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Dr Who

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For the novel of the same name, see Evolution (novel).

Evolution is the development and change of organisms over time, closely linked to mutation and natural selection. On Earth a Human scientist, Charles Darwin, "discovered" and popularised the idea. (BFA: Bloodtide)


  • Light and the Reverend Ernest Matthews separately found the concept abhorrent, though for different reasons, the former because of his love of stasis and hatred of change, the latter because he found it repugnant to have evolved from monkeys. (DW: Ghost Light)
  • Professor Richard Lazarus had created a machine that rejuvenated himself, or in simpler terms he made himself younger. This transformation also accidentally unlocked a rejected option for human evolution, making him a scorpion-like mutant. (DW: The Lazarus Experiment)
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Guild Wars

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For information about so-called "mini pets", see: Miniature
For information about necromancer minions, also sometimes called "pets", see: Minion

Characters can obtain an animal companion, also known as a pet, using the Charm Animal skill. These animals fight as melee attackers alongside the character whenever this skill or Comfort Animal (PvE only) is equipped and are affected by skills specific to animal companions, mostly in the Beast Mastery attribute. As the Charm Animal and Comfort Animal skills are ranger skills, it is only possible to play with an animal companion as a primary or secondary ranger.

Pet evolution

Generally, the pet evolves at levels 11 and 15. However, in certain cases this has varied; such instances are rare and not fully understood, though leveling up while dead does seem to delay evolution to the next time the pet levels up. The pet name does not always update appropriately; in this case, name your pet, then reset the default name with /namepet or /petname. Which evolutionary path the pet takes is dependent on the play style of its master leading up to the pet's evolution and is still undergoing research.

The following factors are believed not to be involved in pet evolution:

  • Levels of monsters fought
  • Number of times the pet died
  • Number of foes killed by the pet

The following are observed to have some correlation with defensive evolutions (playful/hearty):

  • High amount of healing on the pet
  • Low ratio of damage dealt by pet versus damage by owner
  • Amount of damage taken by the pet
  • Amount of damage taken by the pet without killing the pet

The following are observed to have some correlation with offensive evolutions (aggressive/dire):

  • High ratio of damage dealt by pet versus damage by owner
  • High absolute damage dealt by pet

Getting a pet

Pets are character-specific; each character must charm their own pet, and cannot be shared with other characters. To obtain a pet you must use Charm Animal on an animal. Heroes may also charm an animal either as a primary or secondary ranger.

Be warned: when you use Charm Animal to charm a pet, it will become hostile and attack you or another party member (don't panic, as it will do minimal damage). Heroes, if not set to avoid combat, and henchmen (AI characters) will attack the pet you are attempting to charm. For this situation, it is best to flag heroes and henchmen out of aggro range to prevent the pet from being killed by the AI characters before it is charmed.

Whenever a character has Charm Animal or Comfort Animal equipped, their pet will tag along when they are outside of cities and outposts.

Provided you do not get rid of the pet as described below, the pet is permanently linked to your character; even changing from a ranger secondary profession does not sever this link. When you change back to a ranger secondary and equip Charm Animal or Comfort Animal, the pet will be unchanged.

All PvP characters start off with an elder Wolf. It is possible to replace the wolf with another pet using the Zaishen Menagerie.

A hero can also get a pet by equipping Charm Animal. First clear the area around the pet. Then order all other heroes and henchmen away from the area. Use a flag to bring the desired hero within range of the pet. The player then targets the animal to be charmed. Left-click on the hero's number in the Party Member list to bring up the hero's skill bar, and select Avoid Combat, Charm Animal, and Lock Target. The hero will then use Charm Animal and will have a new pet.

Animal subtypes

There are currently 34 unique charmable animals in the world of Guild Wars, and 34 pets to be unlocked in the Zaishen Menagerie Grounds. Some animals that might seem to be different are still considered to be the same of pet in the Menagerie — these are the Tyrian and Elonian Warthog, the Wolf and Snow Wolf, and the Moa Bird and Strider .

Animal companions with their own statue in the Monument of Fellowship are marked in bold.




Eye of the North

Changing your pet

When Charm Animal is equipped, your animal companion travels with you, preventing you from charming another animal. The only way for you (or your hero) to charm a different animal is by first taking your current pet to a Pet Tamer, who will take it away. The most accessible pet tamer by far is Emryd in the Zaishen Menagerie Grounds, where you get the added convenience of being able to charm any pet you have previously released into the Menagerie, and can train them or even death level them before charming them anew.

