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Fabul on the Overworld.
Fabul's interior on The After Years
Fabul's Throne on The After Years

Fabul (ファブール, Fabūru) is a kingdom in the game Final Fantasy IV. It consists of a castle which contains the city of Fabul within its walls for the safety of its citizens. The kingdom is populated and defended by a squadron of Monks, and Yang Fang Leiden is their leader. It is the nation that holds the Crystal of Air.




Final Fantasy IV

Cecil Harvey, Rosa Joanna Farrell, Edward Chris von Muir, and Rydia arrive at the castle with Yang, warning the King that Baron is seeking Fabul's Crystal of Air. The king initially does not believe them, as he does not trust the Dark Knight Cecil. Yang and Edward convince the king that Cecil is trustworthy, and the party helps Yang defend the castle against Baron.

Inside Fabul. (DS)

The war begins with bombing by the Red Wings, and the Monks are forced to retreat. Many of the monks are defeated by the monsters which now make up much of the Baronian army. Eventually, Cecil, Edward, and Yang are the only ones left standing, and have to retreat to the Crystal Room. However, Kain Highwind enters the room, and Cecil asks for his assistance. Kain reveals that he is working for the Baron now, and he and Cecil duel. Kain wins the duel, and Golbez shows his face for the first time. Rosa and Rydia come to the rescue, but Golbez manages to wound Yang and Edward, and take Rosa as a hostage. Kain then steals the Crystal.

Cecil, Rydia, Edward, and Yang ponder for a way to get Rosa back. Cecil decides that they should go see Cid Pollendina in Baron, who will give them an airship. Yang asks the King of Fabul if they can borrow a sailing ship to take them to Baron. The King agrees, and gives Cecil the Black Sword, which instantly kills any creature Cecil strikes with it. However, the King notes that it cannot work on true evil.

Later in the game, Cecil returns to Fabul after visiting the Sylph Cave in the Underworld and speak to Yang's Wife. She will give Cecil a Frying Pan which can be used to wake Yang up. After doing so, returning to Fabul and talking to Yang's wife allows Cecil to get a Knife, the most powerful throwing weapon for Edge. If thrown, it will deal 9999 damage regardless of the enemy's defenses, although it can still miss the untransformed Zeromus.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Fabul on the World Map in The After Years

During Yang's tale, Yang attempts to fend off the Red Wings and Kain, although Kain steals the crystal in the end. After the event, Yang and Ursula will head towards the Adamant Isles.



Fabul's Item Shop
Item SNES Price GBA Price DS Price
Potion 30 gil 30 gil 30 gil
Phoenix Down 150 gil 100 gil 100 gil
Tent 200 gil 100 gil 100 gil
Gysahl Greens 50 gil 50 gil 50 gil
Remedy 100 gil N/A N/A
Ether 10000 gil N/A N/A
Antidote N/A 40 gil 40 gil
Eye Drops N/A 30 gil 30 gil
Gold Needle N/A 400 gil 80 gil
Maiden's Kiss N/A 60 gil 60 gil
Fabul's Armor and Weapon Shop
Item SNES Price GBA Price DS Price
Flame Claws 350 gil 350 gil 350 gil
Ice Claws 350 gil 450 gil 450 gil
Lightning Claws 550 gil 550 gil 550 gil
Demon Helm 980 gil 980 gil 980 gil
Demon Armor 3000 gil 3000 gil 3000 gil
Demon Gloves 800 gil 800 gil 800 gil

Enemy Formations

Fabul's Inn

Final Fantasy IV

Outisde the castle

Imp Cap. x3, Needler x3 Imp Cap. x3, Needler x3 Domovoi x3, Gatlinger x3
SwordRat x3 Needler x3 SwordRat x3 Needler x3 Sword Rat x3 Gatlinger x3
Cocktric x3 Cocatris x3 Cockatrice x3
Gargoyle, Cocktric x2 Gargoyle, Cocatris x2 Gargoyle, Cockatrice x2
Bomb x2, GrayBomb x2 Bomb x2, GrayBomb x2 Bomb x2, Gray Bomb x2
Yang's room
DS Formations

War with Baron

Officer, Fighter x2 Officer, Fighter x2 General, Baron Warrior x2
Weeper, WaterHag, Imp Cap. Weeper, Water Hag, Imp Cap. Leshy, Sahagin, Domovoi
Gargoyle Gargoyle Gargoyle

With the exception of the Gargoyle, the waves will alternate between the two formations.

Nintendo DS
Battle # Formation
Battle 1, 3, & 6 Captain, Baron Marine x2
Battle 2 & 5 Leshy, Sahagin, Domovoi
Battle 4 Gargoyle

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Fabul Area

Challenge Dungeon (チャレンジダンジョン)

Passage (通路(始房~第二房))
Passage (通路(第二房からの出口通路))
Same as #Passage (通路(始房~第二房))
Hall (広間(第二房からの出口/固定モンスター含む))
Same as #Passage (通路(始房~第二房))
Second Chamber (第二房(宝箱))
Passage (通路(第二房~第三房))
Passage (通路(第三房からの出口通路))
Same as #Passage (通路(第二房~第三房))
Hall (広間(第三房からの出口/固定モンスター含む))
Same as #Passage (通路(第二房~第三房))
Third Chamber (第三房(宝箱))
Passage (通路(第三房~第四房-1))
Passage (通路(第三房~第四房-2))
Fourth Chamber (第四房(宝箱))
Passage (通路(第四房からの出口通路-1))
Passage (通路(第四房からの出口通路-2))
Passage (通路(第四房からの出口通路-3))
Passage (通路(第四房からの出口通路-4))
Hall (広間(第四房からの出口/固定モンスター含む))
Passage (通路(第四房~頂房-1))
Passage (通路(第四房~頂房-2))
Passage (通路(頂房からの出口通路-1))
Passage (通路(頂房からの出口通路-2))
Passage (通路(頂房からの出口通路-3))
Passage (通路(頂房からの出口通路-4))
Passage (通路(頂房からの出口通路-5))
Passage (通路(頂房からの出口通路-6))
Hall (広間(頂房からの出口/固定モンスター含む))


"Fabul" from the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy IV
Trouble with the audio sample?

The background music that plays in Fabul is its eponymous theme, "Fabul".


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