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An important factor to consider when hunting to gain levels, more so for a druid or sorcerer (when hunting creatures that he can only kill with runes), is the ratio of Experience points earned by killing a creature to the amount of damage he has to inflict on the creature to kill it (hit points).

There are, of course, other factors to consider, such as self-healing creatures, and creatures that are likely to do so much damage that the player must frequently heal himself, and the amount/quality of loot dropped by the creatures, that determine which ones, in reality, are most economical to hunt.

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Creature Exp HP Exp/Hp Ratio Loot
Achad Image:Achad.gif 70 185 0.387 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Acid Blob Image:Acid Blob.gif 250 250 1.000 Glob of Acid.
Acolyte of Darkness Image:Acolyte of Darkness.gif 200 325 ? Midnight Shard.
Acolyte of the Cult Image:Acolyte of the Cult.gif 300 390 0.769 0-40 gp, Morning Star, Cultish Robe, Orange Book (rare), Dragon Necklace (rare), Music Sheet (second verse, rare), Life Ring (rare), Small Emerald (rare), Terra Rod (rare), Green Tunic (rare), Pirate Voodoo Doll (rare), Key Ring (very rare).
Adept of the Cult Image:Adept of the Cult.gif 400 430 0.930 0-57 gp, Clerical Mace (semi-rare), Pirate Voodoo Doll (semi-rare), Orange Book (rare), Time Ring (rare), Silver Amulet (rare), Small Ruby (rare), Music Sheet (third verse, rare), Hailstorm Rod (rare), Amber Staff (rare), Red Robe (very rare), Key Ring (very rare), Lunar Staff (very rare).
Amazon Image:Amazon.gif 60 110 0.545 0-20 gp, 0-2 Skull, Dagger, Torch, Sabre, Brown Bread, Leather Armor, Studded Shield (semi-rare), Crystal Necklace (rare), Small Ruby (very rare).
Ancient Scarab Image:Ancient Scarab.gif 720 1000 0.720 0-230 gp, 0-4 Scarab Coin, Scarab Pincers, Magic Light Wand, Plate Armor, 0-4 Small Amethyst (semi-rare), Ancient Amulet (semi-rare), Scarab Amulet (rare?), 0-3 Small Emerald (rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Daramanian Waraxe (very rare), Scarab Shield (very rare), Terra Hood (very rare).
Annihilon Image:Annihilon.gif 15000 40000 0.250 0-159? gp, 0-24? Platinum Coins, 0-? Gold Ingots, 0-2 Mastermind Potions, 0-4 Soul Orbs, 0-50 Viper Stars, 0-30+ Assassin Stars, 0-20? Small Amethysts, 0-2 Berserk Potions, 0-49 Infernal Bolts, 0-82 Power Bolts, 0-99? Flaming Arrows, 0-2 Demon Horns, 0-4 Giant Shimmering Pearl, Ultimate Health Potion, Great Health Potion, Guardian Shield, Halberd, Guardian Halberd, Violet Gem, Green Gem, Silver Amulet, Emerald Bangle, Stealth Ring, Ring of Healing, Diamond Sceptre, Red Gem, Yellow Gem, Blue Gem, Demon Shield, Mastermind Shield, Rusty Armor (Rare), Crown Shield, Tower Shield, Paladin Armor, Heavy Mace, Skullcracker Armor (rare), Onyx Flail (rare), Obsidian Truncheon (rare), Demonbone (very rare), The Stomper (very rare), Lavos Armor (very rare).
Apocalypse Image:Apocalypse.gif 80000? 160000? 0.500 Expect very rare items.
Apprentice Sheng Image:Apprentice Sheng.gif 150 95 1.579 0-10 gp, Meat, 0-2 Torch, 0-2 Dead Snakes, Rope, Shovel, 0-5 Carrot, Leather Legs, Leather Helmet, Minotaur Leather (always), Magic Light Wand, Knife (semi rare).
Arachir the Ancient One Image:Arachir the Ancient One.gif 1800 1600~ 1.125 0-98? gps, 0-5 Platinum Coins, 0-1? Black Pearls, Skull, Strong Health Potion, Ring of Healing, Vampire Shield, Bloody Edge (rare), Vampire Lord Token (always).
Arkhothep (Creature) Image:Arkhothep (Creature).gif ? ? ? Unknown.
Armenius (Creature) Image:Armenius (Creature).gif ? ? ? 0-23 gp, Vampire Lord Token , Vampire Shield.
Arthei Image:Arthei.gif 4000 4200~ 0.950 18-80gp?, Ring of Healing, Vampire Shield, Dreaded Cleaver
Ashmunrah Image:Ashmunrah.gif 3100 5000 0.620 0-140 gp, Silver Brooch, Great Mana Potion (rare), Might Ring (rare), Crown Armor (rare), Mini Mummy (rare), Holy Scarab (very rare), Hammer of Wrath (very rare).
Assassin Image:Assassin.gif 105 175 0.600 0-50 gp, 0-14 Throwing Star, 0-2 Torch, Knife, Battle Shield, Combat Knife, Plate Shield, Steel Helmet (semi-rare), 0-8 Viper Star (semi-rare), Leopard Armor (rare), 0-2 Small Diamond (very rare), Horseman Helmet (very rare).
Avalanche (Creature) Image:Avalanche (Creature).gif 305 550 0.555 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Axeitus Headbanger Image:Axeitus Headbanger.gif 140 365 0.384 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Azerus Image:Azerus.gif 6000 7500~ 0.800 It will turn into a teleport after killing, so it gives no loot
Azure Frog Image:Azure Frog.gif 20 60 0.333 0-11 gp, Worm.
Badger Image:Badger.gif 5 23 0.217 Acorn, Meat, Worm, Beetroot, Badger Fur.
Bandit Image:Bandit.gif 65 245 0.265 0-28 gp, 0-2 Meat, 0-3 Tomatoes, Bag, Axe, Mace, Chain Helmet, Leather Legs, Steel Shield, Brass Shield, Brass Armor (semi-rare), Iron Helmet (semi-rare), War Hammer (rare).
Bane of Light Image:Bane of Light.gif 450 ~925 ? Unknown.
Banshee Image:Banshee.gif 900 1000 0.900 0-100 gp, Candlestick, Simple Dress, Dirty Cape, Silver Amulet, Mirror, Petrified Scream (semi-rare), Black Pearl (semi-rare), Poison Dagger (rare), Silver Brooch (rare), Stone Skin Amulet (rare), Lyre (rare), Spellbook (rare), Strong Mana Potion (rare), Ring of Healing (rare), Blue Robe (rare), White Pearl (very rare), Terra Mantle (very rare), Wedding Ring (very rare), Life Crystal (very rare), Red Robe (very rare).
Barbaria Image:Barbaria.gif 355 600 0.591 Chain Armor , 0-33? gp, Torch, Fur Bag, Grey Small Book, Hunting Spear, Mammoth Fur Cape.
Barbarian Bloodwalker Image:Barbarian Bloodwalker.gif 195 305 0.639 0-13+ gp, 0-1 Ham, Lamp, Chain Armor, Halberd, Battle Axe, Chain Helmet, Health Potion (semi-rare), Beastslayer Axe (rare), Fur Boots (rare), Red Piece of Cloth (very rare), Shard (very rare).
Barbarian Brutetamer Image:Barbarian Brutetamer.gif 90 145 0.621 0-15 gp, 0-2 Corncob, 0-3 Ham, Chain Armor, Grey Small Book, Staff, Bag (Furry), Hunting Spear, Mana Potion (Semi-Rare), Brutetamer's Staff (Rare), Fur Boots (Rare), Mammoth Fur Shorts (Very Rare), Mammoth Fur Cape (Very Rare).
Barbarian Headsplitter Image:Barbarian Headsplitter.gif 85 100 0.850 0-30 gp, Brass Helmet, Viking Helmet, Knife, Torch, Skull, Brown Piece of Cloth (semi-rare), Scale Armor (semi-rare), Health Potion (semi-rare) Life Ring (rare), Krimhorn Helmet (rare), Crystal Sword (rare), Fur boots (very rare)
Barbarian Skullhunter Image:Barbarian Skullhunter.gif 85 135 0.63 0-30 gp, Brass Helmet, Viking Helmet, Knife, Torch, Brown Piece of Cloth (semi-rare), Scale Armor (semi-rare), Life Ring (rare), Ragnir Helmet (very rare), Crystal Sword (very rare), Fur Boots (very rare).
Baron Brute Image:Baron Brute.gif 3000 5025 0.597 Unknown.
Bat Image:Bat.gif 10 30 0.333 Bat Wing (rare).
Battlemaster Zunzu Image:Battlemaster Zunzu.gif 2500 5000? ? 0-136 gp, 0-10 Small Emerald, Zaogun Flag, Zaoan Legs, Zaoan Shoes (rare), Zaoan Armor (rare), Zaogun's Shoulderplates (always), Red Lantern (always).
Bazir Image:Bazir.gif ? ? ? Expect very rare items.
Bear Image:Bear.gif 23 80 0.288 0-3 Ham, 0-4 Meat, 0-3 Worms (semi-rare), Bear Paw (rare), Honeycomb (rare), Bag (very rare).
Behemoth Image:Behemoth.gif 2500 4000 0.625 0-140 gp, 0-6 Meat, Big Bone, Crowbar, Pick, Amphora, Double Axe, 0-2 Assassin Stars, Dark Armor (semi-rare), Two-Handed Sword (semi-rare), Plate Armor (semi-rare), 0-4 Small Amethyst (semi-rare), Giant Sword (rare), Great Health Potion (rare), Perfect Behemoth Fang (rare), Strange Symbol (rare), War Axe (rare), Crystal Necklace (very rare), Behemoth Claw (very rare), Behemoth Trophy (very rare), Steel Boots (very rare), Titan Axe (very rare).
Beholder Image:Beholder.gif 170 260 0.654 0-60 gp, Bag, Longsword, Morning Star, Wooden Shield, Spellbook, Steel Shield (semi-rare), Two Handed Sword (semi-rare), Beholder Eye (rare), Mana Potion (rare), Terra Rod (rare), Beholder Shield (very rare).
Berserker Chicken Image:Berserker Chicken.gif 220 465 0.47 0-100 gp.
Betrayed Wraith Image:Betrayed Wraith.gif 3500 4200 0.833 0-302 gp, 0-1 Onyx Arrow, 0-4 Platinum Coins, 0-5 Sniper Arrows, 0-2 Orichalcum Pearls, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Mind Stone, Battle Hammer, Double Axe, Fishbone, Morning Star, Small Diamond, Spike Sword (semi-rare), Great Mana Potion (rare), Death Ring (rare), Skull Helmet (rare), Bloody Edge (very rare), Amulet of Loss (very rare), Golden Figurine (very rare), Unholy Bone.
Big Boss Trolliver Image:Big Boss Trolliver.gif 105 150 0.700 0-64~ gp, 0-3 Meat, Spear, Studded Club.
Black Knight Image:Black Knight.gif 1600 1800 0.889 0-124 gp, 0-3 Spears, Dark Armor, Battle Hammer, Dark Helmet, Halberd, Plate Armor, Double Axe, Rope, 0-2 Brown Bread, Brass Legs, Steel Helmet, Two-Handed Sword, Knight Axe (semi-rare), Warrior Helmet (semi-rare), Knight Legs (rare), Ruby Necklace (rare), Knight Armor (rare), Dragon Lance (very rare), Lightning Legs (very rare), Piggy Bank (very rare), Boots of Haste (very rare).
Black Sheep Image:Black Sheep.gif 0 20 0 0-4 Meat.
Blazing Fire Elemental Image:Blazing Fire Elemental.gif 450 650 0.692 0-40 gp, 0-4 Flaming Arrow, Glimmering Soil (semi-rare), Fiery Heart (semi-rare?).
Blightwalker Image:Blightwalker.gif 5850 8900 0.65 0-150 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coins, 0-3 Bunches of Wheat, 0-9 Poison Arrows,Blank Rune, Demonic Essence, Seeds, Soul Orb, Golden Sickle, Scythe, Rusty Armor (Rare), Hailstorm Rod (semi-rare), Gold Ring (rare), Terra Legs (rare), Terra Mantle (rare), Garlic Necklace (very rare), Amulet of Loss (very rare), Death Ring (very rare), Gold Ingot (very rare), Skull Staff (very rare), Bundle of Cursed Straw, Great Health Potion.
Blistering Fire Elemental Image:Blistering Fire Elemental.gif 1300 1500~ 0.866 0-170 Gp, 0-3 Small Rubies, Fiery Heart, Glimmering Soil (semi-rare), Wand of Draconia (rare)
Blood Crab Image:Blood Crab.gif 160 290 0.551 0-36+ gp, Bag, Fish, Bloody Pincers, Chain Armor, White Pearl (rare).
Blood Crab (Underwater) Image:Blood Crab (Underwater).gif 180 320 0.563 0-20 gp, Bag, Fish, Brass Legs, Chain Armor, Bloody Pincers (semi-rare), White Pearl (rare).
Bloodpaw Image:Bloodpaw.gif 50 100 0.500 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanish quickly afterwards.
Blue Djinn Image:Blue Djinn.gif 215 330 0.652 0-120 gp, Carrot, 0-2 Royal Spear, Small Oil Lamp, Blue Book, Mana Potion (semi-rare), Blue Rose (semi-rare), 0-5 Small Sapphire (semi-rare), Blue Piece of Cloth (rare), Mystic Turban (very rare).
Bog Raider Image:Bog Raider.gif 800 1300 0.615 0-129 gp, Boggy Dreads, Great Health Potion, Ultimate Health Potion (semi-rare), Great Spirit Potion (semi-rare), Belted Cape (rare), Springsprout Rod (rare), Plate Legs (rare), Hibiscus Dress (very rare), Paladin Armor (very rare).
Bonebeast Image:Bonebeast.gif 580 515 1.126 0-90 gp, Skull, Bone, Big Bone, Bone Club, Bone Shield, Plate Armor (semi-rare), Health Potion (semi-rare), Bony Tail (semi-rare), Green Mushroom (rare), Hardened Bone (rare), Bonebeast Trophy (very rare).
Bones Image:Bones.gif 3750 9500 0.394 0-4 Platinum Coins, 0-200 Gold Coins, 0-2 Small Sapphires, 0-3 Surprise Bag (blue), Surprise Bag (red), Soul Orb, Skull Helmet, Demonic Essence, Life Crystal, Magic Plate Armor, Death Ring (rare).
Boogey Image:Boogey.gif 475 930 ? Heavy Metal T-Shirt, Club of the Fury, Scythe of the Reaper or Musician's Bow.
Boreth Image:Boreth.gif 1800 1400 1.286 0-100 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coin, Strong Health Potion, Black Pearl (semi-rare), Ring of Healing (semi-rare), Vampire Shield (rare), Hibiscus Dress (rare), Dreaded Cleaver (very rare)
Bovinus Image:Bovinus.gif 60 150 0.400 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Braindeath Image:Braindeath.gif 985 1225 0.804 0-90 gp, 0-4 Sniper Arrows, Spellbook, Bag, Bone Sword, Clerical Mace, Steel Shield, Beholder Eye (semi-rare), Haunted Blade (rare), Beholder Shield (rare) Spiked Squelcher (rare), Beholder Helmet (very rare).
Bride of Night Image:Bride of Night.gif 450 292.5? ? Midnight Shard.
Brutus Bloodbeard Image:Brutus Bloodbeard.gif 795 1200? 0.416 0-200 gp, Meat, Great Health Potion, 1-? Small Diamond, Pirate Backpack, Knight Armor, Plate Armor, Skull, Brutus Bloodbeard's Hat (always).
Bug Image:Bug.gif 18 29 0.621 0-6 gp, 0-3 Cherries (semi-rare).
Butterfly (Blue) Image:Butterfly (Blue).gif 0 2 0 Nothing.
Butterfly (Purple) Image:Butterfly (Purple).gif 0 2 0 Nothing.
Butterfly (Red) Image:Butterfly (Red).gif 0 2 0 Nothing.
Captain Jones Image:Captain Jones.gif 825 800? 1.03 0-150 gp, Crown Legs, Focus Cape, Stealth Ring, Spike Sword
Carniphila Image:Carniphila.gif 150 255 0.588 0-37 gp, 0-2 Meat, 0-2 Ham, Sling Herb, Shadow Herb, Grave Flower, Dark Mushroom, Seeds (rare).
Carrion Worm Image:Carrion Worm.gif 70 145 0.483 0-49 gp, 0-2 Meat, Ham, 0-5 Worms, Mace, Sword, Katana, Copper Shield, Carrion Worm Fang.
Cat Image:Cat.gif 0 20 0 Nothing
Cave Rat Image:Cave Rat.gif 10 30 0.333 0-2 gp, 0-3 Worms, Cheese, Cookie (very rare), Jacket (very rare).
