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Eve is a female human from Earth mythology who existed in several Human religious traditions, including Christianity and Judaism. In Human mythology, Eve was first female human, created by God after the creation of Adam, the first male human, to provide a partner for Adam. The couple lived in the Garden of Eden until they were expelled by God for eating from the Tree of Knowledge. Adam and Eve had children, and in human mythology established the human race. Eve was regarded as the mother of the human race.

After the Talosians captured Captain Christopher Pike in 2254, they later captured Yeoman J. Mia Colt, and Number One to provide Pike a choice in addition to Vina as to who he would live with on Talos IV as his wife. Pike refused to make that decision, and the landing party was later freed by the Talosians. Upon returning to the USS Enterprise, Colt inquired of Pike which of them would've played the role of Eve. (TOS episode: "The Cage", EV comic: "Nor Iron Bars a Cage")

A century later, when learning that the Bringloidi would be left with the descendants of the Mariposa colony, Brenna Odell complained that she was not sure that she wanted to become Eve. (TNG episode: "Up the Long Ladder")


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DC Comics

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Character Template Character Template
Raven Woman

[[Image:|200px|center|Eve (New Earth)]]
Real Name
Current Alias

Hawwa; Ge'ez; Hiywan; Living One; Source of life


Adam (husband); Cain (son); Abel (son); YHWH (creator)


Base Of Operations
The Dreaming; formerly Eden



Marital Status

The First Woman

Eve was created in the Garden of Eden to be the wife of Adam.

Place of Birth
Garden of Eden

First appearance



Eve is literally the Biblical Eve of Hebrew doctrine. She is often regarded as the First woman and is the wife of Adam. She is the mother of master storytellers Cain and Abel.

Powers and Abilities


  • Immortality: Eve is immortal and has existed since the dawn of mankind.





  • The comic book version of Eve was often used as a host for the horror anthology series Secrets of Sinister House where she was usually accompanied by her sons Cain and Abel. The three also made regular appearances in the humor magazine Plop!, written and drawn primarily by Spanish cartoonist Sergio Aragonés. Eve later became a background character in Neil Gaiman's Sandman title, making her first appearance in the title in issue #2.

See Also

Links and References

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki


Species: Human
Profession: Necromancer/Mesmer Image:Necromancer-icon.pngImage:Mesmer-icon.png
Level(s): 17..20



Nation: Ascalon
Birthplace: Unknown
Age: 20
Eve was very gifted as a child, and at the age of 15 was already capable of summoning bone minions. She met the Heroes of Ascalon during the Charr invasion of the Tyrian nations. A group of Charr were chased into the Catacombs by Devona and her friends, towards where Eve was testing out a new animation spell. The Charr thought the lone girl an easy prey, but by the time Aidan tracked the Charr there, there was nothing left but Eve and her undead army. Since then Eve has joined the party of Devona, Aidan, Mhenlo, and Cynn.

Eve, NPC

In the Prophecies Campaign, Eve is not seen until the players have progressed far into the campaign. She is first seen in the Thunderhead Keep as the cultist henchman replacing Claude.

The Factions Campaign showed that Eve decided, albeit initially reluctant, to accompany Devona and her group to Cantha when Mhenlo received the request for help from Master Togo. Together with Mhenlo, they would later travel to the Echovald Forest to seek the Kurzicks' aid.

Unlike Devona, Aidan, Mhenlo, and Cynn, she does not appear in Lion's Gate to welcome characters who travel from Cantha to Tyria for the first time.

In the Nightfall Campaign, Eve and her friends have answered Kormir's call for help. They aided the Sunspears as they sought to avert an apocalypse.


Prophecies Factions Nightfall
Quests Involved In




Prophecies Factions Nightfall


1 only during Welcome to Cantha quest
2 for non-Factions characters only


Divine Path "It is time for us to move on."
Throne of Secrets "Well, well, well. If it isn't the conquering hero. Not bad. Not bad at all."

Eve, Cultist and Blood Henchman

Profession: Necromancer
Armament: Accursed Staff

Eve is a Necromancer henchman for hire in many locations across all campaigns. She is a Cultist henchman in both the Prophecies and the Factions campaigns, but a Blood henchman in Nightfall.


Prophecies Factions Nightfall
A located in all towns and outposts

Skills used

Eye of the North



  • Good sidekick for spell casters because of Blood Ritual.
  • Makes up for her sacrificing (most of the time) with a couple of good life-stealing skills.
  • Shadow Strike ignores armor and is very effective against enemies with high armor level.
  • Having a large investment in Soul Reaping along with Reaper's Mark leads her to having excellent energy management. (Eye of the North)


  • She uses Blood Ritual constantly, in and out of battle - even more than Claude, which is significant. This leaves her vulnerable to spikes, and NPC healers will often waste time healing over her sacrifice instead of letting Eve take care of herself with life-stealing.

