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Map of the Expansion Region

The Expansion Region, first known as the Expansion Rim, was located between the Inner Rim Territories and the Mid Rim in the galaxy.



The region was an experiment in corporate-controlled worlds first settled during the Galactic Republic's Great Manifest Period beginning in 20,000 BBY. From 17,000 BBY to 3,000 BBY, competing holdings of Coruscant and Alsakan fought 17 "Alsakan Conflicts" in the Region. The Brentaal League extended its hyperlanes into the Region in 4,020 BBY.

Powerful corporations exploited and profited heavily from the planets for their raw materials, metals and ores. While profits were enormous for these corporations, internal strife and disturbances continually disturbed the region. Inhabitants were oppressed while the corporations stripped entire stellar systems of all their resources. Because they controlled communications and transportation to, from, and across the region, very few people knew what was going on in the Expansion Region. But eventually civil unrest spread from system to system.

The Republic eventually took control of the Region due to mounting pressure from its denizens by limiting or evicting corporate interests. Though most of those corporations moved on to the Corporate Sector in 490 BBY, Expansion Region worlds were still producers of raw materials and ores. However, most natural resources were exhausted.





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