Centipede Image:Centipede.gif 34 70 0.428 0-17 gp, Bag, Mace, Sword, Centipede Leg.
Chakoya Toolshaper Image:Chakoya Toolshaper.gif 40 80 0.500 0-29 gp, Meat, 0-2 Fish, Mace, Pick, Bone Shield, Mammoth Whopper (semi-rare), Ice Cube (rare), Green Perch (rare), Northern Pike (rare), Rainbow Trout (rare).
Chakoya Tribewarden Image:Chakoya Tribewarden.gif 40 68 0.588 0-30 gp, meat, Ham, 0-3 Fish, Mace, Bone Shield (semi rare), Mammoth Whopper (semi rare), Ice Cube (rare), Rainbow Trout (rare), Green Perch (rare), Northern Pike (rare).
Chakoya Windcaller Image:Chakoya Windcaller.gif 48 84 0.571 0-36 gp, 0-4 Fish, Meat, Mace, Bone Shield (semi rare), Ice Cube (rare), Rainbow Trout (rare), Northern Pike (rare), Shard?.
Charged Energy Elemental Image:Charged Energy Elemental.gif 450 500? 0.900 0-124 gp, 0-3 Flash Arrow (rare), Energy Soil (rare).
Chicken Image:Chicken.gif 0 15 0 0-3 Worms, Chicken Feather, Egg (semi-rare), 0-2 Meat (rare), Blue Coloured Egg, Green Coloured Egg, Purple Coloured Egg, Red Coloured Egg, Yellow Coloured Egg (Coloured Eggs are semi-rares and only during the Easter holiday).
Chizzoron the Distorter Image:Chizzoron the Distorter.gif ? ? ? 0-100 gp, 0-2 Gold Ingot, Lizard Scale, Time Ring, Green Gem, Dragon Scale Mail (semi-rare), Crystal Boots (very rare?).
Cobra Image:Cobra.gif 30 65 0.461 Cobra Tongue.
Cockroach Image:Cockroach.gif 0 1 0 Cockroach Leg (always).
Coldheart Image:Coldheart.gif 3500 7000 ? Nothing.
Colerian the Barbarian Image:Colerian the Barbarian.gif 90 265 0.340 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Coral Frog Image:Coral Frog.gif 20 60 0.333 0-11 gp, Worm.
Countess Sorrow Image:Countess Sorrow.gif 13000 ~6500 ? 0-137+ gp, Platinum Coin, Demonic Essence, Protection Amulet, Worn Leather Boots, Plate Legs, Stealth Ring, Soul Orb, Blue Robe, Silver Mace (very rare), Countess Sorrow's Frozen Tear (always)
Crab Image:Crab.gif 30 55 0.545 0-10 gp, Fish, Crab Pincers.
Crazed Beggar Image:Crazed Beggar.gif 35 100 0.350 0-9 gp, Meat, Roll, Wooden Spoon, Dirty Cape, Rolling Pin, Wooden Hammer, Lute, Red Rose, Small Blue Pillow (rare), Rum Flask (rare), Sling Herb (rare), Rusty Armor (Common) (rare), Very Noble-Looking Watch (very rare), Dwarven Ring (very rare).
Crimson Frog Image:Crimson Frog.gif 20 60 0.333 0-11 gp, Worm.
Crocodile Image:Crocodile.gif 40 105 0.381 0-15 gp, 0-1 Ham, Bag, Piece of Crocodile Leather, Crocodile Boots (very rare).
Crypt Shambler Image:Crypt Shambler.gif 195 330 0.591 0-55 gp, 0-10 Worms, Half-Digested Piece of Meat, Bone, Rotten Meat, Iron Helmet (rare), 0-3 Throwing Stars (rare), Bone Shield (rare), Two Handed Sword (rare), 0-2 Small Diamonds (rare), Bone Sword (rare).
Crystal Spider Image:Crystal Spider.gif 900 1250 0.720 0-95 gp, 0-7 Sniper Arrow, Brass Legs, Steel Helmet, Plate Armor, Ice Cube, Strong Mana Potion (semi-rare), Crystal Sword (semi-rare), Glacier Mask (semi-rare), Shard (semi-rare), Time Ring (semi-rare), Spider Silk (semi-rare), Knight Armor (rare), Knight Legs (rare), Platinum Amulet (rare), Sapphire Hammer (very rare).
Cublarc the Plunderer Image:Cublarc the plunderer.gif 400 400 ? 0-100 Gold Coin, Shaggy Tail, Orcish Axe, Bow, Disgusting Trophy.
Cursed Gladiator Image:Cursed Gladiator.gif 215 435 0.494 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Cyclops Image:Cyclops.gif 150 260 0.577 0-52 gp, 0-3 Meat, Short Sword, Cyclops Toe (semi-rare), Battle Shield (semi-rare), Plate Shield (rare), Halberd (very rare), Wolf Tooth Chain (very rare), Club Ring (very rare), Dark Helmet (very rare), Health Potion (very rare), Cyclops Trophy (very rare).
Cyclops Drone Image:Cyclops Drone.gif 200 325 0.615 0-24 gp, Bag, Meat, Short Sword, Plate Shield, Cyclops Toe, Battle Shield (semi-rare), Halberd (rare), Cyclops Trophy (rare), Strong Health Potion (very rare).
Cyclops Smith Image:Cyclops Smith.gif 255 435 0.586 0-69 gp, Meat, Bag, Plate Shield, Battle Shield, Heavy Machete, Battle Hammer, Battle Axe, Double Axe, Cyclops Toe, Dark Helmet (rare), Cyclops Trophy (rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Club Ring (rare), Spiked Squelcher (very rare).
Daemon Image:Daemon.gif 6000 3000 0.5? 0-350 gp, Golden Helmet, Enchanted Plate Armor, Steel Shield, Fire Sword.
Damaged Worker Golem Image:Damaged Worker Golem.gif 95 260 0.365 0-86 gp, Rusty Armor (Common) (semi-rare), Gear Crystal (rare?), Iron Ore (rare), Sword Ring (very rare), 0-3 Nails (very rare).
Darakan the Executioner Image:Darakan the Executioner.gif 1600 3500 0.457 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Dark Apprentice Image:Dark Apprentice.gif 100 225 0.444 0-50 gp, 0-3 Blank Runes, Dead Frog, Wand of Dragonbreath (semi-rare), 0-2 Mana Potions (semi-rare), Health Potion (semi-rare), Wand of Decay (Rare).
Dark Magician Image:Dark Magician.gif 185 325 0.569 0-80 gp, Mana Potion, Blank Rune, Health Potion, Strong Mana Potion, Strong Health Potion, Necrotic Rod (very rare), Small Enchanted Amethyst (very rare).
Dark Monk Image:Dark Monk.gif 145 190 0.763 0-? gp, 0-2 Bags, Bread, Scroll, Brown Flask, Lamp, Staff, Sandals, Leather Armor, Dark Rosary, Ankh (semi-rare), Book of Prayers (semi-rare), Power Ring (rare), Life Crystal (rare), Mana Potion (rare).
Dark Torturer Image:Dark Torturer.gif 4650 7350 0.630 0-177+ gp, 0-? Platinum Coins, 0-3 Concentrated Demonic Blood, 0-2 Ham, Great Health Potion, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, Steel Boots (semi-rare), Soul Orb, 0-2 Assassin Star (semi-rare), Saw (semi-rare), 0-2 Orichalcum Pearl (rare), Cat's Paw (rare), Key Ring (rare), Vile Axe (very rare), Butcher's Axe (very rare), Gold Ingot (very rare), Golden Legs (very rare),.
Deadeye Devious Image:Deadeye Devious.gif 500 1450 0.345 0-140 Gold, 0-3 Meat, Great Health Potion, 0-1 Small Diamond, 0-2 Skull, Dagger, Plate Armor, Knight Armor, Pirate Backpack, Deadeye Devious' Eye Patch (always).
Death Blob Image:Death Blob.gif 300 320 0.937 Glob of Tar.
Deathbringer Image:Deathbringer.gif 5100 10000 0.51 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Deathslicer Image:Deathslicer.gif 0 0 0 Nothing (turns into Wooden Trash).
Deathspawn Image:Deathspawn.gif 0 225 0 Nothing (turns into a Dirty Fur).
Deer Image:Deer.gif 0 25 0 0-4 Meat, 0-2 Ham, Antlers (rare).
Defiler Image:Defiler.gif 3700 3650 1.014 0-280 gp, 0-4 Platinum Coins, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Glob of Tar, Glob of Acid Slime, Talon, 0-3 Small Emeralds (semi-rare), 0-2 Small Rubies (semi-rare), Small Diamond (semi-rare), Yellow Gem (rare), Red Gem (rare), Blue Gem (rare), Green Gem (rare), Death Ring (very rare).
Demodras Image:Demodras.gif 6000 4500? 1.333 0-290 gp, 0-10 Platinum Coins, 0-4 Green Mushroom, 0-5 Power Bolt, 0-6 Onyx Arrow, 0-10 Burst Arrows, 0-10 Dragon Ham, Great Mana Potion, Great Health Potion, Steel Shield, Steel Helmet, Plate Legs, Small Diamond, Small Sapphire, Fire Sword, Life Crystal, Dragon Hammer, Dragon Shield, Serpent Sword, Wand of Inferno, Mace, Short Sword, Longsword, Broadsword, Double Axe, Crossbow, Golden Mug, Stuffed Dragon, Tower Shield, Gemmed Book, Red Dragon Leather, Red Dragon Scale, Strange Helmet, Energy Ring, Wand of Dragonbreath, Royal Helmet (rare), Dragon Scale Mail (rare), Dragon Claw (always).
Demon Image:Demon.gif 6000 8200 0.732 0-310 gp, 0-1 Platinum Coin, 0-6 Fire Mushrooms, Devil Helmet, Double Axe, Golden Sickle, Small Emerald, Fire Axe (semi-rare), Giant Sword (semi-rare), Great Health Potion (semi-rare), 0-3 Great Mana Potion (semi-rare), 0-3 Ultimate Health Potion, Golden Ring (semi-rare), Ice Rapier (semi-rare), Orb (semi-rare), Purple Tome (semi-rare), Stealth Ring (semi-rare), Talon (semi-rare), 0-5 Assassin Stars (rare), Demon Horn (rare), Demon Shield (rare), Might Ring (rare), Platinum Amulet (semi-rare), Ring of Healing (rare), Golden Legs (rare), Mastermind Shield (rare), Demon Trophy (very rare), Demonrage Sword (very rare), Magic Plate Armor (very rare).
Demon Parrot Image:Demon Parrot.gif 225 360 0.63 0-99 gp.
Demon Skeleton Image:Demon Skeleton.gif 240 400 0.600 0-50 gp, Torch, 0-3 Throwing Star, Battle Hammer, Battle Shield, Iron Helmet, Demonic Skeletal Hand, Mysterious Fetish (rare), Mana Potion (rare), Mind Stone (rare), Guardian Shield (very rare).
Demongoblin Image:Demon (Goblin).gif 25 50 0.500 0-9 gp, 0-4 Small Stone, Bone, Dagger, Leather Helmet, Bag, Short Sword, Fish, Moldy Cheese, Leather Armor, Bone Club, Small Axe
Destroyer Image:Destroyer.gif 2500 3700 0.67 0-330 gp, 0-2 Small Amethysts, 0-3 Platinum Coins, 0-6 Meat, 0-12 Burst Arrows, Demonic Essence, Plate Armor, Crowbar, Dark Armor, Pick, Big Bone, Soul Orb, Metal Spike (semi-rare), Mind Stone (rare), Giant Sword (rare), Great Health Potion (rare), Chaos Mace (rare), Skull Helmet (very rare), Crystal Necklace (very rare), Dreaded Cleaver (very rare), Death Ring (very rare), Steel Boots (very rare).
Dharalion Image:Dharalion.gif 380 380 1.000 0-? gp, 0-1 Royal Spear, Arrows, Studded Helmet, Studded Armor, Brass Shield, Leather Boots, Apples, Long Swords, Waterskin, Sandals, Bow, Poison Arrows, Grapes, Scroll, Candle, Blank Rune, Staff, Melon, Bread, Green Tunic, Bowl, Inkwell, Parchment, Sling Herb, Life Crystal, Candle Sticks, Elven Amulet, Wand of Cosmic Energy, Yellow Gem, Holy Orchid, Great Mana Potion, Golden Goblet (rare), Cornucopia (rare).
Diabolic Imp Image:Diabolic Imp.gif 2900 1950 1.487 0-200 gp, Scimitar, 0-2 Blank Rune, Cleaver, Pitchfork, 0-3 Small Amethyst, 0-2 Concentrated Demonic Bloods, Guardian Shield, 0-7 Platinum Coins (semi-rare), Demonic Essence (semi-rare), Stealth Ring (semi-rare), Soul Orb (semi-rare), Double Axe (semi-rare), Necrotic Rod (rare), Magma Monocle (rare), Magma Coat (rare), Death Ring (very rare).
Diblis the Fair Image:Diblis the Fair.gif 1800 1500~ 1.200 0-99 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coin, Skull, Black Pearl (semi-rare), Ring of Healing (semi-rare), Strong Health Potion (semi-rare), Vampire Shield (rare), Spellbook of Lost Souls (very rare), Vampire Lord Token (always).
Dipthrah Image:Dipthrah.gif 2900 4200 0.690 0-158 gp, 0-3 Small Sapphire,Great Mana Potion, Energy Ring, Mind Stone (rare), Blue Gem (rare), Ankh (very rare), Skull Staff (very rare), Pharaoh Sword (very rare), Ornamented Ankh (Always).
Dire Penguin Image:Dire Penguin.gif 119 173 0.688 0-10 gp, 0-4 Fish, Green Perch (rare), Rainbow Trout (rare), Dragon Hammer (very rare).
Dirtbeard Image:Dirtbeard.gif 375 630 ? Odd Hat, The Shield Nevermourn, Pointed Rabbitslayer or Helmet of Nature.
Diseased Bill Image:Diseased Bill.gif 300 2000~ 0.100? 0-25 gp.
Diseased Dan Image:Diseased Dan.gif 300 2000~ 0.100? 0-25+ gp
Diseased Fred Image:Diseased Fred.gif 300 2000~ 0.100? 0-17 gp.
Doctor Perhaps Image:Doctor Perhaps.gif 325 475 ? Mighty Helm of Green Sparks, Trousers of the ancients, Meat shield, Glutton's Mace.
Dog Image:Dog.gif 0 20 0 Nothing.
Doom Deer Image:Doom Deer.gif 200 405 0.49 0-100 gp.
Doomhowl Image:Doomhowl.gif 3750 8500 ? Nothing.
Doomsday Cultist File:Doomsday Cultist.gif ? ? ? Midnight Shard.
Dracola Image:Dracola.gif 11,000 16,200? 0.679 0-210 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coin, Dark Armor, Life Crystal, Great Health Potion, Hardened Bone, Soul Orb, Demonic Essence, Skull Helmet, Reaper's Axe (very rare), Dracola's Eye (always).
Dragon Image:Dragon.gif 700 1000 0.700 0-110 gp, 0-3 Dragon Ham, 0-12 Burst Arrow, Mace, Short Sword, Steel Shield, Crossbow, Longsword (semi-rare), Steel Helmet (semi-rare), Broadsword (semi-rare), Plate Legs (semi-rare), Double Axe (rare), Dragon Hammer (rare), Green Dragon Leather (rare), Green Dragon Scale (rare), Serpent Sword (rare), Wand of Inferno (rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Dragon Shield (very rare), Dragonbone Staff (very rare), Small Diamond (very rare), Life Crystal (very rare).
Dragon Hatchling Image:Dragon Hatchling.gif 185 380 0.487 0-55gp, Dragon Ham, Health Potion.
Dragon Lord Image:Dragon Lord.gif 2100 1900 1.105 0-250 gp, 0-5 Dragon Ham, Small Sapphire, Golden Mug, Gemmed Book, Green Mushroom, 0-7 Power Bolt, Life Crystal, Energy Ring, 0-3 Royal spear, Strange Helmet (rare), Red Dragon Scale, Red Dragon Leather (rare), Fire Sword (rare), Tower Shield (rare), Dragon Slayer (very rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Royal Helmet (very rare), Dragon Scale Mail (very rare), Dragon Lord Trophy (very rare).
Dragon Lord Hatchling Image:Dragon Lord Hatchling.gif 645 750 0.860 0-165 gp, Dragon Ham, Mana Potion (semi-rare), 0-1 Green Mushroom (rare), Magma Boots (very rare).
Draken Spellweaver Image:Draken Spellweaver.gif 2600 5000 0.520 0-180? gp, 0-2 Platinum Coins, Meat, Weaver's Wandtip, Great Mana Potion, Small Ruby, Zaoan Shoes, Focus Cape, Spellweaver's Robe, Draken Trophy
Draken Warmaster Image:Draken Warmaster.gif 2400 4150 0.5301 0-160? gp, 0-2 Platinum Coins, Meat, Zaoan Halberd, Bone Shoulderplate, Warmaster's Wristguards, Great Health Potion, Drakinata (rare), Zaoan Armor (rare), Zaoan Legs?