Pet rules

  • Pets are not party members, only allies.
  • All pets are the same type of creature according to Edge of Extinction and other skills that affect creatures of the same species.
  • A pet will always attack the same foe as its owner (sometimes changing target with a delay) at a rate of one attack every 2.15 seconds.
  • Pets receive death penalty in PvP, but not in PvE.
  • Pets in PvE take 33% less damage and deal 33% more damage in combat.
  • When a pet dies, its location does not show as a gray dot on the compass and does not leave an exploitable corpse.
  • Also when a pet dies, all of the owner's skills will be disabled for a short time, based on their rank in Beast Mastery. The exception is Pre-Searing, where the owner's skills are not disabled upon death of the pet.
  • Pets can only be resurrected with Comfort Animal, Revive Animal, Heal as One, or a Resurrection Shrine. Resurrection skills targeted on players cannot target pets.
  • If a pet is unnamed (see below), its name may change as it levels up and evolves (i.e. a Melandru's Stalker may become a Playful Stalker). Note that the name change still occurs if you give your pet a custom name, it is just not displayed. If you later erase your pet's custom name, the 'upgraded' name will be displayed instead of the original one.
  • Pets gain experience and level up from combat, to a maximum level of 20. They will gain experience in this way even while dead, regardless of the distance to the dying foes, but the party screen will only update the level when the pet is within radar distance of the master. Pets do not gain experience from quest rewards or mission completion, and are unaffected by experience scrolls. The entire group of allied pets are considered as another party, thus, the experience earned by your pet decreases proportionally to the number of pets in the alliance. Note that since a pet 'dies' while you are inside a Junundu Wurm, this becomes a great way to get a pet evolved from 'Aggressive' to 'Dire' without having to do a lot of tedious death leveling.
  • Some pets may not follow you until you level them a couple of times.

Pet Controls

Pets also have a "control bar", similar to that of a hero's, which you display by clicking on the number to the left of the pet's health bar in the party window. (If heroes are in your party, the number indicating your pet's control bar changes from 1 to 2, 3, or 4, depending on the amount of heroes in your party.) When opened, it contains three buttons to the right of an animated avatar displaying the following: a sword, a shield, and a dove. Enchantments, conditions, and hexes affecting the pet are displayed below the control bar. The shield button sets the pet to Guard mode, which puts the pet's normal into effect. The sword button locks the pet's target on the foe currently targeted by the player. When a target is locked in this way, the pet will automatically chase after the enemy until you move too far away from your pet, or it is set to heel mode, and in some cases, guard mode. Note that when the pet successfully defeats its locked foe, it automatically returns to the mode it was previously in. The range of the lock target command is equivalent to roughly to twice the range of the aggro bubble. The dove button commands the pet to heel, which is equivalent to the hero's "avoid combat" command. When activated, a pet will automatically stop attacking, and remain idle, unless the pet is attacked (in which the pet will flee), put back into guard mode (note that if this happens, the pet may attempt to target the enemy it was previously attacking if the pet is close enough to its former target), or is given the command to target a specific enemy.

Pet attacks

A pet's damage is relative to the amount of attribute points invested in its owner's Beast Mastery attribute, with diminishing returns for rank greater than half the owner's Level +2. Pets attack roughly once every 2.15 seconds and inflict critical hits at a rate that depends on the owner's Beast Mastery attribute. Pet critical hits do not use the same damage formula as other critical hits. The most prominent difference is that pet critical hits have a damage range rather than inflicting √2*max damage.

With 12 points invested in Beast Mastery:

  • A level 20 Hearty pet does 15-35 damage per hit against an AL 60 target; with the critical hits removed, the base damage is 15-25.
  • A level 20 Elder pet does 17-41 damage per hit against an AL 60 target; with the critical hits removed, the base damage is 17-29.
  • A level 20 Dire pet does 20-46 damage per hit against an AL 60 target; with the critical hits removed, the base damage is 20-32.

In order to assess expected damage, the average damages need to be known, with 12 points invested in Beast Mastery:

  • A level 20 Hearty pet does an average of ~21.1 damage per hit for ~9.8 DPS at base attack speed.
  • A level 20 Elder pet does an average of ~24.4 damage per hit for ~11.3 DPS at base attack speed.
  • A level 20 Dire pet does an average of ~28.1 damage per hit for ~13.1 DPS at base attack speed.

Different types of pets do different types of physical damage.

Slashing damage is dealt by

Piercing damage is dealt by

* The Prima Guide has listed these types of pets as doing a different type of damage, and many other fansites copied that information. However, actual testing shows the information in the Prima Guide to be incorrect. For discussion on this matter, see here.

