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When the reality warping Jim Jaspers decided he needed friends, he used his powers to create the Execution and the other members of the Crazy Gang (just as his counterpart from Earth-238 had created the original Crazy Gang). The Executioner was silent robot swathed in a long robe and hood and armed with an axe. It followed the commands of the Red Queen and seemed to lack any real intelligence of its own.

After giving the Crazy Gang life, Jaspers was murdered by the Fury, a creation of his late Earth-238 counterpart. The Executioner and the rest of the Crazy Gang survived the Fury and wandered off. They went on to become Britain's most inept supervillians.

The Crazy Gang were used by Arcade to kidnap Courtney Ross in order to lure Captain Britain and his teammates in Excalibur to Murderworld. Tweedledope used a device he had apparently invented to exchange the minds of the Crazy Gang with those of Excalibur. Phoenix (Rachel Summers) demolished the Executioner's robotic body, but the Executioner's consciousness took possession of her. Eventually, the mind exchanges were reversed and Phoenix broke free from her possession. Both the Crazy Gang and Arcade were apprehended after Excalibur defeated them.[1]

Later, Feron stole the robes and the axe and posed as the Executioner to the Crazy Gang, turning them against Excalibur again. They invaded Captain Britain's bachelor party, but when Feron was unmasked, he and Excalibur settled their differences.


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  1. Excalibur Vol 1 #4-5

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