Drasilla Image:Drasilla.gif 700 1320 0.530 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanish quickly afterwards.
Dreadbeast Image:Dreadbeast.gif 250 800 0.3125 0-80 gps, Big Bone, Skull (rare), Bone, Plate Armor (rare), Green Mushroom (very rare), Hardened Bone (very rare), Bone Club (semi-rare), Bone Shield (rare), Health Potion (very rare).
Dreadmaw Image:Dreadmaw.gif ? ? ? 0-? gp, Ham, Piece of Crocodile Leather (always?).
Dreadwing Image:Dreadwing.gif 3750 8500 ? Nothing.
Dryad Image:Dryad.gif 190 310 0.612 0-30 gp, 0-2 White Mushroom, 0-3 Seeds (semi-rare), Flower Dress (semi-rare), Flower Wreath (semi-rare), Leaf Legs (semi-rare), Coconut Shoes (semi-rare) Small Amethyst (rare), 0-2 Orange Mushrooms (rare).
Duskbringer Image:Duskbringer.gif 2600 ~3000 ? Midnight Shard.
Dwarf Image:Dwarf.gif 45 90 0.500 0-8 gp, 0-2 White Mushrooms, Hatchet, Axe, Leather Legs, Pick, Letter, Studded Armor, Copper Shield, Iron Ore (very rare), Dwarven Ring (very rare).
Dwarf Dispenser File:Dwarf Dispenser.gif - - 0 Won't give any loot because you can't kill it.
Dwarf Geomancer Image:Dwarf Geomancer.gif 265 380 0.697 0-37 gp, Blank Rune, Magic Light Wand, 0-7 Pears, Studded Legs, Leather Boots, 0-2 White Mushroom, Spellbook (semi-rare), Clerical Mace (rare), Dwarven Ring (rare), Small Sapphire (very rare), Iron Ore (very rare), Terra Boots (very rare).
Dwarf Guard Image:Dwarf Guard.gif 165 245 0.673 0-30 gp, 0-2 White Mushrooms, Leather Boots, Scale Armor, Battle Shield, Battle Hammer, Steel Helmet (semi-rare), Double Axe (rare), Iron Ore (rare), Axe Ring (very rare), Health Potion (very rare), Small Amethyst (very rare).
Dwarf Henchman Image:Dwarf Henchman.gif 15 350 0.043 None.
Dwarf Miner Image:Dwarf Miner.gif 60 120 0.500 0-10 gp, 0-3 Meat, Studded Armor, Leather Legs, Pick, Bag, Axe,Dwarven Ring, Iron Ore (very rare).
Dwarf Soldier Image:Dwarf Soldier.gif 70 135 0.518 0-15 gp, 0-7 Bolts, 0-3 White Mushrooms, Soldier Helmet, Shovel, Chain Armor, Crossbow, Dwarven Shield, 0-3 Piercing Bolts (semi-rare), Battle Axe (semi-rare), Axe Ring (rare), Iron Ore (very rare), Dwarven Ring (very rare).
Dworc Fleshhunter Image:Dworc Fleshhunter.gif 40 85 0.412 0-14 gp, Bag, 0-3 Skulls, Cleaver, Torch, Leather Armor, Tribal Mask (semi-rare), Hunting Spear (semi-rare), Bronze Amulet (semi-rare), Poison Dagger (semi-rare), Bone Shield (rare), Ripper Lance (rare).
Dworc Venomsniper Image:Dworc Venomsniper.gif 35 80 0.375 0-14 gp, Bag, 0-3 Skulls, Leather Armor, 0-3 Poison Arrows, Torch, 0-2 Throwing Knives, Poison Dagger (semi-rare), Tribal Mask (semi-rare), Bronze Amulet (rare), Bast Skirt (very rare), Seeds (very rare).
Dworc Voodoomaster Image:Dworc Voodoomaster.gif 55 80 0.687 0-20 gp, 0-3 Skull, Torch, Bone, Big Bone, Leather Armor, Bronze Amulet (semi-rare), Poison Dagger (semi-rare), Tribal Mask (semi-rare), Strange Symbol (very rare), Health Potion (rare), Voodoo Doll (very rare).
Earth Elemental Image:Earth Elemental.gif 450 650 0.692 0-129+ gp, 0-30 Earth Arrows, Mace, Steel Shield, Morning Star, Blank Rune, 0-10 Small Stones (semi-rare), Strong Mana Potion (semi-rare), Lump of Earth (semi-rare), Rusty Armor (Common) (semi-rare), Small Topaz (very rare) 0-2, Small Amethyst (very rare).
Earth Overlord Image:Earth Overlord.gif 2800 4000 0.700 0-168 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coins, Shiny Stone, 0-2 Small Emeralds, 0-15 Small Stones, Mother Soil (always), Terra Mantle (rare), Swamplair Armor (very rare).
Eclipse Knight Image:Eclipse Knight.gif ? ? ? Unknown.
Efreet Image:Efreet.gif 410 550 0.591 0-125 gp, 0-12 Pear, 0-3 Royal Spear, Heavy Machete, Small Oil Lamp, 0-4 Small Emerald (semi-rare), 0-2 Seeds (semi-rare), Green Tapestry (rare), Green Piece of Cloth (rare), Wand of Inferno (rare), Mystic Turban (rare), Magma Monocle (rare), Strong Mana Potion (semi-rare), Green Gem (very rare).
Elder Beholder Image:Elder Beholder.gif 280 500 0.560 0-105 gp, Longsword, Morning Star, Spellbook, Steel Shield, Two-Handed Sword, Elder Beholder Tentacle, Giant Eye (semi-rare), 0-5 Sniper Arrow (semi-rare), Strong Mana Potion (semi-rare), Terra Rod (rare), Beholder Shield (rare), Small Emerald (very rare), Beholder Helmet (very rare).
Elephant Image:Elephant.gif 160 320 0.500 Bag, 0-4 Meat, 0-3 Ham, 0-2 Tusk (rare), Tusk Shield (very rare).
Elf Image:Elf.gif 42 100 0.420 0-30 gp, 0-6 Arrows, 0-2 Plum, Longsword, Leather Boots, Plate Shield, Studded Armor, Studded Helmet, Heaven Blossom (rare), Elvish Talisman (rare).
Elf Arcanist Image:Elf Arcanist.gif 175 220 0.795 0-49 gp, 0-3 Arrows, Scroll, Blank Rune, Staff, Sandals, Melon, Elvish Talisman, Bread, Green Tunic, Grave Flower, Bowl, Inkwell, Sling Herb, Candlestick, Elven Amulet (semi-rare), 0-2 Holy Orchids (rare), Strong Mana Potion (rare), Health Potion (rare), Wand of Cosmic Energy (rare), Life Crystal (very rare), Yellow Gem (very rare).
Elf Scout Image:Elf Scout.gif 75 160 0.469 0-30 gp, 0-15 Arrow, 0-6 Poison Arrow, Grape, Waterskin, Studded Armor, Sandals, Longsword, Studded Helmet, Bow (semi-rare), Elvish Talisman (semi-rare), Heaven Blossom (rare), Elvish Bow (very rare).
Energy Elemental Image:Energy Elemental.gif 550 500 1.100 0-170 gp, Bag, 0-10 Flash Arrow, 0-5 Throwing Star, Mana Potion, Strong Mana Potion, 0-3 Small Amethysts (semi-rare), Crystal Sword (semi-rare), Obsidian Lance (semi-rare), Crystal Ring (rare), Energy Ring (rare), Silver Amulet (rare), Guardian Shield (very rare), Wand of Cosmic Energy (very rare).
Energy Overlord Image:Energy Overlord.gif 2800 4000 0.700 0-100? gp, 0-3 Platinum Coins, Pure Energy(always since summer update 2009), Voltage Armor (Rare).
Enlightened of the Cult Image:Enlightened of the Cult.gif 500 700 0.714 0-80 gp, Cape, Cultish Mask, Protection Amulet (semi-rare), Small Sapphire (semi-rare), Pirate Voodoo Doll (semi-rare), Music Sheet (fourth verse, semi-rare), Energy Ring (semi-rare), Strong Mana Potion (rare), Wand of Inferno (rare), Skull Staff (rare), Platinum Amulet (rare), Piggy Bank (very rare), Blue Robe (very rare), Key Ring (very rare), Mysterious Voodoo Skull (very rare), Amber Staff (very rare).
Enraged Bookworm Image:Enraged Bookworm.gif 83 145 0.333 none turns into a dead worm
Enraged Squirrel Image:Enraged Squirrel.gif 0 35 0 Walnuts.
Esmeralda Image:Esmeralda.gif 600 800 0.750 0-145 gp, 0-4 Platinum Coins, Mutated Rat Tail, Skull, Ring of Healing (Always), Halberd, Knight Armor, Epee, Tower Shield, Terra Mantle (rare).
Essence of Darkness Image:Essence of Darkness.gif 30 1000+ ? Nothing.
Eternal Guardian Image:Eternal Guardian.gif ? ? ? 0-36? gp, 0-7 Small Stone, Ancient Stone.
Evil Mastermind Image:Evil Mastermind.gif 675 1295 ? Fan Club Membership Card.
Evil Sheep Image:Evil Sheep.gif 240 350 .685 0-50 gp.
Evil Sheep Lord Image:Evil Sheep Lord.gif 340 400 0.85 56+ gp, expect more loot?
Eye of the Seven Image:Eye of the Seven.gif -- -- -- Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.
Fahim The Wise Image:Fahim The Wise.gif 1500 2000 0.750? 0-84 gp, 0-22 Blueberry, Seeds, Small Oil Lamp, 0-4 Blue Pieces of Cloth, 0-3 Strong Mana Potions, 0-2 Royal Spears, Wooden Flute, Heavy Machete, Mystic Turban, Blue Gem (rare), Magma Monocle (rare), Shiny Stone (rare).
Fallen Mooh'Tah Master Ghar Image:Fallen Mooh'Tah Master Ghar.gif 4400 8000 0.550 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Fatality Image:Fatality.gif ~4285 ~5945 ? Unknown.
Fernfang Image:Fernfang.gif 600 400 1.500 0-26? gp, Sandals, Brown Flask, Bowl, Bread, Scroll, Sling Herb, Star Herb, Grave Flower, Plate, Lamp, 0-2 Staff, Blank Rune, Ankh, Life Crystal, Power Ring, Wolf Tooth Chain, Dirty Fur, Green Tunic, Wooden Whistle (rare), Book of Prayers (allways?).
Ferumbras Image:Ferumbras.gif 12000 35000 0.343 0-270 gp, 0-76 Small Amethysts, 0-92 Small Sapphires, 0-49 Small Rubies, 0-8 White Pearls, 0-90 Small Diamonds, 0-86 Small Topaz, 0-8 Soul Orbs, 0-2 Gold Ingots, Talon, Snakebite Rod, Necrotic Rod, Gold Ring, Fire Axe, Crystal Ring, Energy Ring, Emerald Bangle, Mind Stone, Double Axe, Two Handed Sword, Silver Amulet, Golden Armor, Golden Legs, Platinum Amulet, Boots of Haste, Devil Helmet, Jade Hammer, Mastermind Shield, Teddy Bear, Thunder Hammer, Magic Plate Armor, Spellbook of Mind Control, Spellbook of Lost Souls, Spellscroll of Prophecies, Glacier Kilt, Lightning Legs, Terra Legs, Haunted Blade, Abyss Hammer, Berserker, Chaos Mace, Queen's Sceptre, Ornamented Axe, Vile Axe, Greenwood Coat, Divine Plate, Emerald Sword, Obsidian Truncheon, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries, Skullcrusher, Great Shield, Red Tome, Phoenix Shield, Hellforged Axe, Impaler, Tempest Shield, Velvet Mantle, Demonrage Sword, Bloody Edge, Demonwing Axe, Havoc Blade, Nightmare Blade, Demon Shield, Runed Sword, Ferumbras' Hat (always).
Fire Devil Image:Fire Devil.gif 145 200 0.55 0-2 Torches, Pitchfork, Cleaver, Scimitar (semi-rare), Blank Rune (semi-rare), Double Axe (rare), Small Amethyst (very rare), Guardian Shield (very rare), Wand of Dragonbreath (very rare), Necrotic Rod (very rare).
Fire Elemental Image:Fire Elemental.gif 220 280 0.786 Nothing (turns into a Fire Field).
Fire Overlord Image:Fire Overlord.gif 2800 4000 0.700 0-125? gp, 0-3? Platinum Coins, Lavos Armor (rare), Magma Coat (rare), Eternal Flames(always since summer update 2009), Fiery Heart (always).
Flamecaller Zazrak Image:Flamecaller Zazrak.gif ? ? ? 0-27+ gp, Dragon Priest's Wandtip, Life Ring, Zaoan Robe, Zaoan Shoes.
Flamethrower Image:Flamethrower.gif -- -- -- Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.
Flamingo Image:Flamingo.gif 0 25 0 Nothing.
Fleabringer Image:Fleabringer.gif ? 265 ? 0-3 Meat, 0-3 Worm, Shaggy Tail (always?).
Fluffy Image:Fluffy.gif 3550 4500 0.744 0-109 gp, Bone, 0-8 Ham, 0-4 Surprise Bag (Blue), Surprise Bag (Red), Demonic Essence, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Knight Axe, Soul Orb, Spike Sword.
Foreman Kneebiter Image:Foreman Kneebiter.gif 445 570 0.780 0-100 gp, Battle Shield, Iron Ore.
Freegoiz Image:Freegoiz.gif ? ? ? Unknown.
Frost Dragon Image:Frost Dragon.gif 2100 1800 1.167 0-350 gp, 0-5 Dragon Ham, Gemmed Book, Golden Mug, Small Sapphire, Ice Cube, 0-6 Power Bolt, Energy Ring, Green Mushroom, Strange Helmet (rare), Ice Rapier (rare), Life Crystal (rare), Shard (rare), Tower Shield (rare), Dragon Slayer (very rare), Royal Helmet (very rare), Dragon Scale Mail (very rare).
Frost Dragon Hatchling Image:Frost Dragon Hatchling.gif 745 800 0.931 0-55 gp, Dragon Ham, Frosty Heart (semi-rare), Spellbook of Enlightenment (rare) , Health Potion (rare).
Frost Giant Image:Frost Giant.gif 150 270 0.556 0-30 gp, 0-2 Meat, Ham, Short Sword, Frost Giant Pelt (semi-rare), Ice Cube (semi-rare), Plate Shield (semi-rare), Battle Shield (semi-rare), Halberd (rare), Norse Shield (rare), Dark Helmet (rare), Wolf Tooth Chain (rare), Health Potion (rare), Shard (very rare), Club Ring (very rare).
Frost Giantess Image:Frost Giantess.gif 150 275 0.545 0-40 gp, 0-2 Meat, 0-2 Ham, Short Sword, Plate Shield, Battle Shield, Frost Giant Pelt, 0-3 Small Stones, Wolf Tooth Chain (semi-rare), Ice Cube (semi-rare) Club Ring (rare), Halberd (rare), Dark Helmet (rare), Shard (rare), Mana Potion (rare), Norse Shield (rare), Glacier Shoes (very rare).
Frost Troll Image:Frost Troll.gif 23 55 0.418 0-12 gp, 0-1 Fish, Club, Rapier, Spear, Wooden Shield, Coat, Twigs, Frosty Ear of a Troll.
Frostfur Image:Frostfur.gif 35 65 0.538 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Furious Troll Image:Furious Troll.gif 185 245 ? 0-179 gp, 0-1 Platinum Coin, Bunch of Troll Hair, War Hammer (rare).
Fury Image:Fury.gif 4500 4100 1.098 0-226+ gp, 0-3? Platinum Coin, 0-3 Concentrated Demonic Blood, 0-3 Orichalcum Pearls, 0-3 Small Amethysts, 0-4 Jalapeño Pepper, Demonic Essence, Great Health Potion, Meat, Red Piece of Cloth, Rusty Legs (Rare), Terra Rod, Soul Orb, Noble Axe (semi-rare), Crown Armor (rare?), 0-1 Assassin Star (rare), Steel Boots (rare), Crystal Ring (rare), Red Gem (rare?), Assassin Dagger (very rare), Golden Legs (very rare).
Gamemaster (Creature) Image:Gamemaster (Creature).gif 0 0 Unknown.
Gang Member Image:Gang Member.gif 70 295 0.237 0-23 gp, Meat, Brown Bread, 0-2 Torches, Leather Legs, Studded Legs, Mace, Club Ring (rare).
