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These Events pages refers to bugs, historical happenings and other things not covered in the Updates section or the rest of the site. Editors are also encouraged to write historical articles here.


Holiday events

For the Holiday rewards, click here.
A player playing with an Easter ring obtained at the 2006 Easter event.
Year April fools Easter Spring Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas
2009 2009 April fools 2009 Easter event 2009 spring 2009 Hallowe'en event 2009 Thanksgiving event 2009 Christmas event
2008 2008 April fools 2008 Easter event No event 2008 Hallowe'en event 2008 Thanksgiving event 2008 Christmas event
2007 2007 April fools 2007 Easter event No event 2007 Hallowe'en event No event 2007 Christmas event
2006 No event 2006 Easter event No event 2006 Hallowe'en event No event 2006 Christmas event
2005 2005 April fools 2005 Easter event No event 2005 Hallowe'en event No event 2005 Christmas event
2004 2004 April fools No event No event No event No event 2004 Christmas event
2003 No event 2003 Easter event No event 2003 Hallowe'en event No event No event
2002 No event 2002 Easter event No event 2002 Hallowe'en event No event 2002 Christmas event
2001 No event No event No event 2001 Hallowe'en event No event 2001 Christmas event

External history

Fictional history

Unplanned events (in chronological order)

Date Event Notes
2002 Knife bug
7 November 2003 Party hat duplication glitch
28 February 2005 Guthix Rest bug
June 2006 Monkey glitch There were also later occurrences.
6-7 June 2006 World 111 Glitch
2 January 2007 Rule Seven Protest
24 February 2007 14 hour riot
2 April 2007 Chicken glitch 2007 Easter event
27 June 2007 Wilderness Ditch Glitch
17 July 2007 Pest Control Riot
20-21 November 2007 Duel Arena Riot
10-16 December 2007 Aftermath of the Bounty Hunter update: Pay to Pk Riot, Mod Hasmo Riot
2-4 January 2008 Unbalanced Trade Riot Minor recreation before full implementation of the Unbalanced Trading system)
12 January 2008 Karamthulhu summoning glitch
13 May 2008 TzHaar massacre
4-5 June 2008 Wilderness Riot
July 2008 Graphics Riot
20 August 2008 - 15 September 2008 2008 Market Crash
14 May 2009 - June 2009 2009 Market Crash

Server blackouts

Date Event
2-3 June 2007 First server blackout of 2007
15 July 2007 Second server blackout of 2007
19 November 2007 Third server blackout of 2007
17 January 2008 First server blackout of 2008
19 January 2008 Second server blackout of 2008
13 June 2008 Third server blackout of 2008
25 February 2009 First server blackout of 2009
17 March 2009 Second server blackout of 2009


Date Event
22 September 2007 Autumn Wikifest 2007
15 December 2007 Winter Wikifest 2007
22 March 2008 Spring Wikifest 2008
7 June 2008 Summer Wikifest 2008
4 October 2008 Autumn Wikifest 2008
17 January 2009 Winter Wikifest 2009
18 April 2009 Spring Wikifest 2009

See also

  • RuneScape:Community Events

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SWG Wiki

Up to date as of February 04, 2010

From SWG Wiki

An event is an occasion that takes place within Star Wars Galaxies.


Event Occurs
Ewok Festival of Love Valentine's Day
Empire Day Independence Day
Galactic Moon Festival Halloween
Life Day Christmas, New Year

Across the galaxy

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Up to date as of February 05, 2010
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From TibiaWiki

Events are meetings which are organized with the purpose of enjoying the community.

Events can be divided in 3 categories: public, closed and official events.

Public events are events such as soccer tournaments and everybody may come to that (Except for e.g. blacklisted people and specific guilds).

Closed events such as weddings or dinners are often held in a guildhall or house to prevent uninvited guests from ruining the event.

Official events are events created by Cipsoft to celebrate special days (Valentine's Day, Halloween, etc).


Public events

Public events can be divided in small/medium and big/huge events.

Since big and huge events have a widely range of variety, there is no excact list which can be shown here, so here is a list of small to medium events:



Closed events

Closed events are always 'small'. Only invited guests are allowed so they are often held in a guildhall. Opposite to public events, closed events are often a one-time experience.

Closed events are mostly held with:

Official Events

Official events introduces items like Valentine's Card, Surprise Bags, Balloons, etc. Some events have special raids like the Grynch Clan Goblin invasion. Their duration are dependable to CIP and their items varies greatly according to the year.


Other upcoming events:

  • Flower Month

Events during the year

Month Event Description
January New Year's Season Buy the cheapest Fireworks Rocket of the whole Tibia from Ned Nobel during the new year's season.
February Valentine's Day and Masquerade Day Get your beloved a present from Valentina. Dress yourself up with Stan.
March None None
April Month of Pranks Fool your friends with Hoaxette's wares. Fight Undead Jesters and give the parts of jester doll to Hoaxette to get a Jester Doll.
May None None
June Flower Month Fight some Dryads and give seeds to Rosemarie to get a Flower Pot.
July None None
August Cooking Event Cook 10 meals with Jean Pierre.
September None None
October Halloween Find the Halloween Hare, the The Mutated Pumpkin and carve some nice pumpkins.
November Lightbearer Keep 10 lights lit for 5 days with Lucius.
December Christmas Get your present from Santa Claus, buy Christmas Trees, Christmas Cards, Surprise Packages and other items only obtainable during this period of the year. Fight Grynch Clan Goblins and return the stolen presents to Ruprecht for a reward.

See also

Event Guides

  • How to Successfully Organize an Event (and Have Fun!)
  • The Tibian Gamepedia

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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

From Traveller Wiki - Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far future

Event, LIC is a news, information and entertainment conglomerate. It is made up of everything from news research teams, authors, composers and entertainers to production, distribution and broadcast facilities. For example, a weekly investigative news program could involve researchers, interviewers, a production crew, a distribution company for the finished product and a chain of broadcast stations all of which are owned by Event. Event also tailors its products to specific tech levels. A book which is published in hard copy form on a low tech world is distributed as a holocrystal on a more advanced one. Broadcast stations employ radio, television or beamcast depending on the local tech level. Finally, Event is also a licensed distributor for the Travellers' Aid Society News Service. The various businesses which make up Event are scattered across Zarushagaar and in 1120 there is no central corporate headquarters.

Naturally, being geared for the distribution of information, Event is closely watched by the ruling local faction to insure that only "proper" information is transmitted to the public.

Stock Ownership: Trempe Enterprises, 25%; Valmar SA, 17%; THALD, 12%; Hortalez et Cie, 12%; NewzDay AG/LIC, 8%; Investment Trusts, 4%; Other, 12%

This article was copied or excerpted from the following copyrighted sources and used under license from Far Future Enterprises and by permission of the author.
Greg Videll

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