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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel creature
Experimental deathclaw
location: Secret Vault
appearances: Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
The following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

The Experimental Deathclaws are a group of deathclaws unique to Secret Vault, a Vault-Tec installation which served as the company's ticket to a life after the apocalypse. Aside from many scientific projects that were to insure the company's power, some research with radioactive materials and FEV took place there. When the Initiate of Texas Brotherhood of Steel visited the Vault, he encountered unique variants of the beast known all over the wastes.

The Vault-Tec scientists apparently obtained a sample of the deathclaw bioweapon and tried to improve it, using FEV, radiation and technology. The new species become larger, stronger, gaining extra muscle mass and a type of exoskeleton with many protruding spikes. However, the mutation led them to become blind, leaving the deathclaws to rely on their other senses. The longer they live, the bigger they become, so their mutation and the FEV effect could be very similar to that of Capital Wasteland East Coast-type Super Mutant. The eggs of these deathclaws are also unique, as they appear more like a pile of flesh nearly the same size as human.




Baby Deathclaw

Experimental Baby Deathclaws are easy to kill. They are dark brown, small and their claws are weak and their skin still has no exoskeleton.


The standard version. This Experimental Deathclaw looks at least a bit like his normal relatives from the West Coast and Capital Wasteland, but much heavier and stronger. This is the version most common in the Secret Vault, between the Baby and the Elder.

Elder Deathclaw

The oldest of the Experimental Deathclaws. They are grey, brutish, and slow. It's much stronger and cause more damage than the normal Deathclaw.

Chameleon Deathclaw

Chameleon Deathclaw are slighty more evolved than the standard variety. Their adaptive hides help them blend in with their surroundings, rendering them invisible in dark passages. It's weaker than the Elder variety but is much harder to locate and faster.

Adolescent Deathclaw

A prototype variant of a Experimental Deathclaw. This particular young deathclaw was a subject of an experiment that made him a living colossus. He is the biggest of all the deathclaws, even bigger than Super Mutant Behemoth. It's presumed that FEV made him to become such a threat. It looks exactly like the standard version but three times bigger and stronger than the latter.

Mama Deathclaw

The Secret Vault deathclaw mother is grey, big, with highly developed exoskeleton. Her head is protected by a natural crown and she has a lot of spikes coming out from her back. She also has a strange ability to regenerate from radioactive pools found in her den, which is probably is result of modified FEV's regenerative features.


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