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Ezel Berbier
Sprite(s) Ezel's in-game portrait in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Ezel's in-game portrait in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Ezel's in-game sprite in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.
Japanese Ezeru Barubie
Romaji エゼル・バルビエ
Age N/A
Race Nu Mou
Job class Hermetic
Voice Actor
(Radio Drama)
Wataru Takagi
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Character
"Laws are no fun at all."
—Ezel Berbier

Ezel Berbier is the creator of Anti-Laws in the world of Ivalice. He isn't a big fan of laws, and tries to annoy the Judges whenever he can.


Appearance and Personality

Ezel's appearance is similar (or a palette swap) of the Alchemist class, but purple. His skin color darker than most Nu Mou, and his nose and his ear holes which hold multiple earrings are pink. He bears blue eyes and long gray hair.

Ezel Berbier is known as a trouble maker by most Ivalice citizens and is pictured a "mad scientist" type of character.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Ezel is a Nu Mou whom Marche Radiuju rescues after defeating Famfrit. Judgemaster Cid arrives and tries to arrest him by preventing him from acting with an Advanced Law, but Ezel merely uses an Anti-Law to nullify it, and teleports to safety. Ezel then offers to trade Anti-Laws with Marche and the rest of Clan Nutsy. Ezel later helps Cid create an Anti-Law to render Llednar Twem vulnerable to Marche's attacks. All of the other Nu Mou call him "eccentric looney" but he says "that's only because they are jealous". He is often seen with his mischievous smile.

Ezel can be recruited after completing the mission Reconciliation. He joins as a Hermetic. If dismissed, he can be re-recruited through the mission Bored!.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Ezel appears in the epilogue to the mission "I've been had, kupo!", having been unwittingly saved from the mission's mark. As thanks, he provides the clan a law card with the ability to protect the Judge from magics used against it. This card would prove its use in future battles against Khamja.

Ezel reappears as part of the mission "I want to forget", in which he hears out Luso's concerns about helping his client become a zombie; and suggests the use of a Lethean draught instead.

In the mission "A Small Favor", the clan is asked to deliver an Ether to Ezel at various locations. After completing this mission a few times, Ezel makes the decision to leave Jylland, thanking Luso via letter.

Musical Theme

In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, the song Law Card was played during Ezel's appearances. The song also plays when the Marche arrives in Ezel's Card Shop.


Ezel is Dutch for "donkey", an animal which he resembles. It also means "fool", which is probably what other people thought on him.

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