Health and armor

  • All pets have the same health and armor based on their current level.
  • Pets have the equivalent of 5 pieces of infused armor.
Health = Level × 20 + 80
AL = Level × 3 + 20

Pet Evolution Stats

  • Hearty: -(~12-14)% damage, +60 health
  • Playful: -(~5)% damage, +30 health
  • Elder: -0 damage, +0 health
  • Aggressive: +(~5)% damage, -30 health
  • Dire: +(~12-14)% damage, -60 health

It is commonly believed that an Elder pet has a damage bonus of +3; however, attempts to validate this have shown that this is not true (found in this Guru article).

Black Widows are always level 20, and spawn with a random evolution. Black Moas have been observed with the properties of the Elder evolution.

Have a look at the Guide to evolving a Dire Pet if you want a dire pet.

Pet naming

A primary character's pet can be given an individual name with the commands "/namepet <new name>" or "/petname <new name>". Both commands, when used without anything following it, will reset the pet's name to its default state. A pet's name can be up to 12 characters long. Note that an individual name will also carry over to a new pet. Pet name does not affect a pet's evolution, it will simply mask the prefix displayed until you reset the name to default. Multiple pets, unlike players, can have the same name. Heroes cannot rename their pets.

You cannot change the name of your pet in the middle of a PvP match. You may, however, change it while in any PvP outpost or the Isle of the Nameless.

Pet growth

As of the 10/18/2007 update, all pets now grow as they evolve. Pets do not automatically gain in size when going through levels. Some pets can be tamed with a certain evolution already maxed and therefore will never increase in size. If a pet is tamed with an evolution previously, and does not undergo another evolution, it will also not grow. This is independent of level, meaning that if you tame a level 12 aggressive lioness, and do not evolve it properly into a Dire Lioness, it will not grow in size.


  • Charmable Animal Companions removed from the game so far include the Fern Lizard from Prophecies (a browner cousin to the Dune Lizard), the panda (presumably due to international relations though it is still in the game - just not charmable), the red crowned crane (though still in the game and still called a Crane with a white neck and blue crown - the skin was changed presumably due to animal rights relations), and the Pygmy Hippopotamus (due to technical problems with the animal's model).
  • Animal companions appear to leave human footprints (haven't been able to verify this with all pets at this point).

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The Dark Side
[[Image:|200pxpx|Image of The Dark Side]]
Billing information
Members Darth Vader
Names The Dark Side
Federation(s) {{{federation}}}
Finisher Evil Intentions
Accomplishments Wrestling Society X

The Dark Side are a professional wrestling tag team consisting of Darth Vader and Shredder. They currently wrestle on the Raw brand of Wrestling Society X (WSX).

Wrestling details

  • Finishing tag team moves
    • Evil Intentions (Electric chair (Vader) / Silent but Deadly (Shredder) combination)
  • Signature tag team moves
    • Double lifting DDT
    • STO (Vader) / Russian legsweep (Shredder) combination
  • Darth Vader's finishing moves
    • Vader Driver (Sitout pumphandle slam)
    • Air Vader (Shooting star elbow drop)
  • Shredder's finishing moves
    • The Silencer (DDT perfomed by letting he opponent go)
    • Silent but Deadly (Electric chair senton)
  • Theme Music


Undisputed Tag Team Championship
The Dark Side (Darth Vader and Shredder)
Wrestling Society X<span/> roster
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Marvel Database

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X-Men: Evolution
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X-Men: Evolution
Played by
David Kaye, Scott McNeil, Kirsten Williamson, Mike Kopsa, Kirby Morrow, Venus Terzo, Meghan Black, Brad Swaile, Maggie Blue O'Hara, Neil Denis, Christopher Judge, Coleen Wheeler, Michael Donovan

22 Minutes

Country of origin
United States of America

First Aired




History Unknown


X-Men: Evolution is an American animated television series about the Marvel Comics superhero team X-Men. In this iteration some of the characters are teenagers rather than adults. The series ran for a total of four seasons (52 episodes) from November 2000 until October 2003 on Kids' WB!, even though Warner Bros. owns Marvel competitor DC Comics. The story is set in an alternate Marvel Universe.

Plot outline

Season One

The first season introduced us to the core characters and laid the foundations for future storylines. Cyclops, Professor X, Wolverine, Storm and Jean Grey made up the original X-Men. As the season developed the ranks of the X-Men were bolstered by the appearance of Nightcrawler in the first episode, Shadowcat in the second, Rogue in the third, and Spyke in the fifth. In the thirteen episodes of this season, Nightcrawler discovered the identity of his birth mother, Wolverine found answers to his past, Rogue switched sides to join the X-Men, and Xavier's step-brother Juggernaut is released from his prison.

