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The compilation's logo.

One myth,
countless stories
The New Tale of the Crystal
Like the light that shines through the Crystal,
the universe shines with multi-colored content.

—Official site description

Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy XIII is the collective name of a trilogy of games made under the Final Fantasy XIII label by Japanese console developer Square Enix. Made in the same vein as the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII collection, Fabula Nova Crystallis, which means "the new tale of the crystal," is nevertheless based on various worlds and different characters, but each game will be "ultimately based on and expand upon a common mythos."

"The development of the three games was started at the same time and we gathered to try and find a common platform to stand on and try to build from. But since then, we've been working completely independently of each other. Each game is evolving in its own direction and take place in separate worlds with their own main characters. There exists basically no cooperation between the different teams. I wouldn't even want to claim that we communicate with each other."
Motomu Toriyama
"The only similarity between the games that you can find is in the vague crystal theme."
Tetsuya Nomura

In other words, the connections between the Fabula Nova Crystallis games is similar to the connections that exist between games like Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy V - totally different universes but roughly the same crystal mythos.


The games within Fabula Nova Crystallis are:

Each of the games are made by a different team of developers within Square Enix.

According to Square Enix, the Fabula Nova Crystallis is not solely restricted to these three games, and other new developments are already underway and will be announced in time. The trademark Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII, for example, was registered in the United States on May 1, 2006; however there have been no announcements of any plans to make a game of that title.


Square Enix's page states that Fabula Nova Crystallis translates to "the new tale of the crystals." However, this is not quite accurate--the Latin word for crystal is "crystallus -i," which is second declension. Fabula Nova Crystallorum would mean "the new tale of the crystals." As it stands, the title more closely indicates "the new tale to/by/with the crystals," as crystallis is a dative or ablative plural. However, the translation is perfectly fine if crystallis is understood as a possessive dative (dativus possessivus).

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