suspected the freighter group of ill intent. Left the Barracks and was killed in "Meet Kevin Johnson".
Alexandra Rousseau Deceased Alex followed both Danielle and Ben under Locke's wing. Resists Locke's (aborted) decision to kill Ben. Left the Barracks in ("Meet Kevin Johnson"). Captured by the Freighter mercenaries and killed in "The Shape of Things to Come".
Karl Martin Deceased Karl followed Alex. Left the Barracks and was killed in "Meet Kevin Johnson".
John Locke Deceased Was told by an image of Walt that the freighter people were a dangerous threat. His plan was to take the group to the Barracks for shelter with a stop along the way at Jacob's cabin. Joined the Others in "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3". Left island during the time flashes and was murdered by Ben off island in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham".

1. One of four members of the survivor background cast who were actually visible in "The Beginning of the End" aligning with Locke's group.
2. Depicted shot and killed by Keamy's attack team ("The Shape of Things to Come")
3. Doug, credited by ABC Medianet in "The Shape of Things to Come".
4. Not depicted in "The Shape of Things to Come" in the aftermath of Keamy's attack, and not seen since. Fate unknown, although some fans presume this character dead.
5. Identified as Jerome from dialog in a previous episode
6. Steve - background cast member, although not seen in "The Beginning of the End" or an episode of Season 4 including Keamy's attack ("The Shape of Things to Come"), but named by the 4/19/08 podcast to have aligned with Locke out of dislike for Jack and to get away from the beach. Fate unknown. Because this information is based on a podcast, the inclusion of Steve is considered to be semi-canonical. However seen alive on beach in later episode and was on the Zodiac, his fate is currently unknown (portrayed by Dustin Watchman).

Also, Hurley and Claire seemed to be taking care of Vincent at the time of the split. In "Confirmed Dead", the GPS transponder of Charlotte Lewis was attached to Vincent and he was allowed to run free to mislead anyone looking for her. He encountered Jack's group in "Confirmed Dead" and was seen at the beach with Jack's group in "The Other Woman", and then again on the beach in "Something Nice Back Home" and "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3".

Charlotte Lewis was taken captive by this group in "Confirmed Dead". Miles was traded for Charlotte in "The Economist".

Kate Austen stayed behind at the Barracks in "The Economist", and reunited with Jack's group in "The Other Woman".


The following characters should by logic be remaining as living survivors of the crash of Flight 815, and therefore part of either Jack's or Locke's groups after the split in "The Beginning of the End", but have not been explicitly depicted or clearly visible in episodes of Season 4 after the split. These consist largely of unseen characters, expanded universe characters (see explanation below), stunt actors, past background cast, and one-time guest (speaking) characters.

  1. Chris Dobson*
  2. Lisa Gellhorn*
  3. George*
  4. Janelle Granger*
  5. Jeff Hadley*
  6. Faith Harrington*
  7. Bob "BJ" Jones*
  8. Lance2
  9. Larry*
  10. Elliott Maslow*
  11. Sally Rafflethorpe*
  12. Richard3
  13. Jake Smith*
  14. Dexter Stubbs*
  15. Sullivan4
  16. Tracy2
  17. Robert D. West*

The six following unnamed survivors should also still be alive on the Island; it is possible that some of these may be the same characters as some of those named above.

  1. Gas Man1
  2. N.D. Survivor3
  3. SBSSG3
  4. Tourniquet Man1
  5. Woman (Pilot, Part 1)3

Furthermore the phenomenon of unnamed Flight 815 survivor extras who do not appear in these post-split episodes is merely an artifact from vagaries of the irregular hiring of such non-salaried extras, mirroring the same phenomenon at the beach camp. The number of individuals in the pool of every extra who has ever appeared on the beach dating back to Season 1 exceeds the "official" number of survivors. Therefore it is likely that in future post-split episodes, some extras will suddenly appear in Jack's or Locke's group, while others disappear.

