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This article is about the trees that form part of Distractions and Diversions. For the random event that formerly broke axes whilst Woodcutting, see Ent.
Wallpaper that came out with the Evil Tree Distraction and Diversion

The Evil Tree is a members-only Distractions and Diversions event, released on 25 February 2009. This event can be done twice daily; the counter resets at 00:00 GMT. Players must log out to reset the clock. A tree will spawn two hours after the death of the last tree in that world. As such, players may kill a tree in one world and switch to another world where a new tree is just sprouting.

Players may join a clan chat dedicated to finding evil trees, as it is easier to find trees in groups than alone. These clan chats can be found by searching the RuneScape forums.

Warning: Interacting with a tree at any stage of development counts as one of the two daily trees. This applies to nurturing trees, even if players do not have the required levels to chop or burn the fully grown tree. Right clicking to inspect and check a fully grown tree's health does not count as one of the daily interactions.

Evil trees appear every 2 hours according to a Jagex Mod.
Nurturing option



A large group taking on the evil tree.

The purpose of the event is to kill the Evil tree, after which the player is rewarded; see below. There are seven types of evil trees and twenty-six possible locations.

Farming experience is granted each time the Sapling advances to another stage of development. Woodcutting experience is granted every few seconds during chopping. Firemaking experience is granted each time a new section of the Tree is lit.

A leprechaun is found near all trees. He will explain the evil tree and is the one to reward players.



An evil tree has a total of six stages: stages 1–5 are different growths of the sapling, and stage six is a fully grown evil tree. The strange sapling may be nurtured by players to make it grow quickly, but it will grow on its own. Currently, the only way to determine which type of tree the sapling will become is by checking the farming experience gained; see chart. However, this counts as one of the twice-daily interactions. Players may wish to refrain from nurturing trees until they know if they are interested in killing the resulting tree. After the sapling is fully grown, it becomes an evil tree.


There are several ways to find an evil tree:

  • Speak with a Spirit tree (this requires completion of Tree Gnome Village). It will tell you the status of the tree in each world. Once the strange sapling sprouts, it will give players a hint to its location; see here. Note that each hint leads to at least two locations. Once the Sapling has grown into a full tree, Spirit trees will teleport the player to the exact location. Note that if a quest is required that you have not completed, (such as Kharazi Jungle) the Spirit tree will not teleport you.
  • Be nearby. Once the Strange Sapling sprouts, roots will briefly shoot out of the surrounding ground. These roots can appear a good distance from the location of the tree, so search carefully.
  • Join a clan. Many clans will be advertised near the spirit trees (mostly the Grand Exchange tree)


Evil tree roots.

The evil tree is killed using two methods: cutting with a hatchet and lighting fires at its base. Different levels are required to cut and burn the tree; see below. Chopping the tree and its roots gives Woodcutting experience, and lighting fires gives Firemaking experience.

To chop the tree, a Hatchet is needed. As with all woodcutting, higher-level hatchets cut faster than lower-level ones. To burn the tree, the player will require a tinderbox and some kindling, which is attained from chopping down one of the four roots that grow on the north, east, south, or west side of the tree. Upon request, the leprechaun will provide the player with a Bronze Hatchet and a Tinderbox.

The roots will strike and stun players who are standing nearby. They will also force players who are standing on their spawn location off the way each time they spawn. There are eight spots at the base of the tree to light. The fires do damage to the tree over time; therefore it is recommended to light the fires as early as possible to maximize damage.

The tree begins with 100% life, and the player with 0% damage. As players chop the tree and the fires burn, the tree's life drops and the player's damage increases. This can be checked by right-clicking and inspecting the tree. Doing so will stop the player from chopping, note, so do so sparingly. The tree does not always die when it reaches 0% health, and it occasionally lives for a considerable time after reaching 0%.

If an evil tree takes too long to die, it gets struck by lightning. Its health then drops to 50% after it has appeared for 10 minutes; then it drops to 25% if it has appeared for 20 minutes; and then it will die on the third hit if tree has not yet died after appearing for 30 minutes. This also has a lightning sound effect to go along with it.

