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File:The Evil Forest in world.jpg

The Evil Forest

The Evil Forest is a subarea of Amakna.


The Evil Forest is a Conquest territory (needs a Prism of Conquest).


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Dark Vlad

The main reason to enter The Evil Forest is to fight the boss monster, Dark Vlad. Reaching him can be quite tricky though. To get to him follow the instructions below:

  1. (-3, 14) (Entry/Exit)
  2. Go SW to (-3, 15)
  3. Go W to (-4, 15)
  4. Go S to (-4, 16)
  5. Go W to (-5, 16)
  6. Go S to (-5, 17)
  7. Go SW to (-5, 18)
  8. Go E to (-4, 18)
  9. Go N to (-4, 17)
  10. Go E to (-3, 17)
  11. Go E to (-2, 17)
  12. Go N to (-2, 16)
  13. Go W to (-3, 16)
  14. Go NE to (-2,16)
  15. Go N to (-2, 15)
  16. Go E to (-1, 15)
  17. Go E to (0, 15)
  18. Go SE to (0, 16)
  19. Go S to (0, 17) (Ded Aleicar)
  20. Go S to (0, 18)
  21. Go W to (-1, 18)
  22. Go S to (-1, 19)
  23. Go S to (-1, 20)
  24. Go W to (-2, 20)
  25. Go W to (-3, 20)
  26. Go W to (-4, 20)
  27. Go NE to (-4, 19) (Malicious Chest)
  28. Go W to (-5, 19)
  29. Go W to (-6, 19)
  30. Go W to (-7, 19)
  31. Go NW to (-7, 18)
  32. Go N to (-7, 17)
  33. Go N to (-7, 16) (Dark Vlad's Clearing)


A map of the area can be found here

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Final Fantasy

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The Evil Forest
"Plants that attack people... I guess they don't call it Evil Forest for nothin'."
Tantalus Theater Troupe's cymbalist

The Evil Forest is a location in the game Final Fantasy IX. It completely fills a vast valley just south of Alexandria. It has a tendency to petrify often, and is inhabited by dangerous plants, probably resulting from Mist.



Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)
Blank, petrified in Evil Forest

When Tantalus tried to escape Alexandria with Princess Garnet in the Prima Vista, Queen Brahne fired cannonballs at the ship, shooting it down. It landed in the Evil Forest, and the passengers were scattered. Garnet and Vivi, who due to a mishap also found his way onto the airship, were caught by a Prison Cage, and Zidane and Steiner tried to rescue them. They succeed in rescuing Vivi, but not Garnet. However, all three of them contract a poison from the plant, and have to return to the Prima Vista crash site where Marcus, Blank, and Cinna are tending to the survivors. Benero and Zenero hold an uncooperative Steiner prisoner, and Blank and Zidane help Vivi. Zidane wants to try and save Garnet, but his boss Baku refuses to let him do it, saying that Tantalus needs to be safe before the princess. As a result, Zidane fights Baku for the right to quit Tantalus and rescue Garnet. He wins the fight, and Baku lets him go. Blank gives Zidane some medicine for her, and Zidane sets off with Vivi and Steiner. Baku sends Blank after them with a Continental Map soon after. Blank arrives just in time to help Zidane, Vivi, and Steiner rescue Garnet from the Plant Brain. However, this causes the forest to become unstable and it begins to turn to stone. Zidane and his friends have to escape in seven minutes, whilst they are pursued by many Plant Spiders. Blank doesn't make it in time, as he forces Zidane away from the clutches of one of the monsters and gets petrified himself, along with the rest of the forest. However, he throws the map at the last second. Zidane recovers with Steiner, Vivi, and Garnet, and they leave the next morning to head for the Ice Cavern.

Later in the game, Marcus returns here to rescue Blank.

A swamp in the Evil Forest



Key Items

  • Blank's Medicine
  • Continental Map

Shop List

Cinna actually runs an item shop outside the Prima Vista.

Item Price (gil)
Potion 50
Phoenix Down 150
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Tent 800

Monster Formations

Healing fountain in the Evil Forest

Musical Themes

"Awakened Forest"
Trouble with the audio sample?

The theme that plays in the Evil Forest is called "Awakened Forest"

This article uses material from the "Evil Forest" article on the Final Fantasy wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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