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For the Fallout 2 creatures sometimes called "aliens", see wanamingo.
location: Recon Craft Theta
Mothership Zeta
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While there always was some evidence of the existence of alien life forms, it is very scarce. Until the events of the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta, there was no record of direct contact between humanity and the creatures. Despite this, it is apparent with evidence found on Zeta, that the aliens have quite possibly been watching Earth and Humanity evolve for nearly a thousand years.

The Brotherhood of Steel[1] and Shi[2] have encountered the bodies of alien life forms or their spaceships, as did the pre-War United States government, which kept its alien specimens mostly in Area 51. By extension, the Enclave and Brotherhood Outcasts also have access to alien technology; Alien Power Cells can be found at Fort Independence and in the armory of the Enclave's Mobile Base Crawler. They can also be found in the Citadel's armory (if you choose to destroy the Citadel during Who Dares Wins).

Finally being encountered in Mothership Zeta, they are small, greenish humanoids that are presented as malevolent creatures that seem to view humanity with contempt and will gladly vivisect their test subjects or keep them in cryogenic storage after torturing them for their scientific pursuits. The aliens themselves seem to have their own language and cannot be understood by the player in any way.



When engaging the aliens for the first time in your holding cell, Somah tells you to hit their heads, implying that this area is largely unprotected. They are very skinny, implying reliance on technology, without which they are easily defeated. The aliens have no visible teeth, possibly limiting food sources. While their hands lack thumbs completely, the fingers are so long they can wrap around objects, potentially eliminating the need for thumbs. The design of the fingers is reminiscent of the iconic Martians, seen in the War of the Worlds movies. Their feet appear to be similar in shape to human feet.

Their bodies cannot be lifted off the ground by the player. This might mean that either they are heavier than their size and shape imply, they are being influenced by some sort of artificial gravity system, or that it could be an overlooked bug in the game.


The Aliens speak with clicks, high-pitched squeaks and wails. The sounds can sound strange and incomprehensible, but patterns may be detected in their language, and Holly Barrisford is capable of reproducing the sounds they make - showing that they have vocal chords similar to ours. This implies they do not communicate telepathically. Strangely, the alien distress signal speaks in a language unique to that of the mothership - a kind of warble, suggesting multiple alien languages, such as for example, English to French. It is also possible the signal from Theta is distorted by the machinery, or it is some form of code.


  • Normal aliens are very frail and do not have much health. However, they are armed with powerful energy weapons and can quickly kill the player.
  • Aliens will occasionally wear helmets, even inside the ship. These do not seem to have an effect on damage resistance and appear to be merely cosmetic.
  • Inertia Suppression Fields are sometimes employed by aliens and significantly increase damage resistance; the amount of shots needed to kill a shielded alien tends to at least quadruple.

Crashed ships

Four alien ships are known to have crashed in the United States:

  • An alien ship in special encounter in California (Fallout).
  • Recon Craft Theta in Capital Wasteland (Fallout 3).
  • Another alien ship can explode over the head of the Lone Wanderer in the Capital Wasteland during the Firelance event although the cause of the catastrophe is unknown (Fallout 3).
  • At the Citadel, there is information on a terminal (in the A-Ring) about another ship that crashed in a heavily wooded area that the government was not able to reach (Fallout 3). However, this could be referring to the Recon Craft Theta, as it can be seen that before the fallout, a large amount of trees occupied the surrounding areas of the ship.

Alien technology




Melee weapons:


Robots and computers


  • Alien Ship crash site in California - A small saucer that housed 2 pilots.
  • Recon Craft Theta - Small alien vehicle, found in Capital Wasteland. Used by 1 pilot.
  • Mothership Zeta - Large alien vehicle located in space near Earth dedicated to study of humanity.
  • The Second Mothership - A ship of the same design as Mothership Zeta, it comes right after Mothership Zeta's Bridge is captured by Lone Wanderer.
  • "Paladine" crashed craft.
  • Firelance Event craft - Identical vehicle to Recon Craft Theta, destroyed by unknown cause whilst near the Lone Wanderer.



  • There's an "alien-esque" skeleton in Fallout 2. It can be found in the Living Quarters of the Sierra Army Depot. Its giant head is hidden by a wall until you walk over it, making it look like a child's bones from far away. However, it is explained in the doctor's notes in the base as an experiment with Mentats, not an actual alien[3].
  • The creatures known as Wanamingos are commonly referred to as aliens but are actually the result of genetic engineering.
  • In Fallout 3 at the Recon Craft Theta Crash Site, the alien appears to have green blood on its helmet but when shot it leaves red blood on surfaces.
  • If one tries to pick up the alien, they will notice it is extremely light, as it will likely flail about, similar to a teddy bear. This is possibly due to the fact that the aliens may be used to different gravity, however this may be concurred because the Alien Ship in the Fallout 3 add on Mothership Zeta has artificial gravity. However, it is more likely simply a developer oversight.
  • Despite the player taking control of the mothership, it seems to be impossible to entirely rid the craft of the aliens. They will continue to spawn in the lower levels.
  • Aliens are completely reliant on technology. Without it, they're no tougher than you.
  • Aliens do breathe oxygen. Evidence of this is seen on Mothership Zeta as the aliens do not wear helmets when you and the other captives are breathing oxygen. The purpose of the helmet however is unknown.
  • Whether intentional or not, the Aliens 'voices' are similar to the Martians from the 1990's B-movie spoof, "Mars Attacks".



Alien appear in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3 and Mothership Zeta add-on.


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