Skill Requirements

Evil Tree Woodcutting Level Farming Level Firemaking Level
Normal Evil Tree Normal Evil Tree 1 1 1
Oak Evil Tree Oak Evil Tree 15 7 15
Willow Evil Tree Willow Evil Tree 30 15 30
Maple Evil Tree Maple Evil Tree 45 22 45
Yew Evil Tree Yew Evil Tree 60 30 60
Magic Evil Tree Magic Evil Tree 75 37 75
Elder Evil Tree Elder Evil Tree 85 42 85

Locations with hints

  • Hints are given by Spirit trees when there is a Strange Sapling.
  • There are currently 26 possible known locations.
  • All hints refer to at least two possible locations (occasionally three or four).
  • Hints start with "It can be found...".
Hints Possible Locations Map
Due west of a town called Lumbridge North of the wall between Lumbridge and the swamp
South of Draynor Village near the willow trees
Outside of City you call Varrock North of Varrock Palace, near the Wilderness ditch
East of Varrock, near Tolna's rift
Close to a place called 'Draynor' North of Draynor Village near Draynor Manor
South of Draynor Village near the willow trees
Close to the town you call "Seers" South of Seers' Village Flax Field by the Yew trees
Heart of McGrubor's Wood
North-west of Seers' Village bank
North as the crow flies from Seers' Village North-west of Seers' Village bank
East of the house portal in Rellekka
North as the crow flies from the market of Ardougne Heart of McGrubor's Wood
South-west of the Ranging Guild
Close to the home of "Legends" North of Legends' Guild
South of Legends' Guild
Close to the town you call Yanille North of Yanille
South of Tree Gnome Village, West of Yanille
On the island known as Karamja Near the nature altar, north of Shilo Village
East of the Teak trees in the Kharazi Jungle
Close to a dungeon entrance and within a tropical jungle Near the entrance of the Brimhaven Dungeon
Ape Atoll, near the entrance to Ape Atoll Dungeon
On the southern coast of a tropical island East of the teak trees in the Kharazi Jungle
Ape Atoll, near the entrance to Ape Atoll Dungeon
To the south of a gnome settlement South of Tree Gnome Stronghold, East of the Outpost
South of Tree Gnome Village, West of Yanille
In the lands inhabited by elves Lletya, South of the Magic trees
East of Tyras Camp
Close to a runecrafting altar Near the Body altar, South of the Monastery
West of Nature altar, North of the Shilo Village
Close to a mine on the outskirts of a city West of Falador
South of Legends' Guild
Close to a large collection of willow trees South of Draynor Village near the willow trees
North-west of Seers' Village bank
South of Legends' Guild
South-west part of Tree Gnome Stronghold, north of Brimstail's cave and east of the bridge
By a collection of Yew Trees South of Seers' Village Flax Field by the Yew trees
North of the wall between Lumbridge and the swamp
With rare trees and ogres nearby South of Castle Wars (North of fairy ring BKP)
West of Oo'glog, East of Mobilising Armies



  • When an evil tree is still a sapling, Farming experience can be gained for nurturing it. No items are required to do this.
  • When an evil tree is fully grown, chopping the roots and the tree itself gains Woodcutting experience.
  • When a root vanishes, the player gains Evil tree kindling, which can be used on the tree to set fire to a part of the tree. This awards Firemaking experience.
  • Sacred clay hatchets give double experience when chopping evil trees.

Note: the Ring of fire, Flame gloves, and lumberjack clothing give no additional experience, and the Inferno Adze will not automatically light any kindling received.