* denotes characters from the "expanded universe" of novelizations, ARGs, the Diary, and Lost: Via Domus, characters who have thus far not appeared in the actual episodes of Lost.
1 stunt actor
2 unseen character
3 former background cast ("N.D. Survivor" and "Woman" were credited by ABC Medianet on one episode
4 single-appearance guest character


  • These factions have been called "Team Jack" and "Team Locke" in fan forums and blogs.[1]

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The term "faction", in its original meaning, refers to a game-defined collection of NPC characters who share an affiliation with a race, government, or organization. By completing quests and killing NPCs, players can affect their standing with a particular faction, causing members of that faction to treat the player differently. Faction is primarily used as a reference to the GCW factions: the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance. These are the only two factions that a player can actively join and announce their affiliation with.

Viewing faction standing is accomplished via the Factions tab on your Character Sheet. Standing with each listed faction will be a number ranging from 5000 to -5000; this number governs how NPCs react to you. The lower the number, the more hostile NPCs of that faction will be towards you. The higher the number, the more they consider you to be an ally. If a faction is not listed, none of your actions have resulted in status changes with the organization. To raise faction standings with any group, you must kill that faction's enemies.

Very high standing with a faction will cause that faction's NPCs to treat you passively, even if they are normally aggressive (red). Very low standing will cause most NPCs to attack you on sight, even if they are normally passive.

Most NPCs belonging to a faction's enemy will attack that faction's NPCs on sight. If an NPC sees you attacking a faction enemy, it will usually assist you in the fight. Factional NPCs will also assist NPC allies engaged in combat.

Table of contents


Enemies: Imperial
Rebel NPCs: Rebel NPCs


Enemies: Rebel
Imperial NPCs: Imperial NPCs


Base: Aa'kuan Champion's Cave, Talus
Enemies: Binayre Pirates, Fed Dub, Liberation Party

These anarchists believe that all living beings have the right to govern themselves and that no authority (specifically, no government) should invade anyone's individual space. Believers in personal freedom, pacifists unless provoked, the Aakuan are dangerous only to those who invade their territories. However, they're easily agitated and consider anyone walking near their territories to be invading.

Their doctrines, though extreme, find many followers on fiercely independent Corellia. Aakuans take their name from the old Corellian term aa'kua, "respect" (literally "respecting space").


Enemies: CorSec

Afarathu are separatist Selonians, and hate all other species. They would especially like to drive the Drall and the Humans from what they consider to be their home worlds (including Corellia and Talus). See Selonians.


Enemies: Tusken Raider

Alkhara was a notorious bandit who roamed the Tatooine wastes using the B'omarr palace as his base for thirty-four years; he shared the palace with the remaining B'omarr Monks while he ravaged unwary moisture farmers.

He allied his band of thieves with the Sand People long enough to use their strength and ferocity to wipe out a police garrison. He then killed all of the Sand People that had helped him. It was this cruel act that created the feud between Sand People and humans, a feud which continued for centuries after Alkhara's death. When the Sand People sought to exact revenge on him, he fled deep into to the B'omarr palace.

The current incarnation of the Alkhara bandits was formed under a new leadership by several Tatooinians who had been forced from their home by Sand People. They wage a constant war with the Tusken Raiders, and pillage local villages and moisture farms for supplies.


Enemies: Townsperson

Beldonna's League

Enemies: Followers of Lord Nyax, Lost Aqualish Regiment

These mercenaries are led by Liiria Beldonna. They are soft and complacent, working for the Imperials and willingly accept bribes to let criminal activities go unchecked. Sometimes these mercenaries help keep the peace, but they always act at the bidding of their current employer, even if they have violent aim.

Binayre Pirates

Base: Binyare Pirate Bunker, Talus
Enemies: Aakuans, CorSec, FedDub

A two-bit group of smugglers and pirates operating in the corellian sector who have twin home bases -- one on Talus, the other on Tralus. They cling to the bottom rung of the criminal ladder.

SWG Lore from the loading screen.