Gargoyle Image:Gargoyle.gif 150 250 0.600 0-30 gp, 0-10 Small Stone, 0-2 Potato (semi-rare), Shiny Stone (semi-rare), 0-5 Strawberry (semi-rare), Battle Shield (semi-rare), Stone Wing (semi-rare), Morning Star (semi-rare), Steel Helmet (rare), Wolf Tooth Chain (rare), Club Ring (very rare), Dark Armor (very rare).
Gazer Image:Gazer.gif 90 120 0.750 0-? gp, ?.
General Murius Image:General Murius.gif 450 550 0.81 0-38 gp, 0-8 Power Bolts, 10 Piercing Bolts, Axe, Brass Helmet, Leather Legs, Plate Shield, Sword, Mace, Shovel, Bronze Amulet, Crossbow, Bolts, Meat, Scale Armor, Brass Armor, Chain Armor, Chain Legs, Chain Helmet, Soldier Helmet, Double Axe, Hatchet, Fishing Rod, Battle Shield, Torch, Combat Knife, Dead Snake, Carrots, Wand of Cosmic Energy, Dwarven Helmet (rare).
Ghastly Dragon Image:Ghastly Dragon.gif 4600 7800 0.590 0-203 gp, 0-2 Platinum Coins, Undead Heart, Zaoan Halberd (semi-rare), Twin Hooks (semi-rare), Ultimate Health Potion (semi-rare), Great Health Potion (semi-rare), Great Spirit Potion (semi-rare), Soul Orb (semi-rare), Demonic Essence (semi-rare), Ghastly Dragon Head (semi-rare), Rusty Armor (Semi-Rare) (semi-rare), Zaoan Shoes (semi-rare), Zaoan Legs (rare), Zaoan Armor (rare), Jade Hat (rare), Drakinata (rare),Shiny Stone (rare), Zaoan Helmet (very rare), Spellweaver's Robe (very rare), Zaoan Sword (very rare), Guardian Boots (very rare).
Ghazbaran Image:Ghazbaran.gif 15000? 60000? 0.250 0-200 gp, 0-73 Platinum Coins, 0-2 Crystal Coins, 0-15 Small Amethysts, 0-6 Small Emeralds, 0-5 Small Diamonds, 0-4 Small Sapphires, 0-4 Talons, 0-15 White Pearls, 0-15 Black Pearls, 0-5 Demonic Essence, 0-2 Demon Horns, 0-82 Onyx Arrows, 0-47 Assassin Stars, Gold Ingot, Crystal Ball, Green Gem, Blue Gem, Life Crystal, Orb, Oceanborn Leviathan Armor, Robe of the Ice Queen, Frozen Plate, Crystalline Armor, Mastermind Shield, Spellscroll of Prophecies, Spellbook of Warding, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries, Spellbook of Lost Souls, Spellbook of Mind Control, Demon Shield, Double Axe, Skull Staff, Twin Axe, Glorious Axe, Havoc Blade, Bonebreaker, Demonbone, Thunder Hammer, Golden Legs, Golden Boots, Big Bone, Strange Symbol, Mind Stone, Magic Light Wand, Silver Amulet, Protection Amulet, Platinum Amulet, Ancient Amulet, Energy Ring, Might Ring, Gold Ring, Death Ring, Ring of Healing, Stealth Ring, Ultimate Health Potion, Great Spirit Potion, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Strong Health Potion, Berserk Potion, Morgaroth's Heart, Teddy Bear, Blue Tome, Ruthless Axe, Ravenwing, Mythril Axe.
Ghost Image:Ghost.gif 120 150 0.800 Sandals, Shadow Herb, Cape, Morning Star, Combat Knife, Orange Book (semi-rare), Ghostly Tissue (semi-rare), White Piece of Cloth (rare), Ancient Shield (rare), Stealth Ring (very rare).
Ghostly Apparition Image:Ghostly Apparition.gif -- -- -- Nothing.
Ghoul Image:Ghoul.gif 85 100 0.850 0-30 gp, 0-6 Worms, Rotten Piece of Cloth, Torch,Viking Helmet, Knife, 0-2 Skulls (semi-rare), Scale Armor (semi-rare), Brown Piece of Cloth (semi-rare), Life Ring (very rare).
Giant Spider Image:Giant Spider.gif 900 1300 0.692 0-115 gp, Bag, Brass Legs, Steel Helmet, Plate Armor, 0-12 Poison Arrows, Spider Silk (rare), Time Ring (rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Knight Armor (rare), Knight Legs (rare), Platinum Amulet (very rare), Lightning Headband (very rare).
Gladiator Image:Gladiator.gif 90 185 0.486 0-20 gp, Meat, Sword, Mace, Plate Shield, Chain Helmet, Brass Armor (semi-rare), Steel Shield (semi-rare), Belted Cape (rare), Iron Helmet (rare).
Gloombringer Image:Gloombringer.gif ? ? ? 0-56 gp.
Gnarlhound Image:Gnarlhound.gif 60 198 0.303 0-3 Meat, 0-3 Worm, Shaggy Tail.
Gnorre Chyllson Image:Gnorre Chyllson.gif 4000 7100 0.563 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Goblin Image:Goblin.gif 25 50 0.500 0-9 gp, Dagger, Leather Helmet, Short Sword, Fish, Leather Armor, Bone Club, Small Axe, Bag, Moldy Cheese, Bone, 0-2 Small Stone (semi-rare).
Goblin Assassin Image:Goblin Assassin.gif 52 75 0.693 0-9 gp, 0-4 Small Stones, Fish, Bone Club, Moldy Cheese, Leather Helmet, Short Sword, Small Axe, Bone, Dagger, Bag, Leather Armor.
Goblin Leader Image:Goblin Leader.gif 75 50 1.500 0-10 gp, Bone, Leather Helmet, Leather Armor, Dagger, Fish, 0-4 Small Stones , Moldy Cheese, Bag, Small Axe, Short Sword, Bone Club.
Goblin Scavenger Image:Goblin Scavenger.gif 37 60 0.616 0-9 gp, 0-4 Small Stone, Fish, Leather Helmet, Moldy Cheese, Dagger, Short Sword, Leather Armor, Bone, Small Axe, Bag, Bone Club.
Golgordan Image:Golgordan.gif 10000~ 40000~ 0.250 0-234 gp, 0-8 Black Pearl, 0-14 White Pearl, 0-10 Small Emerald, 0-3 Small Sapphire, 0-4 Small Diamond, 0-6 Onyx Arrow, Green Gem, Mind Stone, Magic Light Wand, Gold Ring, Death Ring, Gold Ingot, Demonic Essence, Protection Amulet, Silver Amulet, Snakebite Rod, Necrotic Rod, Stealth Ring, Ring of Healing, Silver Dagger, Ice Rapier, Great Health Potion, Double Axe, Fire Axe, Skull Staff, Giant Sword, Devil Helmet, Demon Shield.
Gozzler Image:Gozzler.gif 180 240 0.750 0-90? gp, Torch, Brown Flask, Sabre, Morning Star, Plate Shield, Battle Axe (semi-rare), Serpent Sword (rare), Clerical Mace (rare), Dwarven Ring (very rare), Small Sapphire (very rare).
Grand Mother Foulscale Image:Grand Mother Foulscale.gif 1400 1850 ? 0-67 gp, 0-? Dragon Ham, 5-8 Burst Arrow, Short Sword, Steel Shield, Mace, longsword.
Grandfather Tridian Image:Grandfather Tridian.gif 1400 1800 0.777 0-80 gp, Piggy Bank, Strong Mana Potion, Brown Mushroom, Wand of Inferno, Skull Staff, Voodoo Doll, Music Sheet (first verse), Music Sheet (second verse), Music Sheet (third verse) Music Sheet (fourth verse), Wand of Voodoo (rare).
Gravelord Oshuran Image:Gravelord Oshuran.gif 2400 3100 0.774 0-97 gp, Strong Mana Potion, White Pearl, Black Pearl, Ring of Healing, Blue Robe, Lightning Boots, Spellscroll of Prophecies, Spellbook.
Green Djinn Image:Green Djinn.gif 215 330 0.652 0-113 gp, Cheese, Grave Flower, Small Oil Lamp (semi-rare), 0-2 Royal Spear (semi-rare), Green Book (semi-rare), 0-4 Small Emerald (rare), Mana Potion (rare), Green Piece of Cloth (rare), Mystic Turban (very rare), Wand of Inferno (very rare).
Green Frog Image:Green Frog.gif 0 25 0 Nothing.
Grim Reaper Image:Grim Reaper.gif 5500 3900 1.410 0-245? gp, 0-4 Platinum Coin, 0-4 Orichalcum Pearls, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Scythe, Ultimate Health Potion, Demonic Essence, Mystical Hourglass, Great Mana Potion, Magic Light Wand, Dark Shield (semi-rare), Rusty Armor (Rare) (semi-rare), Glacier Kilt (very rare), Underworld Rod (rare), Skullcracker Armor (very rare), Nightmare Blade (very rare), Death Ring (very rare), Black Hood (very rare).
Grimgor Guteater Image:Grimgor Guteater.gif 670 1155 0.580 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Grorlam Image:Grorlam.gif 2400 3000 0.800 0-14 gp, 0-20 Small Stone, Torch, Pick, Scale Armor, Iron Ore, Crystal Ring, Power Ring, Red Gem, Carlin Sword, Steel Shield, Shiny Stone, 0-2 Small Amethysts (rare), Steel Boots (very rare).
Grynch Clan Goblin Image:Grynch Clan Goblin.gif 4 80 0.050 0-22 gp, Present Bag, 0-5 Snowballs, 0-3 Lump of Cake Dough, 0-3 Oranges, 0-5 Cookies, 0-4 Cherries, 0-3 Apples, 0-2 Eggs (semi-rare), 0-3 Candy Canes (semi-rare), Cream Cake (semi-rare), Lute (semi-rare), Blank Rune (semi-rare), Magic Light Wand (semi-rare), Landscape Picture (semi-rare), Bronze Amulet (semi-rare), Scroll (semi-rare), 0-2 Gingerbreadman (semi rare), Scarf (semi-rare), 0-5 Chicken Feathers (semi-rare), 0-3 Bat Wings (semi-rare), Honeycomb (semi-rare), Explorer Brooch (semi-rare), 0-5 Walnuts (semi-rare), 0-5 Peanuts (rare), Valentine's Cake (rare), Watch (rare), Broom (rare), Piggy Bank (rare), Dice (rare), Mirror (rare), various Pillows (rare), Flower Bowl (rare), Bottle (rare), Scarab Coin (rare), Snowman Package (rare), 0-2 Orichalcum Pearl (rare), Crystal Coin (very rare), Elvenhair Rope (very rare), Vampire Shield (very rare)
Hacker (Creature) Image:Hacker.gif 45 430 0.105 0-12? gp, Ham, Lamp, Surprise Bag (Red), Surprise Bag (Blue), Halberd, War Hammer, Axe, Battle Axe.
Hairman The Huge Image:Hairman The Huge.gif 335 600 0.558 0-60? gps, 0-2? Bananas, Ape Fur (semi-rare?), Plate Armor (semi-rare?), Power Ring, Protection Amulet.
Hand of Cursed Fate Image:Hand of Cursed Fate.gif 5000 7500 0.667 0-150? gp, 0-5? Platinum Coins, 0-4 Small Sapphires, Cape, Mind Stone, Emerald Bangle, 0-4 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Demonic Essence (semi-rare), Platinum Amulet (semi-rare), Wand of Inferno (semi-rare), Knight Armor (semi-rare), Skull Staff (semi-rare), Gold Ingot (rare), Crown Armor (rare), Violet Gem (very rare), Golden Figurine (very rare), Abyss Hammer (very rare).
Harbinger of Darkness Image:Harbinger of Darkness.gif ? ? ? Unknown.
Haunted Treeling Image:Haunted Treeling.gif 310 450 0.688 0-96 gp, 0-2 White Mushroom, Red Mushroom, Wooden Trash, Health Potion, Orange Mushroom, Haunted Piece of Wood, Strong Health Potion (semi-rare), Trunk Chair Kit (semi-rare), Small Emerald (semi-rare), Dwarven Ring (rare), Bullseye Potion (very rare).
Haunter Image:Haunter.gif 4000 8500 ? Nothing.
Hell Hole Image:Hell Hole.gif -- -- -- Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.
Hellfire Fighter Image:Hellfire Fighter.gif 3900 3800 1.026 0-165 gp, Burnt Scroll, Blank Rune, Small Diamond, 0-2 Orichalcum Pearl, Soul Orb, Fiery Heart, Piece of Hellfire Armor, Wand of Inferno (semi-rare), Demonic Essence (semi-rare), Emerald Bangle (semi-rare), Fire Sword (semi-rare), Fire Axe (rare), Magma Legs (rare), Magma Coat (very rare), Demonbone Amulet (very rare).
Hellgorak Image:Hellgorak.gif 10000 30000 0.333 0-283 gp, 0-29 Platinum Coins, Demonic Essence (always), 0-25 Small Rubies, 0-22 Small Amethyst, 0-21 Small Diamonds, 0-25 Small Emeralds, 0-21 Small Sapphires, 0-25 Small Topazs, 0-22 Black Pearls, 0-25 White Pearls, Great Spirit Potion, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, 0-2 Ultimate Health Potion, 0-2 Demon Horn, Crystal Necklace, Stone Skin Amulet, Golden Amulet, Ruby Necklace, Rusty Armor (Rare), Rusty Legs (Rare), Beastslayer Axe, Noble Axe, Butcher's Axe, Spirit Cloak, Focus Cape, Blue Robe, Crown Armor, Knight Legs, Crown Legs, Magma Legs, Steel Boots, Spellbook of Warding, Spellbook of Mind Control, Golden Armor, Golden Legs, Spellbook of Lost Souls (semi-rare), Vile Axe (semi-rare) Executioner (rare), Spellscroll of Prophecies (rare), Demonbone Amulet (rare), Voltage Armor (rare), Spellbook of Dark Mysteries (very rare), Demonwing Axe (very rare), Great Axe (very rare).
Hellhound Image:Hellhound.gif 6800 7500 0.907 0-375 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coins, 0-14 Ham, 0-11 Throwing Knives, 0-4 Black Pearls, Big Bone, Bone, 0-2 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Demonic Essence, Gold Ingot, Rusty Armor (rare), Giant Sword (semi-rare), Soul Orb, Knight Axe (semi-rare), Spike Sword (semi-rare), Ruthless Axe (rare), Explorer Brooch (very rare).
Hellspawn Image:Hellspawn.gif 2550 3500 0.728 0-207 gp, Battle Shield, Morning Star, Great Health Potion, Ultimate Health Potion, 0-2 Assassin Stars, Demonic Essence, 0-4 Small Topazs, Hellspawn Tail, 0-2 Rusty Armor (Semi-Rare), Knight Legs (semi-rare), Warrior Helmet (semi-rare), Berserk Potion (semi-rare), Spiked Squelcher (rare), Black Skull (very rare), Dracoyle Statue (very rare), Onyx Flail (very rare).
Herald of Gloom Image:Herald of Gloom.gif 450 450 ? Midnight Shard.
Hero Image:Hero.gif 1200 1400 0.857 0-100 gp, 0-15 Arrows, Rope, Scroll, Lyre, Green Tunic, Bow, Scarf, Meat, Grapes, Red Rose, Wedding Ring, Two Handed Sword, 0-6 Sniper Arrow, War Hammer (semi-rare), Red Piece of Cloth (semi-rare), Crown Armor (rare), Crown Shield (rare), Crown Helmet (rare), Fire Sword (rare), Great Health Potion (rare), Piggy Bank (very rare), Might Ring (very rare), Crown Legs (very rare).
Hide Image:Hide.gif 240 500 ? 0-5 Platinum Coin, Steel Helmet, Terra Hood, Knight Legs, Time Ring, Spider Silk.
High Templar Cobrass Image:High Templar Cobrass.gif 515 410 1.256 0-100gp, Salamander Shield, Plate Armor, Steel Helmet, Vase? (rare), Lizard Scale (always?), Lizard Leather (always?)
Hot Dog Image:Hot Dog.gif 190 505 0.38 0-73+ gp.
Hunter Image:Hunter.gif 150 150 1.000 0-2 Poison Arrow, 0-24 Arrows, 0-2 Oranges, 0-2 Rolls, Torch, Bag, Brass Armor, Leather Helmet, Leather Legs, Bow, Brass Helmet, Dragon Necklace (rare), 0-3 Burst Arrows (rare), Wolf Trophy (very rare), Lion Trophy (very rare), Sniper Gloves (very rare), Small Ruby (very rare).
Husky Image:Husky.gif 0 140 0 Nothing.
Hyaena Image:Hyaena.gif 20 60 0.333 0-3 Worms, 0-2 Meat.