Evil Tree Experience
Nurturing Firemaking Chopping roots Chopping tree
Normal 20 200


Oak 45 300


Willow 66 450


Maple 121 675


Yew 172.5 1,112.5


Magic 311 1,517.5


Elder 687.5 2,000.5




A log being escorted to the player's bank.
  • You can sell the Evil tree kindling to the leprechaun for 25 coins each, or choose to keep the kindling to use on future Evil trees. All trees give the same type of kindling.
  • When the tree dies, it turns grey and withers. Players always get the following items from the evil tree as a reward:
    • Noted logs of the same type as the tree. Elder trees offer noted Yew, Magic, Teak or Mahogany logs.
    • Coins
    • Tree Seed or Bird's nest
    • Level 1 Clue scroll
    • Key halves

Further woodcutting

For a period of time after the tree is killed, players are given several advantages when cutting trees. The amount of time depends on the percent damage done to the evil tree, and the type of evil tree; see below. This ranges from 2 to 30 minutes. Note that these abilities only apply to cutting Normal, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, and Magic trees. (Does not include other evil trees or farming-plot trees) This bonus does not disappear when you log out.

  • Significantly reduced chance of a tree being felled when a log is harvested. Note that for this to apply, nobody else may be cutting the tree.
  • Significantly increased chance of having birds' nests fall out of trees.
  • Ability to have logs "magically escorted" to the players bank while Woodcutting if their inventory is full.

Players wishing to take advantage of this feature should consider cutting trees which yield logs quickly. Logs cut, when having a full inventory, end up in your bank. The most efficient trees to chop for Woodcutting experience for the duration of the reward are willow trees. Some of the best places to make use of the automatic banking are:

For players with higher woodcutting levels, maples in an uncrowded area are also good for using the magical log-banking. The best location for this is the forest of maple trees west of Sinclair Mansion, north of Seer's Village.

Maximum rewards

The following table shows the highest reported reward possible. A lower percentage reduces the rewards.

Evil Tree Logs Gold coins Duration of log teleportation
Normal 12 166 6 minutes
Oak 34 326 10 minutes
Willow 226 1,127 14 minutes
Maple 131 1,280 18 minutes
Yew 15 2,352 22 minutes
Magic 10 4,598 26 minutes
Elder 181 Teak or 102 Mahogany or
56 Yews or 18 Magic
8,462 30 minutes


Music track unlocked:

An Evil Tree is struck by lightning


  • The Music track unlocked Trees Aren't Your Friends could be a reference to the saying "Trees are our friends."
  • On its day of release, a server blackout occurred. The Grand Exchange Database page was also affected. Players saw items rising over 200,000% in a day, but the actual price of the items were intact.
  • When right-clicking the music track "Trees aren't your Friends" in the Music list and choosing the "Unlock hint" option, the hint will state "This track was unlocked during The Evil Tree minigame." This might be an indication that the Evil Tree distraction was intended to be a minigame at first. The Evil Tree is also under the Minigames index in the in-game Woodcutting guide.
  • With the release of Evil Trees, pures who had completed Monkey Madness gained the ability to travel to Ape Atoll without receiving the experience rewards from Daero. This was accomplished by using a Spirit tree to teleport to a tree located there. This bug prompted Jagex to simply allow players to return to Ape Atoll normally without claiming the experience reward.
  • Originally, Spirit trees would only mention evil trees after the sprout had already appeared. It wasn't until a few weeks after the original release that they began to give information on how long it would take for the next evil tree to sprout. This made it much easier for a single person to find a tree.
  • If somebody lights a fire where a root will sprout, when the ashes appear and the root sprouts again, the ashes will appear on top of the root. Once the root goes away, the ashes will look to be floating. (Note): Since 9 November 2009, an evil tree can no longer cause items to float above its roots.
  • If you choose to claim your bonus at a later time after finishing the tree, the duration of your bonus will be half of what it normally is. You can also talk to any tool leprechaun to receive your reward.
  • As of October 2009, Achey tree logs will not be transported to the bank. The player receives a "Your inventory is too full to hold any logs." message instead.
  • Logging out pauses the remaining log teleportation time.
  • The "escorted log" animation is only seen by the respective player. You will never see the animation on another player with "auto-banking", only yourself.
  • A few days after the release of the Evil Tree, Spirit trees said 'despatch' instead of 'dispatch' when talked to.
  • It is possible to attack roots of the evil tree with any type of Machete.


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