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Evil Bob
File:Evil Bob.PNG
Release date Friday 13 February 2004 (Update unknown) edit
Race Feline
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Location ScapeRune
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine Hey, it's Bob the cat! Or... is it?
Notable features Initiates two random events

This article is about the NPC. For the random event, see Evil Bob (random event).

Evil Bob on island

Evil Bob is a cat who is more or less the opposite of Bob the Jagex Cat. He wears a Man speak amulet, which is how players are able to converse with him without the need for a Catspeak amulet.

Evil Bob appears next to players unexpectedly as a random event, then he disappears back to whence he came. Before leaving he teleports his targeted player to one of two places within ScapeRune, either his personal island or to prison with Prison Pete.

When sent to Evil Bob's island, players must catch cooked fish and uncook them for Evil Bob. When players are sent to prison with Prison Pete, they will have to pop specific balloon animals in order to escape.


Random Events

Event Call Reward
Prison Pete Aaaaaaargh! Random event gift box
Evil Bob's Island No... what? Nooooooooooooo!


  • People believe that Evil Bob is actually Zaros because you can trick Bob into revealing his real name but he quickly tries to cover it. This is also implied by the examine text. "Hey it's Bob..... or is it?" However, this could just be because he is supposed to be the parallel Bob the Cat.
  • Evil Bob, when teleporting players, uses the same teleport animation that the old player teleports used, the purple orb.
  • Using any food on the uncooking pot will say you need an Uncooking level equal to that of the food used.
  • Similarly, when you use a raw fishlike thing on a fire, it won't let you cook the uncooked fish.
  • Evil Bob, when asked about why he keeps the lever in the prison as well as related questions had the following to say about it:

The lever must stay, for, without the hope of freedom, there would be no reason to continue. I don’t want depressed prisoners hanging about the place. Prison Pete, on the other hand, I’ve actually taken to popping up and kidnapping him from one prison and taking him to a new one. It amuses me endlessly, though I suspect my frequent shattering of his escape plans have taken their toll on his mind and driven him mad. That, or the teleports have more effect on his brain than mine. Unless it’s the food, that’s probably maddeningly poor too.

Why do I kidnap people all the time? The answer is quite simple, slave: because they keep escaping. I’m a cat, as you can clearly tell, and I must be waited upon hand and foot - this is the natural order of things. The only reason humans exist at all is to service the needs of cats - to provide us food, warm laps to sleep on and as handy, mobile scratching posts. If people stopped escaping from me, then I’d not be able to have any fun hunting and capturing them from your world anymore.

— Postbag from the Hedge - Postbag 32
  • Once you start fishing, you will catch a cooked fish, rather than a normal raw one. This is due to an island where everything is believed to be opposite of what should be.
  • Prior to the Random Event update, the reward from the Prison Pete event was Coins and/or grimy herbs (including Grimy Snapdragons), and the reward for Evil Bob's Island was magic or fishing experience.
  • When you use any raw fish with Evil Bob, he will say: "What's that? I don't know what kind of fish you eat in your world, but that smells absolutely vile. Go catch me some real fish, my other servant will tell you what I like."
  • The dialogue that takes place on 'the island' is inspired by the classic television series The Prisoner.
  • Using any raw fish with the uncooking pot will give you the message: "You do not need to uncook that, it's already raw."


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