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Halliwax speaks about the exotic matter.

In "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3", a DHARMA Initiative orientation video played in the Orchid Station reveals that a deposit of "exotic matter" is embedded within the ground and that it is responsible for the strange time phenomena experienced on the Island.

Nature of Exotic Matter

In real-world physics, this term refers to a form of matter that has yet to be formally discovered, but which has been hypothesized to exist out in the universe to explain the negative (repelling) force that seems to exist between objects the farther out the universe you observe, where objects seem to accelerate away from each other. This effect is different from what the original model of an expanding but dying universe would predict.

As to what other properties and kinds of exotic matter there may be is open to speculation, but the general idea is that it can be called exotic matter if it breaks the classical rules of physics (for example that it is repelled by gravity instead of attracted by it) or if it is not made up of known baryonic particles (the class of particles that protons and neutrons belong to).

Exotic matter as an element in space-warping devices is a common theme in science fiction, though the warping devices in question may not refer to the component as "exotic matter" directly. The idea is that if you have a device that can generate an intense gravity field which pulls in space-time, and at the same time you have another device that capitalizes on the "exotic matter" effect of space-time repulsion, you would be able to create an area of space-time that is being sucked in like a black hole but at the same time is being reinforced from collapsing into itself by the space-time repulsion of the exotic matter device, in effect creating a stable hole in the continuum that has neither space nor time, or at least the core of which would flow at a different rate than the area at the fringes. Such an effect would produce a wormhole that might allow teleportation and time travel.

The island seems to have a "border" around it that when traversed by some people causes shifting of consciousness to different points in their personal time lines (as happened to Desmond and others), and this border is energized with radiation, as you would expect the periphery of a space-time repelling field would have as frames of space-time that are so out of step rub against each other. Outside this border, time flows regularly, but inside the border there is a a dissonance in the form of comparatively faster or slower time, which exactly explains the time phenomena observed on the island.

Lastly, the existence of solid ghosts of dead people on the island (like Christian Shepherd) may be a side effect of the presence of the exotic matter. If in such an environment space-time is compromised, matter and mind may be similarly compromised, which means you can expect matter and mind to behave the opposite of what you would normally expect it to. For example, if in our regular continuum dead people stay dead and their souls are not solid and they are supposed to depart, in the altered continuum dead bodies do not have to stay dead and they can be solid and their souls do not have to depart.


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