Hydra Image:Hydra.gif 2100 2350 0.893 0-250 gp, 0-1 Cucumber, Hydra Head, 0-4 Ham, Small Sapphire (semi-rare), Knight Armor (rare), Warrior Helmet (rare), Stone Skin Amulet (rare), Ring of Healing (rare), Hydra Egg (rare), Life Crystal (very rare), Royal Helmet (very rare), Strong Mana Potion (very-rare), Medusa Shield (very rare), Boots of Haste (very rare).
Ice Golem Image:Ice Golem.gif 295 385 0.766 0-53 gp, Ice Cube (semi rare), Frosty Heart (semi rare), Black Pearl (semi rare), Ice Rapier (rare), Small Sapphire (rare), Small Diamond (rare), Crystal Sword (rare), Strange Helmet (rare), Shard (rare), Spike Sword (very rare), Strong Health Potion (very rare), Glacier Mask (very rare).
Ice Overlord Image:Ice Overlord.gif 2800 4000 0.700 0-100 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coin, Crystalline Armor (rare), Flawless Ice Crystal (always).
Ice Witch Image:Ice Witch.gif 580 650 0.892 0-90 gp, Ice Cube (semi-rare), Clerical Mace (semi-rare), Strong Mana Potion (semi-rare), Green Mushroom (rare), Crystal Sword (rare), Glacier Shoes (very rare), Shard (very rare), Diamond Sceptre (very rare), Mystic Turban (very rare), Glacier Kilt (very rare), Earmuffs (very rare).
Incineron Image:Incineron.gif 3500 7000 ? Nothing.
Infernal Frog Image:Infernal Frog.gif 190 655 ? 0-53 gp.
Infernalist Image:Infernalist.gif 4000 3650 1.095 0-115 gp, 0-5 Raspberry, Great Mana Potion, Great Health Potion, Skull Staff (semi-rare), Red Piece of Cloth (semi-rare), Small Enchanted Ruby (semi-rare), Energy Ring (rare), Magic Sulphur (rare), Spellbook of Mind Control (rare), Royal Tapestry (rare), Gold Ingot (very rare), Black Skull (very rare), Magma Boots (very rare), Queen's Sceptre (very rare), Crystal of Power (very rare), Piggy Bank (very rare), Red Tome (very rare).
Infernatil Image:Infernatil.gif 85000 160000 0.531 Expect very rare items.
Inky Image:Inky.gif 250 600 0.416 0-13 gp.
Insect Swarm Image:Insect Swarm.gif 40 50 0.800 nothing (disappears when killed).
Island Troll Image:Island Troll.gif 20 50 0.400 0-10 gp, 0-2 Wood, 0-1 Mango, Meat, Bag, Spear, Hand Axe, Leather Boots, Leather Helmet, Wooden Shield, Rope, Studded Club, Silver Amulet (rare), Marlin (very rare).
Jagged Earth Elemental Image:Jagged Earth Elemental.gif 1300 1500~ 0.866 0-180 gp, Some Leaves, Twigs, Lump of Earth, 0-10 Small Stones, Seeds (rare), Iron Ore (rare), 0-2 Small Emeralds (rare), Natural Soil (rare).
Juggernaut Image:Juggernaut.gif 8700 20000 0.435 0-400 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coins, Bag, 0-8 Meat, 0-8 Ham, 0-3 Dragon Ham, 0-4 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Rusty Armor (Rare), Dirty Fur, Broken Pottery, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Great Mana Potion (semi-rare), Great Health Potion, Dragon Hammer (semi-rare), Spiked Squelcher (semi-rare), Gold Ingot (rare), Demonbone Amulet (rare), Golden Legs (rare), Golden Armor (rare), Mastermind Shield (very rare), Skullcracker Armor (very rare), Heavy Mace (very rare).
Killer Caiman Image:Killer Caiman.gif 800 1500 0.533 0-120? gp, Ham, Piece of Crocodile Leather, Crocodile Boots (rare), Giant Shimmering Pearl (rare), Small Emerald (rare), 0-2 Bunch of Ripe Rice‎ (rare).
Killer Rabbit Image:Killer Rabbit.gif 160 205 0.78 0-90 gp.
Kitty Image:Kitty.gif -- -- -- Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.
Kongra Image:Kongra.gif 115 340 0.338 0-40 gp, 0-11 Banana, Protection Amulet, Power Ring, Club Ring (semi-rare), Plate Armor (semi-rare), Health Potion (semi-rare), Ape Fur (rare).
Kongra (Anti-Botter) Image:Kongra (Anti-Botter).gif ? 20000~ ? none
Koshei the Deathless Image:Koshei the Deathless.gif 0 1200-2000 0 None.
Kreebosh the Exile Image:Kreebosh the Exile.gif 350 805 0.435 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Lancer Beetle Image:Lancer Beetle.gif 275 400 0.687 0-121 gp, Lump of Dirt, Poisonous Slime, Lancer Beetle Shell, Beetle Necklace (very rare), Small Amethyst (rare).
Larva Image:Larva.gif 44 70 0.629 0-15 gp, Meat.
Latrivan Image:Latrivan.gif 10000? 25000? 0.4? 0-150? Gold Coins, 0-6 Platinum Coins, 0-13 Talons, 0-15 Small Amethyst, 0-4 Small Emerald, 0-9 Small Sapphires, 0-4 Small Diamond, 0-28 Black Pearls, 0-7 Onyx Arrow, Gold Ingot, Protection Amulet, Silver Amulet, Platinum Amulet, Stone Skin Amulet, Gold Ring, Stealth Ring, Energy Ring, Might Ring, Magic Light Wand, Wand of Decay, Necrotic Rod, Ring of Healing, Ice Rapier, Mastermind Potion, Devil Helmet, Fire Axe, Double Axe, Great Health Potion, Silver Dagger, Skull Staff, Boots of Haste, Golden Legs, Demon Shield, Giant Sword, Mastermind Shield
Lavahole Image:Lavahole.gif -- -- -- Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.
Lersatio Image:Lersatio.gif 2500 1600~ 1.560 0-5 Platinum Coin, 0-82+ Gold, Strong Health Potion, Ring of healing (semi-rare), Vampire Shield (rare), Dreaded Cleaver (rare).
Lethal Lissy Image:Lethal Lissy.gif 500 1450 0.345 0-102 gp, Knight Armor, Plate Armor, Double Axe, Small Diamond, Protection Amulet, 0-3 Meat, 0-2 Skull, Lethal Lissy's Shirt (always).
Leviathan Image:Leviathan.gif 5000 6000 ? 0-234 gp, 0-6 Platinum Coins, 0-5 Small Sapphires, Glacier Amulet, Ring of Healing, Focus Cape, Northwind Rod, Glacier Kilt, Stealth Ring, Crystalline Armor, Rusty Armor (Semi-Rare), Rusty Legs (Semi-Rare), Bonebreaker, Moon Backpack (rare), Oceanborn Leviathan Armor (very rare), Frozen Plate (very rare), Sea Serpent Trophy (always), Leviathan's Amulet (always).
Lich Image:Lich.gif 900 880 1.023 0-120 gp, Staff, Spellbook, Black Pearl, White Pearl, Dirty Cape, Strange Helmet, Mind Stone, Strong Mana Potion (semi-rare), Platinum Amulet (very rare), Ring of Healing (rare), Lightning Boots (rare), Blue Robe (very rare), Castle Shield (very rare).
Lion Image:Lion.gif 30 80 0.375 0-4 Meat, 0-2 Ham, Lion's Mane (rare?).
List of Creatures by Convince Cost File:.gif
Lizard Chosen Image:Lizard Chosen.gif 2200 3050 0.721 0-224 gp, Spiked Iron Ball, Cursed Shoulder Spikes, Great Health Potion, Corrupted Flag (semi-rare), Lizard Leather (rare), Lizard Scale (rare), Zaoan Shoes (rare), Zaoan Helmet (very rare).
Lizard Dragon Priest Image:Lizard Dragon Priest.gif 1320 1450 0.910 0-137 gp, Dragon Priest's Wandtip (semi-rare), Lizard Leather (semi-rare), Life Ring, Small Amethyst (semi-rare), Terra Rod (rare), Great Mana Potion (rare), Bunch of Ripe Rice (rare), Zaoan Shoes (rare), Zaoan Robe (very rare), Yellow Gem (very rare).
Lizard Gate Guardian Image:Lizard Gate Guardian.gif 2000+? 3000? ? 0-48?gps, Ultimate Health Potion, Lizard Scale, Zaoan Helmet(semi-rare), Zaoan Sword(rare)
Lizard High Guard Image:Lizard High Guard.gif 1450 1800 0.805 0-220 gp, Spiked Iron Ball, High Guard's Shoulderplates, Great Health Potion, Lizard Scale, High Guard Flag (rare), Small Emerald (semi-rare), Zaoan Legs (rare), Zaoan Shoes (semi-rare), Bunch of Ripe Rice (rare), Lizard Leather (rare), Red Lantern (rare), Zaoan Armor (very rare).
Lizard Legionnaire Image:Lizard Legionnaire.gif 1100 1400 0.786 0-136 gp, Broken Halberd, Zaoan Halberd, Legionnaire's Flags, Lizard Scale, Lizard Leather (semi-rare), Bunch of Ripe Rice (semi-rare), Red Lantern (rare), Health Potion (rare), Zaoan Shoes (rare), Small Diamond (very rare), Drakinata (very rare), Lizard Trophy (very rare), Zaoan Armor (very rare).
Lizard Sentinel Image:Lizard Sentinel.gif 110 265 0.415 0-60 gp, Chain Armor, Scale Armor, 0-3 Spear, Hunting Spear (semi-rare), Obsidian Lance (semi-rare), Halberd (semi-rare), Lizard Leather (semi-rare), Health Potion (rare), Lizard Scale (rare), Small Diamond (very rare), Sentinel Shield (very rare).
Lizard Snakecharmer Image:Lizard Snakecharmer.gif 210 325 0.646 0-70 gp, Bag, Dead Snake, Dirty Cape, Cape, Lizard Leather (semi-rare), Life Crystal (semi-rare), Snakebite Rod (rare), Lizard Scale (rare), Small Amethyst (rare), Terra Rod (very rare), Mana Potion (very rare), Yellow Gem (very rare), Life Ring (very rare), Charmer's Tiara (very rare).
Lizard Templar Image:Lizard Templar.gif 155 410 0.378 0-60 gp, Bag, Short Sword, Sword, Morning Star (semi-rare), Steel Helmet (semi-rare), Lizard Leather (semi-rare), Plate Armor (rare), Templar Scytheblade (rare), Small Emerald (rare), Health Potion (rare), Lizard Scale (rare), Salamander Shield (rare).
Lizard Zaogun Image:Lizard Zaogun.gif 1700 2955 0.575 0-100 gp, Zaogun's Shoulderplates (semi-rare), Great Health Potion (semi-rare), Strong Health Potion (semi-rare), Lizard Scale (semi-rare), Small Emerald (semi-rare), Zaoan Shoes (rare), Zaogun Flag (rare), Red Lantern (very rare), Zaoan Legs (very rare).
Lord of the Elements Image:Lord of the Elements.gif 8000 8000 1.000 0-6 Platinum Coin, 0-2 Small Sapphire, 0-2 Small Emerald, Gold Ingot, Fireborn Giant Armor (rare), Earthborn Titan Armor (rare), Oceanborn Leviathan Armor (rare), Neutral Matter (Always, skinning only).
Lost Soul Image:Lost Soul.gif 4000 5800 0.689 0-320 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coins, Torch, 0-2 Rotten Meat, Blank Rune, Bone, Legion Helmet, Soul Orb, Plate Armor, Scale Armor, Steel Helmet, Demonic Essence, Silver Goblet, 1-2 Rusty Armor (Rare) (Semi-Rare), Titan Axe (Semi-Rare), Great Mana Potion (rare), Ruby Necklace (rare), Death Ring (rare), Skeleton Decoration (rare), Key Ring (rare), Stone Skin Amulet (rare), Skull Staff (rare), Amulet of Loss (very rare), Unholy Bone.
Mad Scientist Image:Mad Scientist.gif 205 325 0.630 0-120 gp, Mana Potion, Health Potion, Powder Herb (semi-rare), Life Crystal (rare), Small Enchanted Amethyst (rare), 0-3 White Mushroom (rare), Cream Cake (rare), 0-5 Cookie (rare), Magic Light Wand (rare), Wand Of Vortex (very rare), Mastermind Potion (very rare).
Mad Sheep Image:Mad Sheep.gif 0 22 0 Nothing.
Mad Technomancer Image:Mad Technomancer.gif 55 1000~ 0.055 Technomancer Beard (always).
Madareth Image:Madareth.gif 10000 75000~ 0.05? 0-150 gp, 0-30 Platinum Coins, 0-2 Demon Horns, 0-2 Small Diamonds, Demonic Essence, Rusty Armor, Rusty Legs, Mastermind Shield, Demon Shield, Mastermind Potion, Berserk Potion, Bullseye Potion, Axe Ring, Death Ring, Sword Ring, Club Ring, Ring Of Healing, Ultimate Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Great Health Potion, Great Spirit Potion, Time Ring, Wand of Inferno, Wand of Starstorm, Wand of Voodoo, Magic Light Wand, Underworld Rod, Hailstorm Rod, Springsprout Rod, Lyre, Wooden Flute, Lute, War Drum, War Horn, Didgeridoo, Bloody Edge, Crystal Sword, Mercenary Sword, Relic Sword, Assassin Dagger, Nightmare Blade, Haunted Blade, Two Handed Sword, Ice Rapier, Boots of Haste, Demon Helmet (very rare).
Magic Pillar Image:Magic Pillar.gif -- -- -- Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.
Magicthrower Image:Magicthrower.gif -- -- -- Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.
Mahrdis Image:Mahrdis.gif 3050 3900 0.782 0-214 gp, 0-3 Small Rubies, Life Ring (rare), Great Health Potion (rare), Red Gem (rare), Mini Mummy (rare), Fire Axe (very rare), Holy Falcon (very rare), Phoenix Shield (very rare), Burning Heart (Always)
Mammoth Image:Mammoth.gif 160 320 0.500 0-20 gp, 0-4 Meat, 0-3 Ham, 0-2 Mammoth Tusk (semi-rare), Thick Fur (rare), Furry Club (very-rare), Tusk Shield (very rare).
Man in the Cave Image:Man in the Cave.gif 770 485 1.588 0-27? gp, 1-3 Ropes, Brown Bread, Brown Piece of Cloth, Mammoth Fur Cape, Mercenary Sword, Shard, Fur Cap (rare).
Marid Image:Marid.gif 410 550 0.591 0-130 gp, 0-25 Blueberry, 0-3 Royal Spear, Heavy Machete, Small Oil Lamp, Blue Tapestry (semi-rare), Blue Rose (semi-rare), 0-4 Small Sapphire (semi-rare), Strong Mana Potion (semi-rare), Blue Piece of Cloth (semi-rare), Wooden Flute (rare?), Seeds (rare), Hailstorm Rod (rare), Mystic Turban (rare), Magma Monocle (rare), Blue Gem (very rare).
Marziel Image:Marziel.gif 3000 1900~ 1.580 0-7 Platinum Coins, 0-100 gp, Strong Health Potion, Ring of Healing, Vampire Shield (rare), Dreaded Cleaver (very rare).
Massacre Image:Massacre.gif 20000 32000 0.560 0-207 gp, 0-6 Platinum Coin, 0-9 Meat, 0-6 Orichalcum Pearl, Demonic Essence, Old Twig, Soul Orb, Great Mana Potion, Golden Armor (semi rare), Jewel Case (very rare), Heavy Mace (very rare), Berserker (very rare), Great Shield (very rare), Piece of Massacre's Shell (always).
Massive Earth Elemental Image:Massive Earth Elemental.gif 950 1330 0.714 0-221 gp, 0-10 Small Stones, Meat, Plate Shield, Protection Amulet, 0-2 Small Diamond (rare), Plate Armor, Rusty Armor (Semi-Rare) (rare), Dwarven Ring (rare), 0-2 Small Topaz (semi-rare), Stone Skin Amulet (very rare), Terra Amulet (very rare), Diamond Sceptre (very rare).
Massive Energy Elemental Image:Massive Energy Elemental.gif 950 1100 0.864 0-175 gp, 0-3 Small Amethyst, 0-14 Flash Arrow, Rusty Armor (Semi-Rare), Strong Mana Potion, Great Mana Potion, Lightning Pendant (rare), Spellbook of Warding (rare), Wand of Starstorm (rare), Energy spike sword (rare), Shockwave Amulet (very rare), Lightning Legs (very rare)
Massive Fire Elemental Image:Massive Fire Elemental.gif 1400 1200 0.791 Nothing (turns into a Fire Field).
Massive Water Elemental Image:Massive Water Elemental.gif 1100 1250 0.680 Gold Coin, Fishbone, Worn Leather Boots, Sword, Steel Shield, Strong Mana Potion, Strong Health Potion, Platinum Coin, Energy Ring, Small Sapphire, Life Ring, Giant Shimmering Pearl, Rusty Legs, Rusty Armor (Semi-Rare).