Confrontations were typically with the Brotherhood, who vied for new recruits with the X-Men over the course of the season. Toad was the first to be introduced, followed by Avalanche, Blob and Quicksilver. The Brotherhood, apparently led by Mystique, were in fact being directed by a higher power, the identity of whom was revealed in the two-part season finale as being Magneto. After Cyclops discovered that his brother, Alex, survived the plane crash that killed their parents, they were both taken by Magneto into his "sanctuary" on Asteroid M. Magneto captured several X-Men and Brotherhood members in an attempt to amplify their mutant abilities and remove their emotions. Asteroid M was destroyed by Scott and Alex Summers, but not before two unidentified metal objects flew from the exploding rock.

Season Two

The second season saw the addition of several new mutants, including the Beast. During the course of the season it was revealed that the villains who supposedly perished on Asteroid M were in fact alive. Sabretooth, meanwhile, continued his pursuit of Wolverine, while Magneto continued to work his own agenda. Mystique posed as Risty Wilde, a high school student at Bayville High who befriends Rogue, and broke into the mansion, stealing Xavier's Cerebro files. Using the files, she recovered Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, Magneto's daughter and Quicksilver's twin sister. The mentally unstable uber-mutant joined the Brotherhood upon Mystique's return, allowing them to defeat the X-Men in a battle at the Bayville mall. Before the finale, a pivotal episode aired featuring the telepath Mesmero opening one of three doors that would unleash a mutant known as Apocalypse.

In the season finale, Xavier rigorously trained his X-Men to face Magneto, pairing them with the Brotherhood. Cyclops, furious with having to work with his former adversaries, left the team. The mansion was later set to self-destruct with Cyclops and several students still inside. Magneto, meanwhile, recruited Sabretooth, Gambit, Pyro, and Colossus as his Acolytes to fight the X-Men/Brotherhood team. At the same time, Wolverine was captured by Bolivar Trask for use as a test subject for the anti-mutant weapon, the Sentinel. The Sentinel was unleashed onto the city, forcing the X-Men to use their powers in public. Wanda tracked down Magneto and attempted to crush him with the Sentinel. When the mutants who hadn't been captured by the Sentinel returned to the remains of the mansion, Cyclops and the students emerged from the explosion unharmed. Scott threw Xavier from his wheelchair and blamed him for blowing up the mansion. Xavier calmly stood up, transforming into Mystique.

Season Three

After the battle with the Sentinel the mutant race was no longer a secret. The public reaction was one of hostility. As the season progressed, the real Xavier was found, Mystique defeated, the mansion rebuilt, and the X-Men allowed back into Bayville High. Wanda continued to search for Magneto (who was saved by his son, Quicksilver, at the last minute) until Magneto used the telepathic mutant Mastermind to change her childhood memories. Scott and Jean forged a deeper relationship, while the romance between Shadowcat and the Brotherhood member Avalanche ended. Also, Spyke left the X-Men when his power became uncontrollable, deciding to live with the sewer-dwelling deformities, the Morlocks.

As part of the series arc, Rogue loses control of her powers, leading to her hospitalization. During that time, she learned she was the adoptive daughter of Mystique. Mystique, through the visions of the mutant Destiny, foresaw that the fate of Rogue and herself lied in the hands of an ancient mutant that would be resurrected. The return of the long-awaited Apocalypse saga emerged in the season's final episodes. Mesmero manipulated Magneto into opening the second door, and used Mystique and Rogue to open the last, turning Mystique to stone in the process. Now released, Apocalypse easily defeated the combined strength of the X-Men, Magneto, the Acolytes, and the Brotherhood before escaping.

Season Four

The final (and darker) season contained only nine episodes. In the season premiere, Apocalypse killed Magneto while Rogue murdered Mystique by pushing her petrified figure off a cliff, leaving her distraught son, Nightcrawler, without closure. The Brotherhood became temporary do-gooders, Wolverine's teenage girl clone X23 returned, Spyke and the Morlocks rose to the surface, Shadowcat discovered a mutant ghost, Rogue was kidnapped by Gambit and taken to Louisiana to help free his father, and Xavier attempted to defeat his evil son. In the finale, Apocalypse defeated Xavier and Storm, transforming them, along with Magneto and Mystique, as his Four Horsemen. Apocalypse instructed his Horsemen to protect his four domes, which would turn the entire world population into mutants. In the final battle, the Horsemen were returned to normal and Apocalypse was once again entombed. Rogue and Nightcrawler refused the excuses of their mother, Shadowcat and Avalanche found love once again, and Xavier saw his students reunited as the X-Men.

