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The Executor was the person appointed by Emperor Palpatine to serve as commander-in-chief of the Galactic Empire's forces on behalf of the Emperor. The position was also referred to as Imperial Executor, Military Executor, Darkside Executor, or a number of combinations of the three. The minimum requirement was apparently to be a darksider.

When Emperor Palpatine was "reborn" in clone bodies and led a renewed assault against the New Republic in 1011 ABY, he named Sedriss as his new Executor. When Sedriss was later killed by Ood Bnar some time before Palpatine's final death, he was replaced by Xecr Nist.

It is not believed that any other Imperial claimants named Executors of their own, and the position appears to have eventually disappeared and, to an extent, been replaced with that of Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet when Admiral Daala assumed full and total control of Imperial forces in 12 ABY.

Excluding the position of Emperor, the position of Executor appears to be have had more power and influence than all others, including Grand Moffs, Grand Admirals, Grand Generals, and the Grand Vizier.

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