Mechanical Fighter Image:Mechanical Fighter.gif 255 420 0.510 None, it turns into Wooden Trash.
Medusa Image:Medusa.gif 4050 4500 0.9 0-150 gp, 0-2 Platinum Coins, 0-3 Small Emeralds, 0-2 Ultimate Health Potions, 0-2 Great Mana Potions, White Pearl, Strand of Medusa Hair, Terra Amulet (semi-rare), Medusa Shield (semi-rare), Knight Armor (semi-rare), Sacred Tree Amulet (rare), Titan Axe (rare), Rusty Armor (Rare) (very rare), Terra Mantle (very rare), Terra Legs (very rare).
Menace Image:Menace.gif ~4112 ~5960 ? Unknown.
Mephiles Image:Mephiles.gif 415 415 1.000 Stale Bread of Ancientness, Poet's Fencing Quill, The Rain Coat or Shield of the White Knight.
Mercury Blob Image:Mercury Blob.gif 180 150 1.200 Glob of Mercury.
Merikh the Slaughterer Image:Merikh the Slaughterer.gif 1500 2000 ? 0-87 gp, 0-4 Green Piece of Cloth, 0-3 Royal Spear, 0-? Seeds, Heavy Machete, Small Oil Lamp, 0-2 Strong Mana Potion, 0-8 Pears, Shiny Stone, Mystic Turban, 0-2 Small Emeralds, Magma Monocle.
Merlkin Image:Merlkin.gif 145 235 0.630 0-62 gp, 0-12 Bananas, 0-5 Oranges, Magic Light Wand, Mana Potion (rare), Wand of Decay (rare), Ape Fur (rare), Banana Staff (very rare), Small Amethyst (very rare).
Merlkin (Anti-Botter) Image:Merlkin (Anti-Botter).gif 900~ 20000~ ?
Midnight Spawn Image:Midnight Spawn.gif ? ? ? Midnight Shard.
Midnight Warrior File:Midnight Warrior.gif 750 1000 ? Midnight Shard.
Mimic Image:Mimic.gif 0 30 0 Nothing, turns into a empty chest when killed.
Minishabaal Image:Minishabaal.gif 4000 6000 0.666 0-150 gp, Pitchfork, Fire Axe, Soul Orb, Demonic Essence, Small Amethyst, 0-5 Surprise Bags, Crown Legs, Demon Shield, Guardian Shield, Demonbone Amulet (rare), Golden Legs (rare), Tempest Shield (very rare), Demon Helmet (very rare), Death Ring (rare).
Minotaur Image:Minotaur.gif 50 100 0.500 0-28 gp, Meat, Chain Armor, Axe, Chain Helmet, Brass Helmet, Leather Legs, Plate Shield, Sword, Mace, Shovel, Minotaur Leather (rare), Bronze Amulet (very rare).
Minotaur Archer Image:Minotaur Archer.gif 65 100 0.65 0-28 gp, 0-23 Bolts, 0-4 Piercing Bolts, Meat, Soldier Helmet, Chain Helmet, Leather Helmet, Chain Legs, Chain Armor, Crossbow, Brass Armor (semi-rare), Minotaur Leather (rare), Scale Armor (very rare), Battle Shield (very rare)
Minotaur Guard Image:Minotaur Guard.gif 160 185 0.865 0-20 gp, Meat, Leather Legs, Fishing Rod, Hatchet, Chain Armor, Chain Helmet, Chain Legs, Battle Shield, Brass Armor, Health Potion, Double Axe (semi-rare), Minotaur Leather (rare), Strong Health Potion (very rare) Minotaur Trophy (very rare).
Minotaur Mage Image:Minotaur Mage.gif 150 155 0.967 0-40 gp, 0-8 Carrots, 0-2 Torches, Bag, 0-2 Dead Snakes, Leather Helmet, Leather Legs, Combat Knife, Knife, Brass Armor, Chain Legs, Minotaur Leather (semi-rare), Taurus Mace (rare), Wand of Cosmic Energy (very rare), Mana Potion (very rare).
Monk Image:Monk.gif 200 240 0.833 0-20 gp, Bread, Scroll, Lamp, Brown Flask, Sandals, Leather Armor, Staff, Book of Prayers, Life Crystal (semi rare), Ankh (semi rare), Power Ring (rare).
Monstor Image:Monstor.gif 575 800? ? Helmet of Ultimate Terror, Farmer's Avenger, Shield of Care or Incredible Mumpiz Slayer.
Mooh'Tah Master Image:Mooh'Tah Master.gif -- -- -- Nothing.
Morgaroth Image:Morgaroth.gif 15000 55000 0.272 0-295 gp, 0-74 Platinum Coins, 0-5 Demonic Essences, 0-7 Small Emeralds, 0-5 Small Diamonds, 0-11 White Pearls, 0-9 Small Sapphires, 0-13 Black Pearl, 0-1? Gold Ingot, 0-2 Demon Horns, 0-100 Infernal Bolts, Ancient Amulet, Blue Gem, Boots of Haste, Crystal Ball, Crystal Ring, Death Ring, Demon Shield, Demonbone, Devil Helmet, Double Axe, Energy Ring, Fire Axe, Giant Sword, Golden Legs, Golden Mug, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Great Spirit Potion, Green Gem, Ice Rapier, Life Crystal, Magic Light Wand, Magic Plate Armor, Magma Coat, Mastermind Shield, Might Ring, Mind Stone, Moonlight Rod, Necrotic Rod, Onyx Flail, Orb, Platinum Amulet, Purple Tome, Ring of Healing, Ring of the Sky, Silver Amulet, Silver Dagger, Skull Staff, Stealth Ring, Stone Skin Amulet, Strange Symbol, Two-Handed Sword, Ultimate Health Potion, Chain Bolter (rare), Dark Lord's Cape (rare), Fireborn Giant Armor (rare), Great Shield (rare), Molten Plate (rare), Morgaroth's Heart (rare), Obsidian Truncheon (rare), Royal Crossbow (rare), Teddy Bear (rare), The Devileye (rare), The Ironworker (rare), The Stomper (rare), Thunder Hammer (rare).
Morguthis Image:Morguthis.gif 3000 4800 0.625 0-153 Gold, Stone Skin Amulet, Knight Axe, Black Pearl, Great Health Potion (rare), Mini Mummy (rare), Demonbone Amulet (very rare), Ravager's Axe (very rare), 0-3 Assassin Star (very rare), Steel Boots (very rare), Sword Hilt (Always).
Morik the Gladiator Image:Morik the Gladiator.gif 160 1235 0.130 Morik's Helmet (Always).
Mr. Punish Image:Mr. Punish.gif 9000 22000 0.45 0-158 gp, 0-4? Platinum Coins, Great Mana Potion, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Key Ring, Gold Ingot, Bat Decoration, Double Axe, Mr. Punish's Handcuffs (always).
Muddy Earth Elemental Image:Muddy Earth Elemental.gif 450 650 0.692 0-127 gp, 0-3 Small Stones, Some Leaves, Lump of Earth, Natural Soil (semi-rare).
Mummy Image:Mummy.gif 150 240 0.625 0-91 gp, 0-3 worms, Bag, Short Sword, Magic Light Wand, Strange Talisman, Silver Brooch, Poison Dagger, Gauze Bandage, Crystal Ring (semi-rare), Black Pearl (semi-rare), Silver Amulet (rare), Yellow Piece of Cloth (rare), Black Shield (very rare), Mini Mummy (very rare).
Munster Image:Munster.gif 35 58 0.603 0-24 gp, 0-4 Worm, 0-4 Cheese, Bag, Bone Club, Dice (very rare).
Mutated Bat Image:Mutated Bat.gif 615 900 0.683 0-123 gp, Battle Shield, Obsidian Lance, 0-2 Rusty Armor (Common) (semi-rare), 0-2 Bat Wing (semi-rare), Star Herb (semi-rare), 0-3 Black Pearl (rare), Mutated Bat Ear (rare), 0-2 Small Amethyst (rare), Energy Ring (rare), Black Shield (rare), Batwing Hat (very rare), Mercenary Sword (very rare).
Mutated Human Image:Mutated Human.gif 150 240 0.625 0-130 gp, 0-3 Worm, Mutated Flesh, Fishbone, Short Sword, Studded Armor, Brass Helmet (semi rare), Cheese (semi rare), Scale Armor (semi rare), Strange Talisman (semi rare), Sword (semi rare), Rusty Armor (Common) (semi rare), Peanut (rare), Fern (very rare), Silver Amulet (very rare).
Mutated Rat Image:Mutated Rat.gif 450 550 0.818 0-130 gp, Skull, Moldy Cheese, Stone Herb, Green Mushroom, Plate Shield, Mutated Rat Tail, Halberd, Health Potion (semi rare), Stealth Ring (rare), Spellbook of Enlightenment (rare), Tower Shield (very rare).
Mutated Tiger Image:Mutated Tiger.gif 750 1100 0.681 0-96 gp, 0-1 Meat, Sabretooth (semi-rare), Striped Fur (semi-rare), Life Ring (semi-rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Silky Tapestry (rare), Glorious Axe (very rare), Guardian Shield (very rare), Angelic Axe (very rare).
Necromancer Image:Necromancer.gif 580 580 1.000 0-90 gp, 0-5 Poison Arrow, Short Sword, Scale Armor, Book of Necromantic Rituals, Green Mushroom (semi-rare), Strong Mana Potion (semi-rare), Clerical Mace (semi-rare), Mystic Turban (rare), Skull Staff (very rare), Spellbook of Warding (very rare), Boots of Haste (very rare), Noble Axe (very rare).
Necropharus Image:Necropharus.gif 1050 750 1.400 0-79 gp, Bone Club, Bone Shield, Short Sword, Scale Armor, Skull, Green Mushroom, Clerical Mace, Mystic Turban, Snakebite Rod, Moonlight Rod, Bowl, Grave Flower, Skull Staff (semi-rare), Boots of Haste (rare), Soul Stone (always).
Nightmare Image:Nightmare.gif 2150 2700 0.796 0-120 gp, 0-2 Ham, 0-4 Meat, 0-4 Power Bolt, 0-2 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Soul Orb, Essence of a Bad Dream, 0-4 Platinum Coin (semi-rare), Scythe Leg, Demonic Essence (semi-rare), Death Ring (semi-rare), Ancient Shield (rare), Knight Legs (rare), Steel Helmet (rare), Skeleton Decoration (rare), War Axe (very rare), Boots of Haste (very rare), Mysterious Voodoo Skull (very rare).
Nightmare Scion Image:Nightmare Scion.gif 1350 1400 0.964 0-147 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coin, 0-2 Ham, 0-4 Meat, Double Axe, Essence of a Bad Dream, Scythe Leg, Death Ring (rare), Crown Helmet (rare), Focus Cape (rare), Crystal of Focus (very rare), Diamond Sceptre (rare), Bar of Chocolate (very rare), Shadow Sceptre (very rare).
Nightslayer Image:Nightslayer.gif 375 400 ? Midnight Shard.
Nightstalker Image:Nightstalker.gif 500 700 0.714 0-107 gp, Shadow Herb, Crystal Ring (semi-rare), Protection Amulet (semi-rare), Platinum Amulet (rare), Strong Mana Potion (rare), Spirit Cloak (rare), Crystal of Balance (very rare), Haunted Blade (very rare), Chaos Mace (very rare), Boots of Haste (very rare).
Nomad Image:Nomad.gif 60 160 0.375 0-51 gp, 0-3 Potatoes, Chain Helmet, Mace, Brass Shield, Axe, Leather Legs, Brass Armor (semi-rare), Steel Shield (rare), Iron Helmet (rare), Parchment (very rare).
Norgle Glacierbeard Image:Norgle Glacierbeard.gif 2100 4300 0.488 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Novice of the Cult Image:Novice of the Cult.gif 100 285 0.351 0-30 gp, Mace, Cultish Robe, Scarf (semi-rare), Orange Book (rare), Wand of Vortex (rare), Pirate Voodoo Doll (very rare), Dwarven Ring (very rare), Music Sheet (first verse, very rare), Small Diamond (very rare), Garlic Necklace (very rare).
Omruc Image:Omruc.gif 2950 4300 0.686 0-160 gp, 0-2 Apple, 0-21 Arrow, 0-20 Poison Arrow, 0-15 Burst Arrow, 0-2 Onyx Arrow 0-3 Power Bolt, 0-3 Small Diamond, Great Health Potion, Stealth Ring, Yellow Gem, Boots of Haste (rare), Hammer of Wrath (very rare), Crystal Arrow (Always)
Orc Image:Orc.gif 25 70 0.357 0-8 gp, Meat, Studded Armor, Studded Helmet, Studded Shield, Sabre, Axe, Old and Used Backpack (only in Ulderek's Rock), Orc Tooth (very rare).
Orc Berserker Image:Orc Berserker.gif 195 210 0.929 0-15 gp, Bag, Ham, Lamp, Chain Armor, Chain Helmet, Halberd, Battle Axe (semi-rare), 0-2 Hunting Spears (semi-rare), Orc Tooth (semi-rare).
Orc Leader Image:Orc Leader.gif 270 450 0.600 0-35 gp, 0-2 Meat, Fish, Brown Mushroom, 0-4 Throwing Knife, Scimitar, Dagger, Plate Shield, Backpack, Longsword, Brass Legs (semi-rare), Plate Armor (rare), Royal Spear (rare), Sword Ring (rare), Plate Legs (rare), Broadsword (rare), Health Potion (very rare), Warrior Helmet (very rare), Orc Tooth.
Orc Marauder Image:Orc Marauder.gif 205 235 0.872 0-83 gp, Meat, Orcish Axe, Bow, Crossbow, Obsidian Lance, Shaggy Tail (semi-rare), Orc Tooth (semi-rare), Silkweaver Bow (very rare).
Orc Rider Image:Orc Rider.gif 110 180 0.611 0-90 gp, 0-3 Meat, Torch, Backpack, Wolf Tooth Chain, Orcish Axe, Studded Helmet, Battle Shield, Scale Armor (semi-rare), Orc Tooth (rare), Obsidian Lance (rare), Warwolf Fur (rare).
Orc Shaman Image:Orc Shaman.gif 110 115 0.956 0-5 gp, 0-2 Corncobs, Bag, Chain Armor, Chain Helmet, Spear, Grey Small Book, Staff (semi-rare), Orc Tooth (rare), Wand of Decay (rare).
Orc Spearman Image:Orc Spearman.gif 38 105 0.362 0-11 gp, Studded Legs, Spear, Machete, Meat, Studded Helmet, Dirty Fur, Orc Tooth (very rare).
Orc Warlord Image:Orc Warlord.gif 670 950 0.705 0-50 gp, 0-2 Meat, 0-2 Fish, Scimitar, Plate Legs, Hunting Spear, 0-22 Throwing Stars, Orcish Axe, Brass Legs, Brass Armor, Plate Armor, Protection Amulet, Dark Helmet, Two-Handed Sword, Orc Tooth, Dragon Hammer (rare), Crusader Helmet (rare), Stealth Ring (rare), Health Potion (rare), Orc Trophy (very rare), Golden Ring (very rare), Magma Boots (very rare).
Also known to drop Amazon Helmet (rare during raids on the Femor Hills and on Thais), Amazon Armor (rare during raids on the Femor Hills and on Thais), Amazon Shield (rare during raids on Carlin).
Orc Warrior Image:Orc Warrior.gif 50 125 0.400 0-15 gp, Wooden Shield, Sabre, Meat, Chain Armor, Bottle, Copper Shield (rare), Orc Tooth (rare), Studded Club (rare), Poison Dagger (very rare).
Orchid Frog Image:Orchid Frog.gif 20 60 0.333 0-11 gp, Worm.
Orcus the Cruel Image:Orcus the Cruel.gif 280 480 0.583 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Orshabaal Image:Orshabaal.gif 10000~ 20500~ 0.495 0-280 gp, 0-71 Platinum Coin, 0-19 Small Amethyst, 0-13 Black Pearl, 0-9 Small Emerald, 0-9 Small Sapphire, 0-5 Talon, 0-5 Demonic Essence, 0-2 Demon Horn, 0-1 Gold Ingot, 0-2 Small Diamond, 0-? Coconut, Ring of Healing, Protection Amulet, Ring of the Sky, Death Ring, Energy Ring, Might Ring, Stealth Ring, Gold Ring, Crystal Ring, Teddy Bear, Green Gem, Blue Gem, Golden Mug, Purple Tome, Orb, Ultimate Health Potion, Great Spirit Potion, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Magic Light Wand, Life Crystal, Crystal Necklace, Strange Symbol, Mind Stone, Orshabaal's Brain, Ice Rapier, Two-Handed Sword, Giant Sword, Silver Dagger, Double Axe, Fire Axe, Golden Sickle, Thunder Hammer, Dragon Hammer, Skull Staff, Wand of Decay, Necrotic Rod, Snakebite Rod, Devil Helmet, Magic Plate Armor, Golden Legs, Boots of Haste, Stone Skin Amulet, Platinum Amulet, Silver Amulet, Demon Shield, Mastermind Shield, Crystal Ball, Robe of the Underworld.