Final Moments

The series ends with a speech by Charles Xavier, who had caught a glimpse of the future while being controlled by Apocalypse. Boyd Kirkland confirmed that the unproduced Season 5 would have expanded on several of these plot threads, with Dark Phoenix being the season's main villain.[1] The following future scenarios were foreseen:

  • Anti-mutant sentiment continues.
  • The Sentinels attack, led by a Super Sentinel which is hinted to be Nimrod.
  • A reformed Magneto becomes the teacher of the New Mutants.
  • Jean Grey becomes possessed by the Phoenix Force and turns into the Phoenix. (NOTE: It's unknown wheter the Phoenix would have been a cosmic entity or a part of Jean's mind; similar to the movies)
  • The future X-Men team consists of adult versions of Cyclops, X23, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Rogue (able to fly and, curiously, not wearing gloves), plus Storm and Colossus. The uniforms these future X-Men wear look very much like the dark uniforms in the Ultimate X-Men comic. Only X23 (who had a dark uniform from the start) looks the same.
  • The last scene (see picture below) shows the entire cast, which includes the X-Men, the New Mutants, Gambit and Colossus (former Acolytes), the previously unaligned Boom Boom, Havok, Angel, and X-23; along with the return of Jubilee, Spyke, and Wolfsbane.
  • The Brotherhood and Pyro join S.H.I.E.L.D.

If the show had not been canceled, the foreshadowing of Jean becoming Dark Phoenix, a possible arrival of Corsair, Magneto officially allying himself with Xavier, David Haller and Apocalypse returning, the arrival of the Shi'ar, Madelyne Pryor ,Mister Sinister, Bishop, Cable and Rachel Summers (from the present and future;although in the current timeline, Nathan and Rachel are twins whereas the others are not), and Scott's marriage with Jean.


Season 1

  1. "Strategy X"
  2. "The X Impulse"
  3. "Rogue Recruit"
  4. "Mutant Crush"
  5. "Speed & Spyke"
  6. "Middleverse"
  7. "Turn of the Rogue"
  8. "Spykecam"
  9. "Survival of the Fittest"
  10. "Shadowed Past"
  11. "Grim Reminder"
  12. "The Cauldron, Part I"
  13. "The Cauldron, Part II"

Season 2

  1. "Growing Pains"
  2. "Power Surge"
  3. "Bada Bing Bada Boom"
  4. "Fun and Games"
  5. "The Beast of Bayville"
  6. "Adrift"
  7. "On Angel's Wings"
  8. "African Storm"
  9. "Joyride"
  10. "A Walk on the Wild Side"
  11. "Operation: Rebirth"
  12. "Mindbender"
  13. "Shadowdance"
  14. "Retreat"
  15. "Hex Factor"
  16. "Day of Reckoning, Part I"
  17. "Day of Reckoning, Part II"

Season 3

  1. "Day of Recovery"
  2. "Stuff of Heroes"
  3. "Mainsteam"
  4. "Stuff of Villains"
  5. "Blind Alley"
  6. "X-Treme Measures"
  7. "The Toad, Witch, and Wardrobe"
  8. "Self Possessed"
  9. "Under Lock and Key"
  10. "Cruise Control"
  11. "X23"
  12. "Dark Horizon, Part I"
  13. "Dark Horizon, Part II"

Season 4

  1. "Impact"
  2. "No Good Deed"
  3. "Target X"
  4. "Sins of the Son"
  5. "Uprising"
  6. "Cajun Spice"
  7. "Ghost of a Chance"
  8. "Ascension, Part I"
  9. "Ascension, Part II"

Comic book spin-offs

In January 2002, Marvel Comics began publishing an X-Men Evolution Comic, partially based on the show. Written by Devin Grayson with art by Studio XD, it was abruptly canceled after the ninth issue due to low sales.

The comic introduced the Evolution version of the Morlocks before they appeared on the show, and their appearances and motivations were radically different in both versions. An ongoing plot line would have introduced an 'Evolution' version of Mr. Sinister, but the comic was canceled before it could be resolved. However, the cover of the unreleased issue 10 does reveal his intended character design.[2]

Evolution characters in the comics and films

X-23, an original character introduced in later seasons, made her comic book debut in the miniseries NYX, where her appearance was slightly altered to more closely resemble Wolverine. She received a self-titled comic series in 2005. Much like Harley Quinn of Batman: The Animated Series or Marvel's own Firestar of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, she was a character originally created for an animated series that was incorporated into comic book canon.

