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Essai (エッサイ, Essai), and Sebastian (セバスチャン, Sebasuchan) are two minor characters in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. They are members of SOLDIER, and are friends of Zack Fair. While on patrol in Icicle they are captured by AVALANCHE Ravens and brought to a base nearby to be genetically transformed into Ravens themselves. The player Turk rescues them from the facility. In the next mission, President Shinra orders them back into the base with the support of Zack Fair. They are to destroy the base and AVALANCHE. However, somebody leaked information. Essai and Sebastian are captured again. When Zack tries to save them, they have been turned into monsters from the Raven experiments and must be killed by the player. They die in Zack's arms.

Essai's and Sebastian's Grave in Crisis Core

During the events of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Zack would visit their gravesite a few months after Angeal Hewley's death in a DMW sequence with Tseng. Their grave was marked with two SOLDIER broadswords standing in the snow. Tseng comments how their conflict with AVALANCHE has resulted in losses, while Zack states that at least Essai and Sebastian were brought to their senses and he can still visit them.


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Essai and Sebastian are fought as bosses in Chapter 8. They each have infinite HP, and so are impossible to defeat.


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