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Evolution of the Daleks
Series: Doctor Who -
TV Stories
Series Number: Series 3
Story Number: 182b
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companions: Martha Jones
Setting: Manhattan, New York City; 1930
Writer: Helen Raynor
Director: James Strong
Producer: Phil Collinson
Broadcast: 28th April 2007
Format: 1 45-minute episode
Prod. Code: 186 b
Previous Story: Daleks in Manhattan
Following Story: The Lazarus Experiment
"The children of Skaro must walk again!"
Dalek Caan



The Cult of Skaro's plan is in full force. Dalek Sec is reborn in a half-human form, and the Pig Slaves launch an enormous assault upon the Central Park Hooverville along with the remaining pure Daleks. The Doctor, Martha, Solomon and the others must fight for their lives, while the future of humans and Daleks alike is being decided underneath the Empire State Building.


The Hybrid Dalek Sec finally comes face to face with the Doctor, who has revealed himself from the crowd. The other Daleks wish to exterminate him, but Sec orders them to stop. They attempt to capture him but the Doctor holds out a surprise: a radio. Using his sonic screwdriver, he causes the radio to emit a high pitched sound which disorients the Daleks and the pig-humans. The Doctor and the captured humans run back through the sewers, catching up with Tallulah on the way. As soon as they ascend the ladder and disappear out of sight, two Daleks (Thay and Caan) come into view, discussing their doubting Dalek Sec's orders ever since he became a human.

The 'gang' arrives back at Hooverville, and the Doctor's stories are told to the crowd. Soon enough, a watchman sees one of the pigs and begins to call everyone to arm themselves. A fight breaks out between humans and pigs, but suddenly Daleks Jast and Caan arrive in the air and prepare to exterminate the assembled humans, as Dalek Sec watches from the Empire State Building via visual link.
Jaast and Caan above Hooverville
The leader, Solomon, tries to reason with the Daleks, saying that they are both outcasts and should work together to create a better universe. The Daleks promptly exterminate him. Sec watches and gasps in horror as Solomon - a man whose courage he admired greatly - falls to the ground. Furious, the Doctor steps out and demands they kill him too, provided they spare the other residents of Hooverville. The Daleks prepare to do so, but are stopped by Dalek Sec, who requests that the Doctor returns to the Daleks' genetics laboratory. The Doctor agrees, noting that the Daleks have changed their minds for the first time in history, but only on the condition that the Daleks do not kill the residents of Hooverville. Martha asks the Doctor if she can go with him, but the Doctor refuses, saying that she should help the injured. At the same time, he slips her the psychic paper.

At the lab, Dalek Sec explains to the Doctor how he wanted to create a new race which combined Dalek DNA with that of humans by 'formatting' the human brain, ready for information to be loaded onto it, thus creating new hybrids. The Daleks planned to use a gamma strike from a solar flare (which will occur in eleven minutes) which will hit the Empire State Building as an energy source, but there were problems which only the Doctor's knowledge could fix. The Doctor has no choice but to help the Daleks. He prepares the gene solution, ready to be fed into the human 'shells'. In the meantime, Sec explains that the new race will have the intelligence of a Dalek, but the emotions of a human. He also states that the Daleks' obsession with universal supremacy must be removed. The Doctor is shocked that Sec is willing to eliminate the one thing that makes a Dalek a Dalek. However, seven minutes before the flare, as the Dalek DNA is pumped into the humans, a malfunction occurs. The other Daleks are overriding the system. Dalek Caan leads a mutiny, taking Sec and the Doctor hostage. They propose that Sec is no longer Dalek, and so they don't have to obey him. The two Daleks load pure Dalek gene solution into the humans. However, the Doctor and Laszlo escape to the elevator and ascend to the top of the Empire State Building.