The comic book X-Statix featured an African-American mutant with the same codename and abilities as Spyke; however, this "other" Spike was not related to Storm, had a very different personality (modeled after popular gangsta rappers), and is generally interpreted to be a completely separate character. Another similar character appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand as a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants. He is listed as Spike in the credits.

Awards and nominations

X-Men: Evolution won the award for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Live Action and Animation at the 30th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, on May 16 2003.[3] It also won the Cover of the Year Award in 2004 for best animated figure for Beast. It was nominated for several Golden Reel awards as well as other Emmys. Steven E. Gordon, the director of this show, was nominated for the for Production Design in an Animated Television Production for X-Men: Evolution at the 2001 Annie Awards.


  • United States - Kids' WB!, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel
  • Australia - Nine Network
  • Canada - YTV
  • China - Cartoon Network
  • Germany - Kabel 1
  • Italy - Italia 1
  • India - Cartoon Network
  • Latin America - Cartoon Network
  • Philippines - Cartoon Network
  • Poland - Cartoon Network
  • Romania - Cartoon Network
  • Scandinavia - Cartoon Network
  • Turkey - Digiturk JoJo
  • United Kingdom - CNX, Toonami
  • Belgium - VTM

Comparison with original comics

The X-Men: Evolution series was targeted at a younger audience, and portrays Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Rogue, and Shadowcat from the original comic book series, as well as Spyke, a new character created for the series. These characters are shown as teenagers attending regular high school in addition to the Xavier Institute. At the latter, Professor X, Storm, Wolverine, and later Beast were their teachers. The first season mainly concerned the characters' conflict with Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants. Later seasons predominantly featured Apocalypse as an adversary and introduced versions of the New Mutants and Magneto's Acolytes.

X-Men: Evolution is set in the generic city of Bayville, rather than Salem Center (though both exist in New York State, and a school bus shown in one episode is from the "Westchester School District"). Furthermore, in the early part of the series (until the end of season 2) most people are unaware of the existence of mutants. It is also important to note that the Brotherhood team is not known as the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants within the context of this series. They are not a team of terrorists or mutant supremacists. Instead, the Brotherhood is made up of misfit mutants who often oppose the X-Men (in physical, social, and philosophical realms).

The series revealed a detailed knowledge of canon history in a number of small ways. Examples include the evolution of Cerebro from a console device, Shadowcat's initial uneasiness around Nightcrawler, and Forge's scientific arrogance along with his devices causing unintended consequences. In "Day of Recovery", Toad is seen to be quite comfortable with technology, and in "Operation Rebirth", the "POW camp" Magneto is held in as a child is visually similar (in the opening shot) to Auschwitz, though it is not identified.





New Recruit(s)










Unaffiliated Mutants


  • Angel, Warren Worthington III
  • Havok, Alex Masters/Alex Summers


  • Destiny, Irene Adler


Unaffiliated Humans


  • Amanda Sefton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sefton
  • Paul


  • Agatha Harkness
  • Risty Wilde


  • Sentinel




  • Gauntlet
  • Omega Red
  • Viper


X-Men: Evolution featured several songs that were produced exclusively for the show:

  • I'm Only a Girl (The Sirens' Theme) in Walk on the Wild Side.
  • T-O-A-D (Toad's Theme) in The Toad, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
  • Who Am I Now? (Rogue's Theme) in Rogue Recruit.

Several characters also had distinct musical cues, including Avalanche, Mystique, Storm, Gambit and Magneto.

Episode list

Production notes

The writers of the show have admitted that they were fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Using Shadowcat as the catalyst, the two shows appear similar: a teenage girl with superpowers fights powerful villains in order to save her high school. Buffy and Shadowcat share similar opposition: first with the school principal and then the Mayor.[4] Ironically, Buffy creator Joss Whedon has admitted that his inspiration for Buffy was Kitty Pryde.[5].