Known attribute levels


- "Don't look at me like that. I know what you're thinking, but you don't know me. Nobody knows me. Whatever you've heard, it's probably not true. I don't get any pleasure out of causing trouble. Well, maybe I do."
Kaineng City "The stench of death is all over this city. I find it quite refreshing. Coming to visit here was a much better idea than I ever thought. This is my kind of place. A girl could get into all kinds of trouble around here. How delightful!
What do you want?"
Echovald Forest "I like it here. I feel at home amongst these quiet stone trees, there is a real sense of peace here in the darkness.
What did you need?"
- "Surely you don't fear children's stories? Undead armies that hunger for mortal flesh, clawing their way out of the grave with the fanatic, blind will to serve... Withered husks of desiccated zombies, shredding flesh with unrelenting, claw-like fingers... The beauty of a stilled, yet ever-screaming heart... Such things frighten you? How sad. You really need to get out more."
Eye of the North
Central Transfer Chamber "I've asked Grenth. He says he can get me out of this. The rest of you are pretty much shafted."
Charr Homelands "I've always liked Ascalon's vibe. You may not like the Charr, but any gardener will tell you that ash makes things grow."
Far Shiverpeaks "I admire creatures who live in these cold mountains. Monsters everywhere, little food, and every night they go to sleep wondering if they'll freeze to death. It's not their bravery I admire... it's the constant supply of corpses."
Tarnished Coast "It's not too late, Adam. Don't talk like that. Not everyone's going to die. Ssh. You wouldn't want them to. Oh, hello there. What were you saying?"


Idle quotes
Shiverpeak Mountains
  • "I don't know how anyone could live here.
  • "I wonder what a body looks like after being buried in snow for a few months."
  • "What am I doing out here? I must have lost my mind.
  • "Whoever named these mountains the Shiverpeaks was right on the money.
Ring of Fire Islands
  • "I could see myself living in a place like this."
  • "I wonder how long someone could live after being submerged up to the neck in lava."
Battle quotes
  • "Come, let me touch you."
  • "I don't want you until your heart stops."
  • "I'm going to enjoy this."
  • "I'm going to make you bleed."
  • "Time to die."
Idle quotes
Kaineng City
  • "Do you smell that? This city is ripe with the lovely aroma of death."
  • "If I get lost out here, don't come looking."
  • "It's about time we sent Grenth some fresh souls."
Echovald Forest
  • "I feel best when I'm alone."
  • "It's so dead here. Simply wonderful."
  • "The Kurzicks are much like necromancers. Creating life where there is only death."
Battle quotes
  • "Death has such a lovely smell."
  • "Grenth calls for us all. Some he just calls for earlier than others."
  • "I'm going to enjoy this." (same as in Prophecies)
  • "It's about time we sent Grenth some fresh souls."
  • "Patience is a virtue. Death a blessing."
  • "Take a look around. You will miss this world when you're gone." (taken from Claude, a Prophecies henchman)
  • "The envoys are waiting for you. Tell them I sent you."
  • "You will enjoy death. I assure you." (taken from Claude)
  • "You'll make a lovely corpse."
Idle quotes
  • "All men dream, but not equally. Some dream by night, and find only vanity. But the dreamers of the day are dangerous. They make their dreams come true."
  • "Dead bodies stay fresh longer when they're frozen. Ever been to the Shiverpeaks? Care to visit?"
  • "There is a time for talk and a time for action. Decide which you want, and commit to it. Peace ... or war?"
  • "We're not in Ascalon any more."
  • "You don't know me. Leave me alone."
Battle quotes
  • "Adam wants a playmate. Care to volunteer?"
  • "Back off, before you fall to ruin."
  • "Beware! your time is near!"
  • "Blood on the ground; Dwayna's tears."
  • "Death is only the first of the things you're going to do today!"
  • "Don't worry, I'm only going to kill you. It could be worse."
  • "Grenth is lonely. Let's send him some company."
  • "If I must fight, then I will win."
  • "Life is a lot like music. All songs end."
  • "Only a fool stands in the path of a storm."
  • "Rise, calamity! Break bone and shatter soul!"
  • "This will only hurt a lot."
  • "You have a beautiful bone structure."
Eye of the North
Idle quotes
Far Shiverpeaks
  • "Hmmm. I wonder if that body I buried a few years ago is somewhere around here. I need to check the status of its decomposition."
  • "I never thought I would go back to the Shiverpeaks. You'd think I'd remember to pack cold weather gear."
  • "I should take up a hobby to keep my hands busy during rest periods. What do you think of taxidermy?"
Depths of Tyria
  • "Why do people view Necromancers as unclean? I mean, really, do you want dead bodies lying around all the time? We provide a valuable community service."
Battle quotes
  • "A Necromancer a day keeps the living away."
  • "Do you frighten easily? Let's find out."
  • "Do you mind if I Hex you with something?"
  • "Death is only a first step."
  • "Death is no excuse for laziness. Fight!"
  • "Does the word "minion" sound evil? I'm okay with that."
  • "Don't be scared. You'll only be dead for a moment."
  • "Don't worry. If Mhenlo can't resurrect you, I will."
  • "Friend, foe... it makes no difference once you're dead."
  • "Grenth won't take you. At least not right away.
  • "I love the smell of undead flesh in the morning."
  • "Just call me Eve of Destruction."
  • "Now where did I leave that corpsicle?"
  • "Today is the first day of the rest of your death!"
  • "Why torment yourself? Let me do that."