Overcharged Energy Element Image:Overcharged Energy Element.gif 1300 1750? 0.742 0-50? gp, Great Health Potion , Energy Soil , 0-2 Small Amethyst (rare), Berserk Potion (rare), Ring of Healing (rare) , Wand of Starstorm (very rare).
Panda Image:Panda.gif 23 80 0.287 0-4 Meat, 0-2 Ham.
Parrot Image:Parrot.gif 0 25 0 Nothing.
Penguin Image:Penguin.gif 1 33 0.030 0-2 Fish (semi-rare), Green Perch (rare), Rainbow Trout (rare), Northern Pike (rare).
Phantasm Image:Phantasm.gif 4400 3950 1.114 0-186+ gp, Bone, 0-2 Blank Rune, Shadow Herb, Demonic Essence, 0-2 Small Emerald, Soul Orb, Rusty Armor, Great Mana Potion (semi-rare), Crown Armor (rare), Abyss Hammer (very rare), Platinum Coin (very rare), Stealth Ring (very rare), Death Ring (very rare).
Pig Image:Pig.gif 0 25 0 0-4 Meat, Pig Foot (semi-rare).
Pillar Image:Pillar.gif -- -- -- Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.
Pirate Buccaneer Image:Pirate Buccaneer.gif 250 425 0.588 0-59 gp, Compass, Bag, Torch, Worn Leather Boots, 0-6 Throwing Knives, Sabre, Sword (semi-rare), Battle Shield (semi-rare), Treasure Map (Pirate) (rare), Pirate Shirt (rare), Plate Armor (rare), Peg Leg (rare), Eye Patch (rare), Strong Health Potion (very rare), Pirate Backpack (very rare), Hook (very rare).
Pirate Corsair Image:Pirate Corsair.gif 350 675 0.518 0-100 gp, Bag, Sabre, Sword, Dark Shield, Dark Armor, 0-12 Throwing Stars, Treasure Map (Pirate), Hook (semi-rare), Peg Leg (semi-rare), Eye Patch (semi-rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Skull Candle (rare), Pirate Backpack (rare), Pirate Hat (rare), Pirate Boots (very rare), Piggy Bank (very rare).
Pirate Cutthroat Image:Pirate Cutthroat.gif 175 325 0.538 0-48 gp, Compass, Bag, Sword, Scale Armor, Steel Shield, Peg Leg (semi-rare), Hook (semi-rare), Eye Patch (semi-rare), Dice (semi-rare), Pirate Knee Breeches (rare), Rum Flask (rare), Light Shovel (rare), Pirate Bag (rare), Treasure Map (Pirate) (rare).
Pirate Ghost Image:Pirate Ghost.gif 250 275 0.909 0-69 gp, Bag, Dirty Cape, Torn Book, Stealth Ring (rare), Parchment (rare), Spike Sword (very rare), Red Robe (very rare), Tattered Piece of Robe.
Pirate Marauder Image:Pirate Marauder.gif 125 210 0.595 0-60 gp, Compass, Bag, Torch, Sword, Chain Armor, Plate Shield, 0-2 Spears, Bandana (semi-rare), Peg Leg (semi-rare), Hook (semi-rare), Eye Patch (semi-rare), Treasure Map (semi-rare), Rum Flask (semi-rare), Pirate Bag (semi-rare), Empty Goldfish Bowl (rare), Dice (rare).
Pirate Skeleton Image:Pirate Skeleton.gif 85 190 0.447 0-25 gp, Skull, Big Bone, Short Sword, Sword, Bone Club, Spooky Blue Eye.
Plaguesmith Image:Plaguesmith.gif 4500 8250 0.545 0-231 Gold Coin, 0-3? Platinum Coin, 0-3 Small Amethyst, 0-3 Onyx Arrow, Moldy Cheese, Piece of Iron, Silver Brooch, Dirty Cape, Crowbar, Battle Hammer, War Hammer, Club Ring, Two-Handed Sword, Morning Star, Axe Ring, Steel Shield, Soul Orb, Rusty Armor (Rare), Knight Legs (semi-rare), Demonic Essence (semi-rare), Piece of Hell Steel (rare), Piece of Royal Steel (rare), Piece of Draconian Steel (rare), Hammer of Wrath (rare), Steel Boots (rare), War Horn (very rare), Emerald Bangle (very rare).
Plaguethrower Image:Plaguethrower.gif -- -- -- Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.
Poacher Image:Poacher.gif 70 90 0.778 0-2 Roll, 0-17 Arrows, 0-3 Poison Arrows, Leather Helmet, Leather Legs, Torch, Bow, Closed Trap (rare).
Poison Spider Image:Poison Spider.gif 22 26 0.846 0-4 gp.
Polar Bear Image:Polar Bear.gif 28 85 0.329 0-2 Ham, 0-4 Meat, Polar Bear Paw.
Priestess Image:Priestess.gif 420 390 1.077 0-2 Apple, Black Hood, Bowl, Dagger, Sling Herb, Goat Grass, Orange Book, Crystal Ball, Wood Mushroom, Powder Herb, Clerical Mace, Crystal Necklace, Dark Rosary, Wooden Flute (rare), Talon (rare), Mana Potion (rare) Black Shield (rare), Hailstorm Rod (rare), Piggy Bank (very rare).
Primitive Image:Primitive.gif 45 200 0.225 0-10 gp, Studded Shield, Studded Helmet, Studded Armor, Axe, Sabre, Surprise Bag (Blue), Surprise Bag (Red) (very rare).
Pythius the Rotten (Creature) Image:Pythius the Rotten (Creature).gif 7000 9000 ? Nothing, after killing him you are teleported.
Quara Constrictor Image:Quara Constrictor.gif 250 450 0.555 0-93 gp, Longsword, Brass Helmet, 0-5 Shrimp, Brass Armor (semi rare), Fish Fin (rare), Small Amethyst (rare).
Quara Constrictor Scout Image:Quara Constrictor Scout.gif 200 450 0.444 0-40 gp, Longsword, Brass Helmet, Brass Armor, Small Amethyst (rare), Fish Fin (rare).
Quara Hydromancer Image:Quara Hydromancer.gif 800 1100 0.727 0-90 gp, Staff, Remains of a Fish, 0-5 Shrimp (semi rare), White Pearl (semi-rare), Black Pearl (semi-rare), Small Emerald (semi-rare), Wand Of Cosmic Energy (rare), Ring of Healing (rare), Fish Fin (rare), Great Mana Potion (very rare), Knight Armor (very rare).
Quara Hydromancer Scout Image:Quara Hydromancer Scout.gif 800 1100 0.727 0-80 gp, Remains of a Fish, Staff, Small Emerald (semi-rare), Black Pearl (semi-rare), White Pearl (semi-rare), Wand of Cosmic Energy (rare), Ring of Healing (rare), Fish Fin (rare), Knight Armor (very rare).
Quara Mantassin Image:Quara Mantassin.gif 400 800 0.500 0-130 gp, Skull, Cape, 0-5 Shrimp, Two-Handed Sword (semi-rare), Halberd (semi-rare), Stealth Ring (semi-rare), Fish Fin (rare), Small Sapphire (rare), Strange Helmet (very rare), Blue Robe (very rare), Glacier Shoes? (very rare).
Quara Mantassin Scout Image:Quara Mantassin Scout.gif 100 220 0.454 0-29 gp, Skull, Chain Armor, Cape, Two-Handed Sword (rare), Fish Fin (rare), Stealth Ring (very rare), Small Sapphire (very rare).
Quara Pincher Image:Quara Pincher.gif 1200 1800 0.666 0-120 gp, Mace, Morning Star, Halberd, Small Ruby (semi rare), 0-5 Shrimp (semi rare), Fish Fin (rare), Warrior Helmet (rare), Glacier Robe (very rare), Great Health Potion (very rare), Crown Armor (very rare).
Quara Pincher Scout Image:Quara Pincher Scout.gif 600 775 0.774 0-49 gp, Mace, Plate Armor, Morning Star, Halberd, Small Ruby (rare), Life Crystal (rare), Fish Fin (rare).
Quara Predator Image:Quara Predator.gif 1600 2200 0.727 0-130 gp, 0-7 Royal Spear, Fishbone, Double Axe, Viking Helmet, Small Diamond, 0-5 Shrimp (semi-rare), Great Health Potion (rare), Fish Fin (rare), Skull Helmet (very rare), 0-2 Assassin Star (very rare), Relic Sword (very rare), Glacier Robe (very rare).
Quara Predator Scout Image:Quara Predator Scout.gif 400 890 0.449 0-37 gp, Fishbone, Viking Helmet, Double Axe, Scale Armor, Life Crystal (rare), Small Diamond (rare), Fish Fin (rare).
Rabbit Image:Rabbit.gif 0 15 0 0-2 Carrot, 0-2 Meat, Blue Coloured Egg, Green Coloured Egg, Purple Coloured Egg, Red Coloured Egg, Yellow Coloured Egg (Coloured Eggs are semi-rares and only during the Easter holiday).
Rahemos Image:Rahemos.gif 3100 3700 0.838 0-239 gp, 0-3 Small Amethyst, Ring of Healing, Great Mana Potion, Magician Hat (rare), Mini Mummy (rare), Orb (very rare), Necrotic Rod (very rare), Violet Gem (very rare), Crystal Wand (very rare), Twin Axe (very rare), Ancient Rune (always).
Rat Image:Rat.gif 5 20 0.250 0-4 gp, Cheese.
Renegade Orc Image:Renegade Orc.gif 270 450 ? 0-29 gp, Fish, Brown Mushroom, Scimitar, Plate Shield, Broadsword, Sword Ring, Longsword, Orc Tooth, Health Potion.
Rift Brood Image:Rift Brood.gif 1600? 3000? 0.525 Nothing.
Rift Lord Image:Rift Lord.gif ? ? ? Unknown.
Rift Phantom Image:Rift Phantom.gif ? ? ? Unknown.
Rift Scythe Image:Rift Scythe.gif 2000 3600 0.556 Nothing.
Rift Worm Image:Rift Worm.gif 1195 2800 0.427 Nothing.
Roaring Water Elemental Image:Roaring Water Elemental.gif 1300 1750 0.742 0-179 gp, Iced Soil (semi rare), 1-2 Small Sapphire (rare), 1-2 Giant Shimmering Pearl (rare), Northwind Rod (rare).
Rocko Image:Rocko.gif 3400 10000 ? Nothing.
Rocky Image:Rocky.gif 190 390 0.487 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Ron the Ripper Image:Ron the Ripper.gif 500 1500 0.333 0-77+ gp, 0-2 Skulls, Great Health Potion, Meat, Dagger, Plate Armor, Knight Armor, Double Axe, Small Diamond, Ron the Ripper's Sabre (always).
Rottie the Rotworm Image:Rottie the Rotworm.gif 40 65 0.615 0-27 gp, 0-5 Worms, 0-2 Ham, 0-2 Meat, Bag, Mace, Sword, Legion Helmet, Copper Shield, Katana, Lump of Dirt (always).
Rotworm Image:Rotworm.gif 40 65 0.615 0-27 gp, 0-2 Ham, 0-2 Meat, Mace, Sword, Bag, Lump of Dirt (semi-rare), Copper Shield (rare), 0-5 Worms (rare), Katana (very rare).
Rotworm Queen Image:Rotworm Queen.gif 75 105 0.714 0-86 gp, 0-47 Worm, Gland (rare).
Rukor Zad Image:Rukor Zad.gif 380 380 1.000 0-50 gp, Steel Shield.
Sandcrawler Image:Sandcrawler.gif 20 30 0.667 0-6 gp, Sandcrawler Shell (semi-rare).
Scarab Image:Scarab.gif 120 320 0.375 0-55 gp, 0-2 Meat, 0-3 Arrows, Bag, Piece of Scarab Shell, Heavy Machete (rare), 0-2 Scarab Coins (rare), Small Emerald (rare), 0-2 Small Amethysts (very rare), Daramanian Mace (very rare).
Scorpion Image:Scorpion.gif 45 45 1.000 Scorpion Tail (semi-rare).
Sea Serpent Image:Sea Serpent.gif 2300 1950 1.179 0-244 gp, 0-1 Dragon Ham, Sea Serpent Scale, Plate Legs, 0-3 Small Sapphire (semi-rare), Strong Health Potion (semi-rare), Strong Mana Potion (semi-rare), Serpent Sword (semi-rare), Spirit Cloak (semi-rare), Ring of Healing (rare), Northwind Rod (rare), Great Mana Potion (rare), Glacier Amulet (rare), Stealth Ring (very rare), Glacier Kilt (very rare), Focus Cape (very rare), Leviathan's Amulet (very rare), Crystalline Armor (very rare).
Seagull Image:Seagull.gif 0 25 0 Nothing.
Serpent Spawn Image:Serpent Spawn.gif 3050 3000 1.016 0-219 gp, 0-3 Onyx Arrow, Charmer's Tiara, Energy Ring, Gemmed Book, Great Mana Potion, Green Mushroom, Golden Mug, Life Ring, Small Sapphire, Snakebite Rod, Power Bolt, Snake Skin, Winged Tail (semi-rare), Crown Armor (rare), Life Crystal (rare), Mercenary Sword (rare), Noble Axe (rare), Old Parchment (rare), Strange Helmet (rare), Tower Shield (rare), Warrior Helmet (rare), Royal Helmet (very rare), Spellbook of Mind Control (very rare), Swamplair Armor (very rare)
Servant Golem Image:Servant Golem.gif 0? 0? 0 Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.
Shadow Hound Image:Shadow Hound.gif ? ? ? Midnight Shard.
Shadow of Boreth Image:Shadow of Boreth.gif ? ? ? Unknown.
Shadow of Lersatio Image:Shadow of Lersatio.gif ? ? ? Unknown.
Shadow of Marziel Image:Shadow of Marziel.gif ? ? ? Unknown.
Shard of Corruption Image:Shard of Corruption.gif 5 600 ? nothing?
Shardhead Image:Shardhead.gif 650 800 ? 0-195 gp, 0-2 Ice Cubes, Strong Mana Potion, Strong Health Potion, Shard, Crystal Sword, Frosty Heart.
Sharptooth Image:Sharptooth.gif 1600 2500 0.64 0-13 gp, Fishbone
Sheep Image:Sheep.gif 0 20 0 0-4 Meat, Wool.
Shredderthrower Image:Shredderthrower.gif 0 0 0 Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.
Sibang Image:Sibang.gif 105 225 0.467 0-20 gp, 0-5 Coconuts, 0-12 Bananas, 0-5 Oranges, Melon, Chain Helmet, 0-3 Small Stones, Ape Fur (rare).
Silver Rabbit Image:Silver Rabbit.gif 0 15 0 0-2 Meat, 0-1 Carrot, 0-1? Silky Fur, Blue Coloured Egg, Green Coloured Egg, Purple Coloured Egg, Red Coloured Egg, Yellow Coloured Egg (Coloured Eggs are semi-rares and only during the Easter holiday).
Sir Valorcrest Image:Sir Valorcrest.gif 1800 1600~ 1.125 0-93 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coins, Vampire Lord Token (always), Skull, Sword Ring, Ring of Healing, Strong Health Potion, Vampire Shield (rare), Chaos Mace (very rare).
Skeleton Image:Skeleton.gif 35 50 0.875 0-10 gp, Bag, 0-2 Torches, Bone, Brass Shield, Hatchet, Mace, Viking Helmet (Semi-rare), Sword (Semi-rare).
Skeleton Warrior Image:Skeleton Warrior.gif 45 65 0.692 0-15 gp, Bone, Torch, Sword, Mace, Brass Shield, 0-3 White Mushroom, Brown Mushroom (Semi-Rare).
Skunk Image:Skunk.gif 3 20 0.150 Worms, 0-2 Meat, Bulb of Garlic, Skunk Tail.
Slick Water Elemental Image:Slick Water Elemental.gif 450 550 0.818 0-130 gp, 0-3 Shiver Arrow (semi-rare), Iced Soil (semi-rare).
Slim Image:Slim.gif 580 1025 0.586 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Slime (Creature) Image:Slime (Creature).gif 160 150 1.067 Nothing (turns into a Poison Gas).
Smuggler Image:Smuggler.gif 48 130 0.369 0-10 gp, 0-2 Torch, Meat, Ham, Knife, Bag, Combat Knife, Leather Helmet, Leather Legs, Short Sword, 0-5 Raspberries (semi-rare), Sword (semi-rare), Deer Trophy (very rare).
