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File:Explore Emote.PNG
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Requirements Lumbridge and Draynor Achievement Diary Beginner tasks
A player performing the Explore emote.
Explore is an emote obtained as reward for completing all Beginner tasks of the Lumbridge and Draynor Achievement Diary.

Performing this emote consists of  leaning forward searching in exploration, then taking out a sextant to navigate instead.


  • With a previous glitch, wielded items in the shield slot were not removed while the emote was performed, This is now fixed.
  • Wielding a Ring of stone while performing the emote, leaves the sextant floating above the player.
  • Facing in the opposite direction of a tree, while performing the emote, then clicking to  chop down tree, will turn the character still performing the emote.
  • Whilst cooking on a range, using the explore emote will result in the sextant hovering in front of the character.
  • If you perform the emote and spin a candycane, while the emote is still happening, you will spin the candy cane and your character will go back to normal, but the sextant will keep moving on its own like in the picture
Look at the White box to see what the Emote does.

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