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The Flag of Esthar.

Esthar (エスタ, Esuta) is one of the main political powers in Final Fantasy VIII, and also the name of the capital city of said nation. Located on the large continent to the east of Galbadia, Esthar is Galbadia's major rival in terms of world politics, but little is known about it for much of the game. Esthar is an extremely technologically-advanced society governed by a president, which at the time of Final Fantasy VIII, is Laguna. Esthar has, since the Sorceress War, hidden themselves from the world using a cloaking device.



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The present extent of Esthar.

As of the start of Final Fantasy VIII Estharian territory spanned the entire Eastern continent.

About 4,000 years before game events the civilization of Centra created two major empires; Dollet and Esthar. While Dollet, in the west, began to excel in military force, Esthar, in the east, grew scientifically advanced. 3,920 years later, after the destruction of the country of Centra, Dollet split into three countries; Dollet, Timber and Galbadia.
18 years prior to game events Sorceress Adel, the current ruler of Esthar, made a bid for world domination but was opposed by the growing military of Galbadia, then under the leadership of Vinzer Deling. This came to be known as the Sorceress War.
During the war Adel sought out potential heirs to her power and sent out search teams across the world for such potentials. One of these was a young girl named Ellone in Winhill, however when the Estharian forces took her her caretaker, Laguna Loire, went after her. Following her to Esthar, he would eventually be instrumental in the downfall of Sorceress Adel. Staging a coup and entrapping the Sorceress in a stasis chamber; blasting her into space.
Immediately after (17 years before game events), Esthar closed its borders to the rest of the world.


Some of the locations found in Esthar include:

Esthar Forces




Transport and Craft

The Estharian Ragnarok spacecraft.


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