Blood Razors

Enemies: Canyon Corsair, Nym

This swoop gang originated on the planet Biivren. Despite their fearsome name, the Blood Razors were formed to assist those inhabitants who were outcast when the big corporations took over the planet. They mostly traffic black market goods to the underground, avoiding Imperial notice by covering their activities with swoop chases.


Enemies: Gungan, Jabba, Trade Federation

Borvo is a blue-ish skinned Hutt looking to carve a small Empire out of the Naboo system. Has worked with, for, and against Jabba, but holds no special grudge or respect for him.

Canyon Corsair

Enemies: Bloodrazor, Nym

Canyon Corsairs consider themselves above average vehicle pilots, including swoops, land speeders, and star ships. They spend most of their time working on their vehicles or stealing parts for them. They will occasionally steal other things to sell for the money to buy parts for their vehicles.


Enemies: Restuss Brigade

The Cobral family was a group of smugglers and black market dealers who took over the planetary government of a planet called Frego. They ruled the planet quite well for some time until one of the children of the family had his brother killed to ensure his place as head of the family. The Cobral family lost their power and authority shortly before the Battle of Naboo, but some members of the organization fled to Rori. Not long after, the two brothers who committed the murder (among other crimes) were sent to prison.

The Cobral now are the remnants of their regimes who are trying desperately to get their leaders out of prison.

Corellian Swoop Gang

Enemies: Smashball Thug


Enemies: Afarathu, Followers of Lord Nyax, Monumenter, Rogue CorSec, Lost Aqualish Regiment
Allies: Beldonna's League

Corellian Security Forces. Police for the Corellian Sector of the Galaxy, including Talus.


Enemies: Kunga Tribe, Mokk, Janta Tribe

The primitive Dantari roam in tribes across the surface of Dantooine. The natives of Dantooine build primitive mud huts and cave shelters decorated with icons of ancestral spirits. Because Dantari tribes are nomadic, they desert and re-occupy whole villages seemingly at random.

Little is known of the primitive Dantari culture.

Desert Demon

Enemies: Swoop

Donkuwah Tribe

Enemies: Gondula Tribe, Panshee Tribe

This is a tribe of Duloks (Evil Ewoks).


Enemies: CorSec, Fed Dub
Base: Drall Patriot's Cave

One of the three main species of sentient creatures living on Corellia along with Humans and Selonians, the Drall are a species of people native to the planet Drall in the Corellian system. Though they are generally reclusive and peaceful, some Drall visit or live on Corellia, and some have shown hostility towards native Corellians. See also, Selonians.

Endor Marauder

Base: Marauder's Stronghold, Endor
Enemies: Gondula Tribe, Panshee Tribe

Long ago, a reptilian species was stranded on the Forest Moon of Endor. These Marauders, as they are known, have been living there ever since, attacking visitors to the planet. A warlike society, they scavenge any technology they can find.

Fed Dub

Found on: Talus
Enemies: Binayre Pirates, Drall, Liberation Party, Lost Aqualish Regiment

The Federation of Double Worlds (or Fed-Dub for short) is the government that controls Talus and Tralus. Members are elected, and control a minor force to keep the peace on these two planets.

Flail Cutthroat

Enemies: Hidden Daggers

Followers of Nyax

Enemies: Beldonna's League, CorSec

Lord Nyax is an ancient Corellian Ghost whose name was invoked to scare children. When Darth Vader came to Corellia to destroy the Jedi, this was the name he was given by terrified citizens. Nyax's followers hate Jedi and all they stand for, and look to slaughter them as Lord Nyax did when he possessed the body of Darth Vader. The followers aren't particularly Imperially oriented, but believe Vader to have been inhabited by Nyax's ghost, and so treat him somewhat reverentially.


Enemies: Restuss Brigade
Ex-vigos of Alexi Garyn who managed (through luck and coincidence) to avoid Darth Maul's destruction of Garyn's organization. They are fiercely loyal to their leader, who was drowned by Darth Maul. They have since banded together on Rori to base their operations to harass Imperial troops and avenge their fallen leader.