  • Eve is one of only five henchmen who appear in all the campaigns and expansions.
  • Eve has a pet skull, called Adam, that she carries everywhere and often converses with; Adam makes a "guest appearance" in the Norn Fighting Tournament.
  • She uses the animation set of an Elementalist.
  • Despite her background story, she does not animate any undead minions.


  • Eve is one of several faces on the Guild Wars game boxes.
  • Eve and her pet skull "Adam" is a reference to the Biblical Adam and Eve.
  • Her line "I asked Grenth, he said He can get me out of this, the rest of you are pretty much shafted," is inspired by a line said by Stephen of the movie Braveheart.
  • "Just call me Eve of Destruction" is probably a reference to the song of the same name.
  • Her line starting "All men dream..." is a rephrasing of a line by T.E. Lawrence: "All men dream: but not equally, Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible. This I did."
  • "I love the smell of undead flesh in the morning" is referencing a line from Apocalypse Now, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning."
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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

"The Goddess of Sin" Eve

Image of Eve
Real name Evelyn Monroe
Ring Names {{{names}}}
Height 5 ft 7 in.
Weight 111 lbs.
Date of birth Nov. 7, 1983
Place of birth Milan, Italy
Date of death {{{death_date}}}
Place of death {{{death_place}}}
Resides New York City
Billed from New York City
Trainer Ethan Black
Full Metal Wrestling
Handled by {{{handler}}}
Win/Loss Record {{{winloss_record}}}
Debut 2006
Retired {{{retired}}}


Evelyn Monroe was born to hotel chain mogul Augustus Monroe and his wife, Betty while on holiday in Milan, Italy. She was the oldest of two daughters. Her sister, Ashley, was twelve years younger. While Evelyn enjoyed a childhood of wealth and privilege, her behavioral problems caused her to become a social outcast. Evelyn also became obsessed with witchcraft and the occult at an early age. As a child she often projected an "alter ego" of a witch. Concerned, her parents sought te help of the best psychologists money could buy. Upon extensive psycho-analysis, it was discovered that Evelyn suffered from Antisocial Personality Disorder, a mental illness that effects the "individual's impulsive behavior, disregard for social norms, and indifference to the rights and feelings of others." Through treatment and medication, the Monroes believed that their daughter was cured and they managed to keep the prying eyes of the media from becoming aware of their daughter's mental illness.

Evelyn excelled in academics and was accepted into Harvard School of Business. It was during this time that she met Ethan Black. Once Evelyn fell under the spell of "The Dark Lord", whatever progress was made to cure her mental illness was undone. Obviously her relationship with Black clashed with her strict Protestant upbringing. After seeing Black for some time, Evelyn dropped out of college and moved into the Black Towers. This move further upset her family. They finally threatened to write Evelyn out of the family business and eventually leave the entire Monroe Hotel fortune and the business itself to their other daughter, Ashley.

Then tragedy struck. Augustus Monroe, his wife Betty and their twelve year old daughter, Ashley, were found brutally slain in their Manhattan penthouse. All three were mutilated beyond recognition and ritualistic symbols were painted throughout the dwelling in blood. The deaths left Evelyn as the sole heir to the Monroe Hotel fortune. It also left Evelyn as the prime suspect in the murders. Upon investigation by New York City Police Detectives, Evelyn's history of mental illness as well as her obsession with witchcraft and the occult became public knowledge. After several weeks of investigation, Evelyn was arrested and put on trial for three counts of first degree murder.

