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Final Fantasy V Enemy
Level HP MP
77 49,001 30,000
Strength Magic
111 {{{Magic}}}
Defense M. Defense Evasion
35 25 10
0 0
Japanese {{{japan}}}
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
RPGe Name X-Death
PS Name X-Death
GBA Name Exdeath
Location Interdimensional Rift
Type N/A
Steal Phoenix Down, Wonder Wand
Item Dropped N/A
Abilities {{{Abilities}}}
Blue Magic N/A
Control N/A
Catch N/A
Weak Against N/A
Immune to Fire, Lightning, Poison
Absorbs N/A
Status Immunity N/A

Exdeath is a boss in Final Fantasy V. Revealing his true form to the party, he attacks them.


This boss can be extremely tough, so be ready for a hard fight. For a comfortable battle, your party should have an average of Level 40+. Gladiator's (Final Fantasy V Advance only) Elemental Attacks can make things quicker, as well as high end spells like Holy, Flare, and Meteor. Another overly popular strategy involves at least one Level 52+ Freelancer with the Rapid Fire and/or Spellblade command assigned, with two weapons equipped at once. Be ready to use some Gold Needles and Phoenix Downs, because he tends to use White Hole which will immediately put Death and Stone on any party member that is not wearing a Ribbon. After the fight, the Void begins to devour Exdeath, transforming him into Neo Exdeath.

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In the Game Boy Advance version, Exdeath can be defeated by using the Chaos Cannon (Dark Matter and Blitzshot) to deplete the last of his health. (Monitor it and use when near 2,000 health.) This will result in him being defeated without having to fight Neo Exdeath.

Also in the PlayStation version if you mix a Maiden's Kiss and a Holy water on Exdeath, it will cause him to go into Berserk status and only use physical attacks, so make sure you have Golem, as he will deal quite a bit of damage, also this will end the battle after Exdeath and you will not need to fight Neo-Exdeath.


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