Gondula Tribe

Enemies: Donkuwah Tribe, Korga, Pubam, Endor Marauder
Allies: Panshee Tribe

A tribe of Ewoks.


Enemies: Borvo, Plasma Thief, Swamp Rat

In the past, Gungans took great pains to avoid contact with their Naboo neighbors, and even built huge underwater cities to escape contact. Since the failed invasion by the Trade Federation, the Gungans have begun to co-exist with their human friends. A few stubborn holdouts remain on both sides.

The most notable holdouts to the peace are the Rorian Gungans.

The "Rorian Gungans" are a group of gungans that relocated to Rori shortly after the peace brokered between Boss Nass and Queen Amidala as a result of the Battle of Naboo. Rorian Gungans were violently opposed to any alliance between humans and Gungans. Living in relative isolation on Rori, they have become territorial, paranoid, and increasingly violent. They are now likely to attack any beings who come into their territory on sight.

Hidden Daggers

Enemies: Beldonna's League, CorSec, Flail Cutthroat
Allies: Rogue CorSec


Enemies: Naboo Security Forces, Narmle Police Forces, Nym,


Enemies: Borvo, Valarian Allies: Hutts

A member of the Hutt species, Jabba resembles a bloated slug who resides upon a large dais to support his weight. Controlling most of the smuggling, spice shipping, and loan sharking within the region, Jabba is the unspoken ruler of the planet.

As the most notorious crime-lord in the Outer Rim, Jabba the Hutt makes his home on Tatooine.

Janta Tribe

Enemies: Kunga Tribe, Dantari Raiders
One of the tribes of Dantari.
The Rebels are rumored to have hidden among the Dantari on Dantooine. Specifically with a tribe called the Janta.


Enemies: Tusken Raider

One of the native species of Tatooine. Jawas are short, wear brown robes that cover their faces at all times, have glowing yellow eyes, and deal in “used” technological equipment, including star ship parts, vehicles, and mostly droids.


Enemies: Narmle Police Forces, Spice Collective

The dreaded Kobola crime organization has have established a foothold on Naboo and Rori. The Kobola spice miners sell their spice to the Hutts and they are often at war with both the Rorian Gungans and the Rori Spice Mining Collective.

On CorSec's Most Wanted list of criminals, the Kobola have forced scores of travelers to mine precious ore from their mines at blaster-point. Spice is a dangerous business and it takes dangerous people to guard their harvest.


Enemies: Gondula Tribe, Panshee Tribe

Kunga Tribe

Enemies: Dantari Raiders, Mokk

A Tribe of Dantari.

Liberation Party

Enemies: CorSec, Fed Dub

Lok Mercenaries

Enemies: Bloodrazor, Canyon Corsair

Lost Aqualish Regiment

Found on: Talus
Enemies: Beldonna's League, CorSec, Fed Dub

The Lost Aqualish are a crazed group of lost Aqualish who keep to their hidden base. Their ancestors were secretly positioned on Talus during the Aqualish-Corellian War centuries before, but were forgotten when the war ended. Believing that the war would one day begin anew, the Talus Aqualish have kept their base hidden from everyone, especially the human settlers on Talus. Despite the occasional skirmish with the citizens of Talus, no one knows the extent of the Aqualish forces on Talus or of their century's long anticipation of war.

Having cut themselves off from all outside communication, they know nothing of the new Empire or the Rebellion.


Enemies: Beldonna's League, CorSec, Rogue CorSec

A group of fanatical, if somewhat stupid, scientific progress hating ruffians. The gang was formed by an ex-scientist from the Empire who wanted nothing more than to put an end to the terrible weapons he was making. His three sons, all dullards in their own right, formed the meatlumps after Imperial assassins attempted to kill their father. They named themselves after their favorite Food.


