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The Evil chicken is a quest monster in Recipe for Disaster and a retired random event (Feb. 25 2009).

During Recipe for Disaster, the player must go to the Evil Chicken's Lair, defeat the evil Chicken to obtain a special egg which is an ingredient in the Brulee. The player must then come back again to kill a Black dragon to obtain a dragon token to summon a fairy dragon to turn the Brulee into a Creme brulee supreme.

The chicken as a random event could occur at any time, during any action, even while standing around or in combat. It was one of only two hostile random events that were not skill related, the other one being the Swarm or Plankton (also retired). The Evil Chicken can also be randomly encountered in various chicken farms throughout the Gielinior, provoking other chickens to fight against their human masters.

It has been reported that the evil chicken still occurs, but not as the dangerous random event it once was. He has been seen "commanding" an army of chickens then teleporting away. When talked to, he shouts "Begone from me, *player name*", "Kill all humans!" "Are you chicken?" repels the player with a magic blast and does 1 damage. It's also been reported to have 1hp when attacked by a familiar. This is extremely rare.

The Evil Chicken's nest.


Recipe For Disaster

A shrine dedicated to the Evil Chicken.

The Evil Chicken is part of the Recipe for Disaster: Sir Amik Varze subquest in which you must kill it. It's level varies depending upon your level, but it should not be much of a threat compared to the Black dragon you must kill.

A player will have access to the Evil Chicken's Lair by using a raw chicken on the shrine in Zanaris for Black dragons and mining ores after they defeat the Evil Chicken, but the chicken itself will not appear in there again.

The Wise Old Man of Draynor Village has a book on the origin of the Evil Chicken, titled "Book on chickens".

Random Event

File:Bfish scape .PNG The RuneScape feature in this page/section no longer exists due to an update by Jagex.

As a random event its level depended upon the player's level, with a maximum level of 159. Many lower levels could still kill it.

Player level Evil Chicken level Hitpoints / Slayer XP Real Max hit Monster Examine max hit
3-10 19 19 1 3
11-20 38 40 1 5
21-40 69 60 2 10
41-60 81 80 3 10
61-90 121 105 4 15
91+ 159 120 5 21
If a player is not out of range but nonetheless cannot be attacked by the chicken, after approximately a minute a message will appear reading this.

The Evil Chicken yelled the following while attacking:

  • "Bwuk bwuk bwuk"
  • "Flee from me, [player's name]!"
  • "Begone, [player's name]!"

When he appeared underwater, the phrases were different:

  • "Swim faster, [player's name]"
  • "Bwaaaauuuuk glub glub"
  • "Even here you cannot escape me, [player's name]"
  • "My fury is deeper than the oceans!"
  • "Glub"

You could only avoid its attack by running away or staying behind a solid wall, not behind an obstacle. When a player ran far enough, a message appeared in the chatbox reading "The Evil Chicken realises you're out of range and vanishes." If a player was not out of range but nonetheless could not be attacked by the chicken, after approximately a minute a message appeared with "The Evil Chicken gets bored and vanishes." Through a glitch, it was possible to move up or down levels in a building and then return to the level the evil chicken is on without being attacked.

If you walked on the Evil Chicken as a random event, it would shove you away, dealing up to 4 damage. It would say "Bwuk! Get off of me!". If the random event chicken appeared in front of a furnace, a player could step on it for a moment by clicking the furnace, although the chicken would finally expel the player.

The Evil Chicken attacking before the update
A player encounters the Evil Chicken in Lumbridge.


The Evil Chicken (as a random event) used to drop an egg upon killing it. However it was probably removed to avoid confusion with the Evil Chicken's egg in Recipe for Disaster.


  • Although it's a chicken it appears more like a rooster. According to the Wise Old Man's book, it's male. This is odd, because it can lay eggs which roosters cannot do.
  • The Evil Chicken had the lowest wander range at only 1 square, which means it could not move at all. It shared this title with Monkey Archers and Cockroach Soldiers.
  • According to Evil Bob, in the parallel world of ScapeRune there is a "cheery old chicken" instead of an evil chicken.
  • If the Evil Chicken appeared for a player when they were underwater, it would be wearing scuba gear and a fishbowl.
  • Although the max hit of the level 159 evil chicken was only 5, the Monster Examine stated it was 21.
  • When using an egg upon the evil chicken shrine, the text "Nice idea, but nothing interesting happens." appears, rather than the typical "Nothing interesting happens."
  • In the first Postbag from the hedge, a player writes a letter to a chicken in Lumbridge, asking why he never leaves. The chicken responds by saying that there is a old chicken legend that speaks of a strong chicken who trained on logs and dummies until he managed to get over the fence. No one knows the fate of this chicken, for he has never been heard of since, although the chicken claims he heard players talk of this 'Strong evil chicken' terrorising warriors all over RuneScape.

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