During the trial, an unusual event occurred. Right before Ethan Black was to be indicted as a co-conspirator in the murders of the Monroe family, someone stepped forward and confessed to the crime. That man was Johnny Lee Scott, a career criminal in and out of the systems since he was a juvenal. Through his intimate knowledge of the details surrounding the crime, Scott convinced authorities that he was, in fact, the killer. It was later discovered that Scott was a long time follower of the Black Covenant. Many believe that Scott was convinced by Black to confess and was filled in on the details by Monroe in order to convince police that he was, in fact, the perpetrator. The confession worked and all charges were dropped against Evelyn Monroe. She then went on to collect her inheritance and the sold the Monroe Hotel chain to a competitor for 1.3 billion dollars.

With her family out of the way and no business responsibilities, Evelyn Monroe became consumed by not only her mental instability but also her undying devotion to Ethan Black. Gone was the bright, attractive, Harvard educated heiress with a bright future named Evelyn Monroe. In her place was a dark, sinister and utterly insane beauty known simply as Eve. Her shyness replaced by an overt sexuality that she uses to her wicked advantage at any time. As she did when she was a child, Eve now projects the persona of witch and, in her demented mind, believes she possesses supernatural powers to cast spells upon those who oppose The Black Covenant. She is never seen without her charm, a ruby and emerald encrusted jeweled apple. The apple is the symbol of her biblical namesake and was a gift from Ethan Black to celebrate her "transformation." Eve believes that the apple is her supernatural link to the dark powers of the occult. Eve also goes by the moniker, "The Goddess of Sin", again in homage of her biblical namesake. Many say that now her twisted madness may eclipse the insanity of even Black himself.

Eve has followed Ethan Black to Full Metal Wrestling and is by his side at all times. She is always willing to distract and interfere in order to give Black an unfair advantage and is even willing to sacrifice her own well being to ensure the Black is victorious. Most everyone who comes into contact with Eve quickly becomes frightened of her. She is prone to violence against anyone at anytime can only and be controlled by Black himself.

Beautiful, intelligent and certifiably insane, Eve is the dark and twisted heart of The Black Covenant.

Image:Eve_Gfx.PNG Image:Eve2.jpg

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From Lostpedia

Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve
Portrayed by
Appeared in
Mentioned in
Episode count
Centric episode(s)

Also known as
Date of birth
Date of death
In Australia...
On the plane...
On the island...
Family members

S1 - S2 - S3 - MP - S4 - S5 - S6


The stones found on the bodies.

Adam and Eve is the nickname that Locke gave for two corpses discovered by Jack and Kate in the cave. ("House of the Rising Sun") On these bodies, Jack found a small bag containing one white and one black rock.


  • They are skeletons laid to rest in the caves that Jack had discovered in the episode "White Rabbit".
  • The bodies themselves were not discovered until the episode "House of the Rising Sun", when Jack and Kate stumbled upon them in the caves after escaping from a swarm of bees.
  • They have not been seen since.
  • Jack says in "House of the Rising Sun" that the bodies must have been dead 40-50 years based on the deterioration of their clothing; however in "Deus Ex Machina", John Locke says that normal clothing would decompose within 2 years. He also noted that the high quality polyester on the Nigerian smuggler would take 2-10 years to get to its current condition.
  • They were carrying one black and one white stone. Jack took these stones and neglected to mention them when Locke asked what had been discovered. See also: Black and white.
  • The religious nickname is taken from Adam and Eve of the Bible.

Interview testimony

  • In a January 2007 interview with Jeff Jensen, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse answered the fan question, "What is the meaning or significance of the two skeletons that Jack and Kate found in the cave of season 1?" (potential spoilers)
  • In a March 2008 Underground Online article, the producers talk about how the skeletons may give insight into the nature of the show and evidence that certain elements were planned early on. (potential spoilers)
  • In a March 2009 Sky1 interview, the producers confirmed that Adam and Eve are not the biblical figures, and are "not the dog either".

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
  1. Do not answer the questions here.
  2. Keep the questions open-ended and neutral: do not suggest an answer.
More details...
For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Adam and Eve/Theories
  • Who were Adam and Eve?
  • What is the meaning of the black and white stones found on the body?
  • How did they die, and how did they get in the cave?
  • Why/When were Adam and Eve on the Island?
    • How did Adam and Eve get to the Island?

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