At the same time, Martha and Tallulah use the psychic paper to gain entry into the Empire State Building. Upon reaching the top floor, they scan the blueprints of the top floor, looking for any design and construction changes. They discover that the design change is at the top of the building where Dalekanium has been added. The Doctor and Laszlo escape up the lift and meet up with Martha, Frank, and Tallulah. The Doctor climbs up to the top and starts using the sonic screwdriver to loosen the bolts holding the Dalekanium. However, after removing one strip of Dalekanium and a bolt holding another, he drops the sonic screwdriver; all he can do is hug the pole as the lightning strikes. Martha has made a makeshift lightning rod from some spare pipes to divert the lightning onto the elevator, just as the pig slaves arrive, killing them. The Dalek humans awaken, and Dalek Caan designates himself the new leader, Sec states that he was to be the controller, but Dalek Caan deems him unfit and orders them to take up arms (Thompson submachine gun retrofitted with standard Dalek laser weapons). The army goes into the sewers, and the Doctor, Martha, Tallulah, Frank and Laszlo head for Tallulah's theatre.

At the theatre, the Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver to let the Daleks know where he is, and the army breaks in. Daleks Thay and Jast come in, with Sec bound in a chain and crawling like a dog. The Doctor tries to tell the Daleks that what they have done to Sec is wrong, because he is the most intelligent Dalek who ever existed. They attempt to exterminate the Doctor, but Sec, trying to reason with the others, gets up, and is hit by a blast from Thay meant for the Doctor, which kills him. This angers the Doctor; he again tells the Daleks to order the Dalek-humans to kill him, but one Dalek human repeatedly asks "Why?", and eventually states that they are not Daleks. The Doctor reveals that, because he hugged the pole as the lightning came through, some Time Lord DNA was mixed into the hybrids and gave the Dalek humans freedom. Jast promptly kills the Dalek human who openly questioned orders. However, the other Dalek humans return fire. Thay and Jast kill several more Dalek humans, but are eventually overwhelmed and destroyed under the sheer volume of fire power. Back in the building, watching via the visual link, Caan states that the Dalek humans are a failure and commands "Destruct." All the Dalek humans suddenly clutch their heads in pain and collapse dead on the ground.

After witnessing this genocide, the Doctor arrives at the Empire State Building, and confronts Caan and offers to help. He tells Caan that he is probably the only person in the universe that would show him any compassion, because he has seen enough death today - they are now both the last of their species and he does not want to see another genocide. Caan replies with "Emergency temporal shift" and, as the Doctor lunges forward to stop him, vanishes.

Meanwhile, Laszlo is on his deathbed (the pig-slaves could only survive for a few weeks), so the Doctor starts to work on a solution to save him, stating that "there's been enough death today. Brand new creatures, wise old men, and age old enemies!". Later, Laszlo (still a pig slave, but alive and healthy) and Tallulah are in the park. Frank comes and tells Laszlo that he talked to the residents of Hooverville, and that they will take him in and give him a home; as always, Hooverville is the place people go when they have nowhere else. As the Doctor and Martha are about to enter the TARDIS, Martha says there's somebody for everyone. The Doctor says "maybe." Martha then asks the Doctor if he thinks he will ever see Dalek Caan again, and the Doctor responds "Oh, yes. One day..."



  • Helen Raynor wrote this story and is the first woman to ever write a televised Dalek episode.


  • Davros is alluded to by the Doctor (though not by name but as the Daleks creator).
  • Dalekanium is used to attract the gamma radiation.
  • The Daleks have enhanced Tommy gun like weapons for their human Daleks they create.
  • The Doctor says to Martha Jones, "People are hurt, you can help them." This is backwards because the Doctor is usually the one being told this.
  • In one of the final shots of the episode, a slight hole can be seen where the arrow from the end of The Shakespeare Code hit the Tardis.
  • When hybrid Dalek Sec wants to "change everything that makes a Dalek a Dalek," the Doctor says that they would't be the supreme beings anymore. This is the Doctor alluding to the Last Great Time War in which the Daleks beat the Time Lords, making the Daleks the official supreme being in creation.

Story Notes



  • 6.96 million viewers - BARB figures, 18th most popular broadcast on British television that week.
  • 6.5 million viewers - Overnight
  • 1.04 million viewers - BBC3 Repeat


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Filming Locations

  • Some location filming took place in New York.