Enemies: Dantari Raiders, Janta Tribe


Enemies: Beldonna's League, CorSec


Enemies: Borvo

Naboo Pirate

Enemies: Naboo Security Force

Naboo Security Force

Enemies: Borvo, Naboo Pirate, Plasma Thief, Swamp Rat, Trade Federation

Naboo Police Forces

Enemies: Korbola, Spice Brigade
Allies: Restuss Brigade


Enemies: Singing Mountain Clan

Nightsisters are a matriarchy of Dark side Force users native to Dathomir. They should not be mistaken for Dathamiri witches, who cast out the Nightsisters who used the Dark side of the Force for using "magic that did not need singing, chanting, spells or rituals".

Once the Emperor discovered the Nightsisters, he took control of the planet, forbidding any Dark Force user from leaving the planet.


Enemies: Bloodrazor, Canyon Corsair

The pirates that prey on the spacelanes have a variety of motives. Greed and power are most common, but there are those brigands with a sense of honor and higher purpose. Nym is just one example.

Olag Grek

Enemies: Beldonna's League, CorSec

Panshee Tribe

Enemies: Donkuwah Tribe, Endor Marauder, Korga, Pubam
Allies: Gondula Tribe

Plasma Thief

Enemies: Gungan


Enemies: Gondula Tribe, Panshee Tribe

Restuss Brigade

Enemies: Cobral, Garyn
Allies: Narmle Police Forces

Rogue CorSec

Enemies: CorSec
Allies: Hidden Daggers

Rori Gungans

Enemies: Spice Collective
A group of gungans relocated to Rori shortly after the peace brokered between Boss Nass and Queen Amidala. These Rorian Gungans were violently opposed to any alliance between humans and Gungans. Living in relative isolation on Rori, they have become territorial, paranoid, and increasingly violent. They are now likely to attack any beings who come into their territory on sight.


Base: Erran Sif, Talus
Enemies: Imperial, Rebel

Allies: Hutt

Singing Mountain Clan

Enemies: Nightsister

Enemies of the Nightsisters, the Singing Mountain clan are a group of force-sensitive witches from Dathomir. People who have seen the home of the Singing Mountain Clan return with strange reports of unusual sights.

They are the mortal enemies of the Nightsisters. They are wary and cautious of men, never trusting them, and sometimes killing or enslaving them.

Sith Shadow

Enemies: Aurilia Villager
Allies: Imperial, Rebel

Sith Shadow Assassin

Enemies: Aurilia Villager
Allies: Imperial, Rebel

Smashball Thug

Enemies: Corellian Swoop Gang, CorSec

Spice Collective

Enemies: Narmle Police Forces, Kobola, Rorgungan

Spider Clan

Enemies: Singing Mountain Clan

Swamp Rat

Enemies: Gungan


Enemies: Desert Demon


Enemies: Townsperson


Enemies: Bandit, Thug
Allies: Imperial, Rebel

Trade Federation

Enemies: Borvo, Naboo Security Force

Tusken Raider

Enemies: Alkhara, Jawa

Sand People, or "Tusken Raiders", are primitive desert nomads and killers adept at surviving the harsh desert environment.

Tusken Raiders are named for their bloody overthrow of Fort Tusken on Tatooine. Their origin is unknown, but they’ve fought against the humans since they moved to Tatooine. Since most of their technology is stolen from settlers, it's not rare to find hundred year old rifles still being used by them.

Tusken Raiders are a threat to all, primarily settlers and travelers. Most inhabitants of Tatooine believe that until the Sand People are wiped out, no one is safe.


Enemies: Bounty Hunter, Law Enforcement Agents, Various criminal factions
Underworld NPCs: See Smugglers
Notes: The new faction for the Smuggling system on SWG. Smugglers work to obtain positive Underworld Faction, while Bounty Hunters work to obtain negative Underworld Faction. The faction point range for this faction is from -3000 to +5000.


Found on: Tatooine
Enemies: Jabba
NPCs: Valarian Henchmen

Yavin Scavengers

Found on: Yavin IV
Enemies: Hutt
NPCs: Yavin Scavengers


  • CorSec Database A-G
  • CorSec Database H-Z

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There are 7 different factions in Tibia. They are:


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