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Called the "Apostles of God," Exorcists wield magical items called "Innocence" to protect the world against AKUMAs and prevent the Noah Family from destroying the world. They all are to wear a specific uniform as a symbol of their authority and to provide durability for combat. It also serves as a mean to attract AKUMAs as they are simply demons that wear a dead human's skin and kills to evolve.


A strange material left by an ancient civilization which, if compatible with a person, can form into the weapons Exorcists use to stop the Earl. The Earl's plan is to prevent the revival of the Innocence by searching for a special piece of Innocence called "Heart"; once he destroys it, the rest of the Innocence will also be destroyed. There are 109 units of Innocence scattered throughout the world, but only 22 Apostles of them have been found. Most Innocence have taken different forms after the Great Flood. Of the Innocence, there are three subcategories to which they may fall under: parasitic (Innocence infused within the body and literally uses themselves as weapons), equipment (Innocence forged with other items for easier items, either for fighting or for supporting), and crystal (Innocence that transfuses with the apostle's blood and creates a weapon).

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Exorcist Cards


Allen Walker - Lenalee Lee - Yu Kanda - Lavi - Arystar Krory - Miranda Lotto - Noise Marie


Exorcist Generals

Froi Tiedoll - Klaud Nine - Winters Sokaro - Cross Marian

Exorcists Reborned

Allen Walker (R) - Lenalee Lee (R)

Spell Cards

Innocence, Activate!

Cross - Dark Boots - Mugen - Big Hammer Little Hammer - Teeth - Time Record - Noel Organon - Heavenly Compass - Maker of Eden - Lau Shimin - Madness - Judgment - Grave of Maria - Crowned Clown - Crystal Dark Boots

Headquarters - Asia Branch


Noah's White Ark - Innocence Accommodation - Talisman of the Finder

Trap Cards

Will of the Innocence

Chief Komui's Repair - Cursed Pentacle Eye

Melody of the 14th - Sword of Exorcism

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