Discontinuity, Plot Holes, Errors

  • The lift takes a lot longer to bring the pig slaves up the tower, than it did to bring the Doctor. The Pigs are a lot heavier than the Doctor, and the lifts in 1931 were not as powerful as today's.
  • Why do the Daleks not kill the Doctor after revealing that the Human Daleks will be full Dalek? Emergency Temporal Shift drain most of the Daleks power source. Maybe they didn't have enough power to exterminate him.
  • The Doctor chastises the Daleks for exterminating Dalek Sec, but he makes no attempt to save him when the Daleks first turn on their was revealed in a deleted scene that the doctor consideres it ironic that dalek sec faced the same cruelty and merciless punishment that he ensued when he was a dalek, also there was very little the doctor could do in that situation anyway.
  • Why did Dalek Caan flee rather than kill the Doctor? Perhaps he was building up power to make the Temporal Shift into the Time War and exterminating the Doctor would use up needed power. Also it has been stated in the past that the Daleks fear the Doctor, so maybe Caan was just being smart in escaping rather than continuing to face down the one person that he's afraid of. It is later revealed in The Stolen Earth that the reason Caan didn't exterminate him was because he went to the Time War to rescue Davros.
  • In the scene when the Doctor was talking to Dalek Cann after the Human Daleks were killed, the name tag underneath Dalek Caan's eyestalk is Dalek Jast's.
  • Lazlo refers to the elevator as the lift, though he is an American.
  • As the Daleks present Sec in chains on the theatre stage, a stagehand is briefly but clearly seen moving behind them.
  • Dalek Caan's voice changes from a deep voice to a voice like Dalek Sec's Perhaps a flaw or error in the vocal subroutines or when a Dalek is "promoted" the voice changes to show that new authority (Nick Briggs, who voices the Daleks, said in one of David Tennants video diaries that he originally gave Dalek Caan a deep voice because he didn't think that Dalek Caan would have a particularly large part in the show, and then said he was going to gradually raise the pitch as Caan took control, as a way of showing that he is slowly going insane with power. After he returns to the Time War to save Davros, his voice is of a higher pitch after he lost his mind.)
  • Dalek Sec was a Dalek, and Diagoras was not a very pleasant person, so why is their combined form so enlightened and wonderful? Diagoras is still a human, and subscribes to a human morality rather than a Dalek fascist mentality. Humans have the capacity to grow, develop and evolve Daleks do not.
  • When Dalek Caan is in Hooverville listening to Soloman and the Doctor, his name tag is Dalek Thay's.
  • When Martha, Frank, and Tallulah are going to the top floor of the Empire State Building in the lift the sign behind them reads "in case of fire do not use lift." In America it would say "in case of fire do not use elevator."
  • How does Dalek Sec know the Doctor has a TARDIS? The Doctor didn't mention it to them in Doomsday. All Daleks know the Doctor as an enemy, so they would know he has a TARDIS


  • This is the first Dalek story in the new series to be named with the title scheme "(blank) of the Daleks". The last time this was used was 19 years ago for Remembrance of the Daleks
  • Dalekanium was first mentioned in The Dalek Invasion of Earth.
  • The idea of genetic purity within the Dalek race was explored in more detail in Remembrance of the Daleks, and has been a theme from their beginning.
  • Caan used an emergency temporal shift to escape the Doctor. Sec previously used an emergency temporal shift in Doomsday.
  • The Cult of Skaro planned to turn Earth into "New Skaro". In Silver Nemesis, the Cybermen planned to turn Earth into their base planet as the "New Mondas".
  • The idea of humans being the "great survivors" re-surfaced in Utopia
  • We now know that Caan 'shifts' himself back to the Time War to save Davros. This is explained in Series 4 The Stolen Earth.
  • It is revealed in this story that Skaro was destroyed in a 'great war', presumably the Last Great Time War. In Remembrance of the Daleks the Doctor destroys Skaro in his Seventh Incarnation. If the Doctor was correct, perhaps the Time War started in the Doctor's Seventh Incarnation. Perhaps it started even earlier: some fans and commentators, including Russell T. Davies, speculate that the Fourth Doctor's interference in Dalek evolution formed part of the Time War (Genesis of the Daleks). A simpler explanation, however, was that Dalek Caan was refering to the Dalek civil war (Remembrance of the Daleks).

DVD Releases

Series 3 Volume 2: Daleks in Manhattan - Evolution of the Daleks - The Lazarus Experiment - 42 DVD Cover

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