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Faction Paradox
Leader: Grandfather Paradox
Also known as: House Paradox

Affiliated with:

The Remote
Homeland / Bases: Eleven-Day Empire
Appearances: Full List of Appearances
Notable Members:
For the book and audio series, see Faction Paradox (series).

Faction Paradox were a time-active faction devoted to the promulgation of temporal paradoxes and opposed to the Time Lords and their philosophy of rationality and stability. Founded by Grandfather Paradox, their base is located in the Eleven-Day Empire. They delighted in creating time paradoxes and occasionally took part in The War between the Time Lords and the Enemy.


Seceding from the House of Lungbarrow (NA: Christmas on a Rational Planet), Grandfather Paradox created House Paradox around four hundred years before what would have been the War in Heaven. To the Time Lords (now made sterile by Pythia's curse), the title of 'Grandfather' was as offensive as the new House's interest in perverting Time and their mockery to Time Lords' pretension to immortality implicit in House Paradox's death fetishism.

At one point, a couple of thousand years ago the Faction Paradox had a homeworld to itself. They were believed to had gotten corrupt at this point and became involved with several sordid criminal activities. Whilst they believed they were safe from the Time Lords due to their blood rites, their activities involved the peddling of time travel technology which drew the wrath of the Time Lords who wiped out the inhabitants of the Faction homeworld. However, a few survived which continued their activity of sharing advanced technology with the natives on various colonies. During that time, they built up a number of cults and secret societies throughout the universe which included the Order of the Rectangle, the Cult of the Black Sun and Luminus. (EDA: Interference - Book One) The Grandfather founded the Eleven-Day Empire during this time, but was arrested and imprisoned on Shada before House Paradox had Loomed its first generation (FP: The Book of the War).

On escaping during the crisis surrounding the Carnival Queen (NA: Christmas on a Rational Planet) the Grandfather surrendered Paradox's status as a House, transforming it instead into a Faction. Departing Gallifrey and starting to recruit members from other species, Faction Paradox completed the transition from Gallifreyan chapterhouse into a cult.

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