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Eucalyptus logs are obtained with Woodcutting skill level 58 from Eucalyptus tree, providing 165 experience.

58 Firemaking is needed to light these logs. Burning these logs provides 193.5 firemaking experience.

A minimum of 15 of these logs is required in the As a First Resort... quest.

Currently the only location of eucalyptus trees is west of Oo'glog. It was introduced 29 January 2008 with the As a First Resort... quest. Being close to a bank and extremely lightweight, this makes chopping eucalyptus trees a very efficient way to make money.

At the moment, their only use is firemaking. You cannot use eucalyptus logs for fletching. When this is tried, it gives this message: These stringy-barked logs aren´t good for making bows or arrow shafts. They're commonly used as pyre logs or just for making fires, since they're cheaper than yew logs and give almost the same amount of firemaking experience. Woodcutting near Oo'glog may be dangerous for lower levels as many ogresses live in the area and are aggressive to all levels. There are a few safe spots where they cannot attack you at the north-eastern area near the hunting ground.

As mentioned, these logs fetch a fair price due to their firemaking experience. However if you want to make use of it yourself, bring along a hatchet, a tinderbox and a bird snare or two. You can cut eucalyptus trees and burn their logs while while waiting for your traps to catch tropical wagtails (level 19 required, level 20 required for 2 traps at once). Players can then train FOUR skills at once... Woodcutting, Firemaking, Hunter and Prayer (bury the bones from caught birds). On top of that, players get stripy feathers which are stackable. The only item that isn't either used or stackable is the raw bird meat and players can make the quick run to the Oo'glog/Mobilising Armies bank or drop them. If dropped, in theory players could stay in that location indefinitely.


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