Smuggler Baron Silvertoe Image:Smuggler Baron Silvertoe.gif 170 280 0.607 0-26 gp, 0-2 Meat, Mace, Short Sword.
Snake Image:Snake.gif 10 15 0.667 Nothing.
Son of Verminor Image:Son of Verminor.gif 5900 8500 0.694 Nothing (turns into a Poison Field).
Spawn of Despair Image:Spawn of Despair.gif ? ? ? Unknown.
Spectre Image:Spectre.gif 2100 1350 1.556 0-300 gp, 0-7 Platinum Coins, 0-2 Blank Rune, Sandals, Lyre, Wand of Cosmic Energy, Soul Orb, Demonic Essence (semi-rare), White Piece of Cloth (semi-rare), Shiny Stone (semi-rare), Silver Brooch (rare), Death Ring (rare), Relic Sword (rare), Great Mana Potion (rare), Stealth Ring (very rare), Shadow Sceptre (very rare), Demonbone Amulet (very rare).
Spider Image:Spider.gif 12 20 0.600 0-5 gp, Spider Fangs (rare).
Spirit of Earth Image:Spirit of Earth.gif 800 1294 0.618 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Spirit of Fire Image:Spirit of Fire.gif 950 2210 0.430 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Spirit of Light Image:Spirit of Light.gif ? ? ? Nothing.
Spirit of Water Image:Spirit of Water.gif 850 1517 0.560 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Spit Nettle Image:Spit Nettle.gif 20 150 0.133 0-5 gp, Shadow Herb, 0-2 Sling Herb, Grave Flower (semi-rare), Seeds (semi-rare), Nettle Blossom (semi-rare), Stone Herb (very rare).
Splasher Image:Splasher.gif 500 1000~ 0.500 Unknown.
Squirrel Image:Squirrel.gif 0 20 0 Acorn, Walnut (semi-rare), Peanut (semi-rare).
Stalker Image:Stalker.gif 90 120 0.75 0-8 gp, 0-2 Throwing Knife, Leather Legs, Brass Legs, Blank Rune, Backpack, Katana, Obsidian Lance (rare), Stealth Ring (very rare).
Stone Golem Image:Stone Golem.gif 160 270 0.593 0-15 gp, Bag, 0-4 Small Stone, Carlin Sword, Sulphurous Stone, Ancient Stone (semi rare), Shiny Stone (semi rare), Power Ring (semi rare), Iron Ore (semi-rare), Crystal Ring (rare), Red Gem (very rare).
Stonecracker Image:Stonecracker.gif 3500 5500+? 0.800? 0-78 gp, 0-3 meat, Big Bone, Behemoth Claw, Crowbar, Double Axe, Perfect Behemoth Fang, 0-? Assassin Star, War Axe, Small Amethyst, Strange Symbol, Dark Armor, Steel Boots, Giant Sword, Shiny Stone.
Svoren The Mad Image:Svoren The Mad.gif 3000 6300 0.476 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
Swamp Troll Image:Swamp Troll.gif 25 55 0.454 0-5 gp, Fish, Bag, Dagger, Spear, Torch, Leather Boots, Swamp Grass (uncommon), Fishing Rod (very rare), Troll Green (very rare), .
Tarantula Image:Tarantula.gif 120 225 0.533 0-40 gp, Brass Legs, Plate Shield, Tarantula Egg, Steel Helmet (semi-rare), Time Ring (very rare).
Target Dummy Image:Target Dummy.gif 0 0 Nothing.
Terramite Image:Terramite.gif 160 365 0.438 0-23 gp, Terramite Legs (semi-rare), Terramite Eggs (semi-rare), Terramite Shell (rare).
Terror Bird Image:Terror Bird.gif 150 300 0.500 0-30 gp, Bag, 0-3 Worms, 0-3 Meat, Seeds (semi-rare), Terrorbird Beak (semi-rare), Health Potion (semi-rare), Feather Headdress (rare).
Thalas Image:Thalas.gif 2950 4100 0.719 0-159 gp, 0-3 Small Emerald (semi-rare), Poison Dagger (semi-rare), Time Ring (semi-rare), Stealth Ring (rare), Great Health Potion (rare), Mini Mummy (rare), Serpent Sword (very rare), Green Gem (very rare), Djinn Blade (very rare), Cobrafang Dagger (always).
The Abomination Image:The Abomination.gif ? ? ? Unknown.
The Axeorcist Image:The Axeorcist.gif ~4005 ~4885 ? Unknown.
The Big Bad One Image:The Big Bad One.gif 170 300 0.567 0-2 Wolf Paws, 0-2 Ham, 0-4 Meat, Wolf Trophy.
The Blightfather Image:The Blightfather.gif 600 ? ? 0-91 gp,Lancer Beetle Shell, Lump of Dirt, Poisonous Slime, Small Amethyst.
The Bloodtusk Image:The Bloodtusk.gif 300 600 0.5 0-100 gp, 0-4 Platinum Coins, 0-2 Mammoth Tusks, Mammoth Fur Cape, Tusk Shield, Furry Club.
The Collector Image:The Collector.gif 100 340 ? Nothing.
The Count Image:The Count.gif 450 1250 0.360 0-? gp, 0-1? Skull, The Ring of the Count (always), War Hammer, Vampire Shield.
The Dark Dancer Image:The Dark Dancer.gif 435 855 0.509 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
The Dreadorian Image:The Dreadorian.gif 4000 ? ? Unknown.
The Evil Eye Image:The Evil Eye.gif 750 1200 0.417 0-56 gp, Longsword, Morning Star, Steel Shield, Wooden Shield, Spellbook, Two-Handed Sword, Beholder Shield, Terra Rod, Beholder Helmet, Terra Mantle, Beholder Eye (always).
The Frog Prince Image:The Frog Prince.gif 1 55 0.05? None
The Hag Image:The Hag.gif 510 935 0.545 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
The Hairy One Image:The Hairy One.gif 115 325 0.354 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
The Halloween Hare Image:The Halloween Hare.gif -- -- -- Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.
The Handmaiden Image:The Handmaiden.gif 7500 Around 15000 0.5? 0-184 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coins, Power Ring, Stealth Ring, Piece of Iron, Big Bone, Steel Boots, Blue Robe, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, The Handmaiden's Protector (always).
The Horned Fox Image:The Horned Fox.gif 300 265 1.132 0-74 gp, 0-14? Piercing Bolts (semi-rare?), Strong Health Potion, Axe, Brass Helmet, Leather Legs, Plate Shield, Sword, Mace, Shovel, Bronze Amulet, Crossbow, Bolts, Meat, Scale Armor, Brass Armor, Chain Armor, Chain Legs, Chain Helmets, Soldier Helmet, Double Axe, Hatchet, Fishing Rod, Battle Shield, Torch, Combat Knife, Dead Snake, Carrots, Wand of Cosmic Energy, Dwarven Helmet (rare), Nose Ring (always).
The Imperor Image:The Imperor.gif 8000 15000 0.533 0-150 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coin, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Fire Axe, Crown Legs, Pitchfork, Guardian Shield, Imperor's Trident (always).
The Many Image:The Many.gif 4000 ? ? 0-5 Strong Mana Potions, 0-5 Small Sapphires, 0-3 Gold Ingots, Stone Skin Amulet, Egg of The Many (Always), Sacred Tree Amulet (semi-rare), Medusa Shield (semi-rare), Warrior Helmet (semi-rare) Boots of Haste (rare), Royal Helmet (rare)
The Masked Marauder Image:The Masked Marauder.gif 3500 6800 0.515 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanish quickly afterwards.
The Mutated Pumpkin Image:The Mutated Pumpkin.gif 35000~ 550000~ 0.063 0-40 Yummy Gummy Worm, Toy Spider, Spiderwebs, Bat Decoration, Skeleton Decoration.
The Noxious Spawn Image:The Noxious Spawn.gif 6000 9500 0.63 0-4 Great Mana Potion, 0-5 Platinum Coins, 0-100 Assassin Stars, 0-29 Power Bolts, Green Mushrooms, Medusa Shield, Noble Axe, Life Ring, Mercenary Sword, Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn' (semi-rare)
The Obliverator Image:The Obliverator.gif 6000 9500 0.632 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanish quickly afterwards.
The Old Whopper Image:The Old Whopper.gif 750 785 0.955 0-106 gp, Meat, Ham.
The Old Widow Image:The Old Widow.gif 4200 3200 1.3125 0-231 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coin, Brass Legs, Steel Helmet, Plate Armor, Stealth Ring, Energy Ring, Time Ring, Platinum Amulet, 0-3 Great Health Potion, Knight Armor, Knight Legs, Spool of Yarn/Spider Silk (always, only once)
The Pit Lord Image:The Pit Lord.gif 2500 4500 0.556 Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanishes quickly afterwards.
The Plasmother Image:The Plasmother.gif 8300 Around 8000 ? 0-173+ gp, 0-13 Platinum Coins, Demonic Essence, 0-3 Black Pearls, 0-3 Small Sapphires, Soul Orb, The Plasmother's Remains (always).
The Ruthless Herald Image:The Ruthless Herald.gif -- -- -- Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.
The Snapper Image:The Snapper.gif 150 300 ? 0-194 gp, 0-5 Health Potions, Plate Armor, Plate Legs, Crocodile Boots, Knight Armor (very rare), Life Ring (always).
The Voice of Ruin Image:The Voice of Ruin.gif ? ? ? 0-64+ gp, 0-4 Platinum Coins, Spiked Iron Ball, Zaoan Helmet.
The Weakened Count Image:The Weakened Count.gif 450 740 0.608 0-92 gp, Skull (Item), Vampire Shield (very rare), The Ring of the Count (always).
Thief (Creature) Image:Thief (Creature).gif 5 60 0.083 None.
Thieving Squirrel Image:Thieving Squirrel.gif 0 55 0 Flask with Beaver Bait (always).
Thornback Tortoise Image:Thornback Tortoise.gif 150 300 0.500 0-30 gp, 0-3 Tortoise Egg, Fish, 0-2 Ham, Bag, Thorn (semi-rare), Health Potion (semi-rare), Brown Mushroom (rare), White Mushroom (rare), War Hammer (rare).
Thul Image:Thul.gif 2700 2950 0.915 0-? gp, 0-? Shrimp, Small Amethyst, White Pearl, Black Pearl, Double Axe, Halberd, Skull Helmet, Wand of Cosmic Energy, Relic Sword (rare), Fish Fin (always).
Tibia Bug Image:Tibia Bug.gif 50 270 0.185 0-11 gp, Surprise Bag (Blue), Surprise Bag (Red) (very rare).
Tiger Image:Tiger.gif 40 75 0.533 0-4 Meat, 0-4 Ham, Striped Fur.
Tiquandas Revenge Image:Tiquandas Revenge.gif 2635 2400 1.098 0-110 gp, 0-50 Meat, 0-8 Ham, 0-6 Dark Mushroom, 1-3 Seeds (Always), Mandrake (Always).
Tirecz Image:Tirecz.gif 6000 25000 ? Nothing (you will be teleported out before looting it).

<noinclude><spoiler>Part of The New Frontier Quest.</spoiler></noinclude>

Toad Image:Toad.gif 60 135 0.444 0-12 gp, 0-2 Meat, Fish, Mace, Bag, Club, Poisonous Slime (semi-rare), War Hammer (very rare).
Tormented Ghost Image:Tormented Ghost.gif 5 210 0.024 None, you can't open Ghost Residue.
Tortoise Image:Tortoise.gif 90 185 0.486 0-30 gp, Bag, Battle Hammer, Plate Shield, Fish, 0-3 Tortoise Eggs (semi-rare), Tortoise Shield (rare), Turtle Shell (rare).
Tortoise (Anti-Botter) Image:Tortoise (Anti-Botter).gif ? ? ?
Tremorak Image:Tremorak.gif 1300 10000 ? Nothing.
Troll Image:Troll.gif 20 50 0.400 0-12 gp, Meat, Leather Boots, Leather Helmet, Rope, Bag, Spear, Hand Axe, Wooden Shield, Studded Club (semi-rare), Bunch of Troll Hair (rare), Silver Amulet (very rare).
Troll Champion Image:Troll Champion.gif 40 75 0.375 0-12 gp, Meat, Bag, Spear, Hand Axe, Leather Boots, Leather Helmet, Wooden Shield, Rope, Studded Club, 0-5 Arrows (semi-rare), Bunch of Troll Hair (rare?), Silver Amulet (very rare).
Troll Legionnaire Image:Troll Legionnaire.gif 140 210 ? 0-195 gp, 0-10 Throwing Stars, Stealth Ring (rare).
Undead Dragon Image:Undead Dragon.gif 7200 8350 0.860 0-300gp, 0-6 Power Bolts, 0-10 Onyx Arrows, 0-5 Platinum Coins, Blank Rune, Broadsword, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, Golden Mug, Soul Orb, Torn Book, Great Health Potion, Unholy Bone, Dragonbone Staff (semi-rare), Knight Armor (semi-rare), Life Crystal (semi-rare), Hardened Bone (rare), Rusty Armor (Rare) (rare), Underworld Rod (rare), Gold Ingot (rare), Royal Helmet (rare), War Axe (rare), Dragon Scale Mail (very rare), Golden Armor (very rare), Skull Helmet (very rare), Divine Plate (very rare).
Undead Gladiator Image:Undead Gladiator.gif 800 1000 0.800 0-150 gp, 0-2 Meat, 0-18 Throwing Star, Hunting Spear, Scimitar, Brass Legs, Plate Armor, Plate Legs, Brass Armor, Protection Amulet, Two Handed Sword, Broken Gladiator Shield, Stealth Ring (semi-rare), Belted Cape (semi-rare), Dark Helmet (semi-rare), Crusader Helmet (rare), Health Potion (rare), Knight Axe (rare), Beastslayer Axe (very rare), Warrior's Sweat (very rare), Mercenary Sword (very rare), Glorious Axe (very rare).
Undead Jester Image:Undead Jester.gif 5 355 0.014 Fish, Bar of Chocolate, Spellwand, Supersoft Pillow, Suspicious Surprise Bag, Red Piece of Cloth, Yellow Piece of Cloth, White Piece of Cloth, Green Piece of Cloth, Blue Piece of Cloth, Brown Piece of Cloth, The Head of a Jester Doll, Part of a Jester Doll (Right Leg), Part of a Jester Doll (Left Leg), Part of a Jester Doll (Right Arm), Part of a Jester Doll (Left Arm), The Torso of a Jester Doll, Piggy Bank, Toy Mouse, Green Perch, Rainbow Trout, Marlin, Ice Cream Cone (Blue-Barian).
Undead Mine Worker Image:Undead Mine Worker.gif 45 65 ? 0-9 gp, 0-3 White Mushroom, Bone, Brown Mushroom, Mace, Sword.
Undead Minion Image:Undead Minion.gif 550 850 0.647 0-39+ gp, Blank Rune, Battle Hammer, Battle Shield, Surprise Bag (Blue), Guardian Shield (rare), Surprise Bag (Red) (very rare).
Undead Prospector Image:Undead Prospector.gif 85 100 ? 0-30 gp, 0-6 Worms, Scale Armor, Viking Helmet, Brass Helmet, Torch, Knife, Brown Piece of Cloth (rare).
Ungreez Image:Ungreez.gif 500 8200 0.061 0-90 gp, 0-6 Fire Mushroom, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion.
Ushuriel Image:Ushuriel.gif 10000 40000~ 0.250 0-102+ gp, 0-30 Platinum Coins 0-3 Small Diamonds, 0-8 Small Sapphire, 0-14 Black Pearls, 0-6 Small Emeralds, 0-14 White Pearls, 0-17 Small Amethysts, 0-2 Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Great Spirit Potion, Ultimate Health Potion, 0-8 Onyx Arrow, 0-30 Brown Mushroom, 0-2 Demon Horn,Crimson Sword, 0-10 Iron Ore, 0-20 Hardened Bone, Orb, Necrotic Rod, Snakebite Rod, Double Axe, Mind Stone, Magic Light Wand, Death Ring, Energy Ring, Stealth Ring, Gold Ring, Gold Ingot, Silver Dagger, Life Crystal, Silver Amulet, Protection Amulet, Devil Helmet, Might Ring, Stone Skin Amulet, Ice Rapier, Ring Of Healing, Demonic Essence, Wand Of Decay, Moonlight Rod, Fire Axe, Demon Shield, Giant Sword, Boots of Haste, Enchanted Chicken Wing, Mysterious Voodoo Skull, Green Gem, Blue Gem, Royal Helmet, Skull Helmet, Crown Helmet, Warrior Helmet, Thaian Sword, Huge Chunk of Crude Iron, Spirit Container, Warrior's Sweat, Spike Sword, Fire Sword, Rusty Armor (Rare), Dragon Slayer, Unholy Book (rare), Runed Sword (rare).

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