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The chilly cathedral of Esto Gaza
"This is the one place holy enough to worship the Path of Souls: the way of the Shimmering Island."
—Bishop of Esto Gaza

Esto Gaza (エスト・ガザ, Esuto Gaza) is the name of a town on the Lost Continent in Final Fantasy IX. It sits at the base of Mount Gulug. The Shimmering Island is visible from certain spots within Esto Gaza; as a result, many of those who travel to Esto Gaza are religious pilgrims.



Overlooking the sea and Shimmering Island

After Eiko is kidnapped by Kuja in the Desert Palace he takes her, Zorn and Thorn and the Black Mage army to Esto Gaza. Eiko is seen in a brief flashback to be unconscious when her captives' party travels through the settlement, and the area appears to empty of people rather quickly after Kuja enters.

When Zidane enters the town, a distinctively unhelpful man who turns out to be the high priest of Esto Gaza meets him. The priest seems to mistake Zidane's party for Kuja's group, which had recently ventured through the scared town to Mount Gulug. The area is considered holy due to its proximity to Shimmering Island, and many people mention apparent holy sights like the "path of souls" or a strange airship appearing over the island (presumably this is the Invincible).

The town cannot be entered after the party has visited Terra due to the emergence of Iifa roots, which surround the settlement.

Musical Themes

"Esto Gaza"
Image:FFIX Esto Gaza.ogg
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The theme that plays at Esto Gaza is known as "Esto Gaza"


  • Wing Edge


Esto Gaza can be reached as soon as the party gains access to the Blue Narciss. If the player goes there before it becomes part of the main storyline, it is possible to purchase the Mythril Racket quite early in the game. This is because the shop at Esto Gaza appears to exclusively stock Mythril items, such as Mythril Claws, Mythril Dagger and the Mythril Sword. It may be worth buying a Mythril Sword, as it is the only weapon from which Steiner can learn Armor Break, and it is unavailable in other shops up until this point. The shop upgrades its stock later, when the player pass through during the actual story. Remember to collect the Wing Edge from around the back of the shop.


Weapons & Armor

Item Price (gil)
Gladius 2300
Zorlin Shape 6000
Diamond Sword 4700
Flame Saber 5190
Heavy Lance 4700
Scissor Fangs 8000
Magic Racket 1350
Asura’s Rod 3180
Hamelin 5700
Cypress Pile 3200
Octagon Rod 4500
Silver Fork 7400
Rising Sun 500
Egoist’s Armlet 2000
N-Kai Armlet 3000
Jade Armlet 3400
Diamond Gloves 2000
Venetia Shield 2800
Black Hood 2550
Red Cap 3000
Cross Helm 2200
Judo Uniform 5000
Power Vest 7200
Gold Armor 2950
Shield Armor 4300


Item Price (gil)
Hi-Potion 200
Phoenix Down 150
Magic Tag 100
Vaccine 100
Remedy 300
Annoyntment 150
Tent 800

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