One of the main points of the new X-Men: Evolution concept was the design of the new costumes. Early concept art sketches show the X-Men in classic gold-and-black garb. In these drafts, Spyke wears cornrows, Rogue's outfit exposes her midriff, and Jean Grey's costume is the female version of Cyclops' costume. Both Jean Grey and Shadowcat wear face masks, and Kitty is also wearing an orange miniskirt and Doc Martens over spandex. Early Storm drawings shows her wearing white rather than black.[6] Also notable was the inclusion of an original character, who had to be male and black. In pre-production, he was called "Armadillo"; later changed to Spyke.[7]

A point of controversy was the design of the blue-skinned villain Mystique. Steven E. Gordon, the character designer and director of various episodes, was never impressed with the Mystique designs for the first season. Mystique was originally to be presented as nude (as in the films), but Warner Brothers didn't want this included in a Kids' WB! production.[8] However, a short scene of Mystique drawn to resemble her film counterpart (albeit clothed) appears in the Season 1 finale. Gordon stopped directing after two seasons, but continued to design characters for the show. He is most satisfied with the designs of Rogue and Wanda. [9]

The show also contained some references to other mediums: the Rogue/Kitty dance in "Spykecam" was modeled after a similar dance in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Bad Girls"[10] and the dance Boom Boom does in the episode "A Walk on the Wild Side", seen as Rogue approaches the balcony railing, was mimicked from Jessica Alba's dance in Never Been Kissed.[11] The play used in the first season episode "SpykeCam", Dracula: The Musical, is a real play. The song used, however, is an original song made for the episode.

Starting with the first episode of Season 4, "Impact", the episode title was no longer aired on-screen at the beginning of the show, and X-Men: Evolution became the third longest-running Marvel cartoon, behind Spider-Man: The Animated Series (5 seasons, 65 episodes) and X-Men: The Animated Series (5 seasons, 76 episodes). Boyd Kirkland, the show's producer, says his favorite X-Men: Evolution season is Season 3.[12].


The show has given birth to a new series Wolverine and the X-Men, currently in production, scheduled for sometime between late 2007 or early 2008. It is not a continuation of X-Men: Evolution, though the same creative team behind the show is returning to work on the new cartoon. Steven E Gordon, Greg Johnson, and Boyd Kirkland have all returned to work on this new series. The show is headed toward a 2D/3D Animation similar to Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes.

Marvel references and cameos

X-Men: Evolution weaves a lot of references and cameos into its show. One of the masks worn by the vandals, in the Season 3 episode "Mainstream", bears a suitable resemblance to the classic Marvel Comics monster, Fin Fang Foom. In the Season 3 episode "Under Lock and Key", the five X-Men that went to find the other half of the spider (Beast, Angel, Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Iceman) are a reference to the original X-Men that consisted of those five members.[13]. In the Season 3 episode "Dark Horizons Part 2", Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Shadowcat are grouped together when the X-Men and the Acolytes are separated. This is a reference to the Europe-based superhero team Excalibur, which included all three mutants in its roster.[14]

Captain America and Nick Fury are the only non-mutant Marvel superheroes to appear on Evolution. There is also, however, a small Iron Man reference in the episode "On Angel's Wings", when a sign reading "Stark Enterprises" is seen during an exterior shot of New York City and a small Spider-Man reference when Angel was reading the Daily Bugle, the newspaper where Peter Parker/Spider-Man normally take pictures for. In addition, Omega Red mentions Maverick and Kestrel in the episode "Target X", referring to the latter as "Wraith".

At the beginning of the final scene at the swimming pool and as the Professor speaks just before the credits in the Season 1 episode "Speed and Spyke", the first few notes of background music are taken from the theme tune of the older Fox X-Men animated series.


X-Men: Evolution had its own line of merchandise, but lack of sales forced Marvel to cut back on production.

Toy Biz created a line of action figures which included Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Storm, Sabretooth, Toad, Spyke, Magneto, Juggernaut, and Blob. Hard Hero also released maquettes of Storm, Professor X, Juggernaut, Magneto, Wolverine, Colossus, Cyclops, and the X-Men: Evolution design of Captain America.

Taco Bell ran the first X-Men: Evolution themed promotion with its Kid's Meals. Burger King also ran a Kid's Meal promotion which included X-Men: Evolution toys. Each toy included a mini-disc with games, screen-savers, and a mini-comic related to the character. The lineup included Rogue, Mystique, Cyclops, Wolverine, Magneto, Quicksilver, Nightcrawler, and Toad.

DVD releases

Season 1

  • X-Men Evolution Collection collects the following four DVD's:
    • UnXpected Changes (Strategy X, The X Impulse, Rogue Recruit)
    • Xplosive Days (Mutant Crush, Speed and Spyke, Middleverse)
    • X Marks The Spot (Turn of the Rogue, SpykeCam, Survival of the Fittest)
    • Xposing The Truth (Shadowed Past, Grim Reminder, The Cauldron Parts 1 & 2)

Season 2

  • Mutant Rising (Growing Pains, Badda Bing Badda Boom, Power Surge, Fun and Games)
  • Powers Revealed (The Beast of Bayville, Adrift, On Angel's Wings, African Storm)
  • Enemies Unveiled (Joy Ride, Walk on the Wild Side, Operation Rebirth, Mindbender)
  • Mystique's Revenge (Shadow Dance, Retreat, The Hex Factor, Day of Reckoning Parts 1 & 2)

Season 3

  • Two-Disc DVD Set (The Day of Recovery, The Stuff of Heroes, Mainstream, The Stuff of Villains, Blind Alley, X-Treme Measures, The Toad, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Self Possessed, Under Lock and Key, Cruise Control, X-23, Dark Horizon Parts 1 & 2)

External links

  • Toon Zone's X-Men: Evolution website
  • X-Men: Evolution at the Big Cartoon DataBase
  • TV.com: X-Men: Evolution episode list
  • X-Men: Beyond Evolution hosted by Toon Zone
  • X-Men: Evolution Page run by Kataclysm with screenshots for each episode and custom avatars
  • The Art of Steven E. Gordon: Drawing tutorials and character design studies for many of the most popular X-Men Evolution characters, provided by the former director and character designer of the series.

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real-world perspective.



The USS Wasp encounters hostile ships, and the new JAG officer, Sara Jackson, is sent to investigate. Meanwhile, a troubled cadet is assigned to the Baldwin

Log Entries

  • "Captain's Log, Stardate 53149.9: The Wasp has been assigned to chart subspace currents near Cardassian territory. It should give us a chance to test the upgraded warp drive."
    USS Wasp, recorded by Andrew Ramsey
  • "First Officer's Log, Stardate 53164.1: Khan Noonian Singh has captured Captain Ingrum, but not before discovering that Khan is attempting to succeed where the founders have failed. We are proceeding back to Deep Space Nine, but we are doing our best to keep our ears on the captain."
    — recorded by Jaimie Petrelli


  • Dorian Collins from DS9: "Valiant" joins the ship.
  • Patrick acknowledges that he doesn't use the cloak often, a nod to Gene Roddenberry's assertion that the Federation "doesn't go snooping around."
  • Patrick briefly mentions the events of TNG: "Unnatural Selection".
  • Bridget makes references to Spider-Man and Star Trek: First Contact.
  • The seeds of the relationship between Patrick and Bridget are planted.
  • The title of the story is in reference to the 1979 album by Journey, the follow-up to Infinity.


Bennett, Laura; Collins, Dorian; Ingrum, Bridget Ingrum, Patrick; Jackson, Sara; McWatt (Wasp); Ramsey, Andrew; Singh, Khan Nonnien; USS Wasp

External links

  • Evolution Full text of the story, at the USS Baldwin series home.

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Remnants of a Camp
  • Level: 42
  • Reward: 25920 XP

You are given the waypoint for the next location used as a camp by the crew.

Table of contents

Find the lost crew

When you get there, you'll find - surprise surprise - a bunch of giant spiders. However, these are a new type of giant spiders even bigger than the ones from the previous quest.

Kill the creatures

You are now told to kill six Brood V Arachne (CL 42) and six Brood Aurek V Arachne (CL 45).

Etymology Note: "Aurek" is the first letter of the Aurebesh language used by sentient creatures in the Star Wars galaxy, seen both in the films and in the game. It is also an ancient root that means, in several languages, "Golden Haired" or "Golden Toned." It may be that the Aurek are "alpha spiders," hence their greater size and strength.

Be careful, as these spiders do deathblow.

Search for clues

When you've killed those nasty spiders, you have to find some clues as to the whereabouts of the crew. There's a datapad somewhere in the camp (/way 6041 7021) that will reveal that.

Track the crew

Having found the datapad you are sent on a trail to find the crew. You will be ambushed by giant spiders two times and at each ambush you'll have to kill six creatures.

Destroy the creatures in the lair

The trail will lead you to a cave full of giant spiders. You have to kill twelve Brood V Aureks and twelve Brood V Arachne (by now the creepiness of the spiders should be replaced with boredom).

Next: Grim Discovery

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English: Evolution
Attribute: EARTH Image:Earth.png
Types: Warrior/Fusion
Level: 9 Image:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.png
ATK/DEF: 4000/2500
Card Lore: "Triple H" + "Randy Orton" + "Batista" + "Ric Flair"
Sets with this Card: WGS - 0010 - Ultra Rare
Card Limit: Unlimited
Other Card Information: Gallery - Rulings
Tips - Errata - Trivia
Lores - Artworks - Names
Facts about EvolutionRDF feed
Level 9  +

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