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The Espers in Final Fantasy XII are powerful beings created by the gods themselves. However, the Espers that join the player's side are those spurned by their creators; twelve for having rebelled, and a thirteenth for being too powerful. Most of the Espers were based on the Lucavi in Final Fantasy Tactics or other past bosses of previous Final Fantasy games. Some appeared as Totema in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and all reappeared in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.


The Espers' Glyphs, used to summon them.

The Legend

Promotional artwork for the International version of Final Fantasy XII
"In vainglory they arose, shouting challenges at the Gods. But prevail they did not. Their doom it was to walk the Mist until time’s end. A legend of the Nu Mou."

The scions that would become the Espers were created by the gods for varied purposes. While the exact number is never revealed, there are at least 24 scions, with each zodiac sign having a light and dark representative.

Time passed, and eventually, being proud of her power and status and believing herself to be more powerful than her creators, the highest ranking Esper, Ultima, rose up against the gods. Rallying all the scions of darkness, they attacked the very gods that had created them. However, even with the combined force of 12 Espers, they were defeated, and banished to the darkest reaches of Ivalice. Sealed in the Mist, they could only walk amongst mortals once more if called by a summoner via their glyphs. A thirteenth scion, Zodiark, was also bound by the gods for fear of his power. Unlike his brethren, he is not known to have harbored rebellious desire. It is unknown just how long the Espers have been sealed away, but since Dynast-King Raithwall was known to posses the glyph of Belias it is thought that they have been sealed away at least since the era of the Dynast King.


Scions of Light and Darkness

The following is a list of all the scions mentioned, their associated Zodiac signs and element. It is never stated if Ultima and Zodiark are the Scions of Darkness or Light, but we never see the mentioned Scions of Light regardless.

Scion of Darkness Scion of Light Zodiac sign Element
Belias, the Gigas Loghrif, the Transcendent Aries, the Ram Fire
Chaos, Walker of the Wheel Mitron, the Chastiser Taurus, the Bull Wind
Zalera, the Death Seraph Emet-Selch, Angel of Truth Gemini, the Twins Death
Zeromus, the Condemner Pashtarot, Knight-Star Cancer, the Crab Gravity
Hashmal, Bringer of Order Fandaniel, the Protector Leo, the Lion Earth
Ultima, the High Seraph Virgo, the Virgin Holy
Exodus, the Judge-Sal Halmarut, the Arbiter Libra, the Scales Aether
Cúchulainn, the Impure Nabriales, the Majestic Scorpio, the Scorpion Poison
Shemhazai, the Whisperer Igeyorhm, the Martyr Sagittarius, the Archer Soul
Adrammelech, the Wroth Deudalaphon, the Benevolent Capricorn, the Seagoat Thunder
Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud Emmerololth, Holy Queen Aquarius, the Water Bearer Water
Mateus, the Corrupt Lahabrea, Abyssal Celebrant Pisces, the Fish Ice
Zodiark, Keeper of Precepts Ophiuchus, the Snake Bearer Darkness

List of Espers

In Final Fantasy XII, there are thirteen available Espers. However, only five of them are actually obtained in the main story; the other eight, represented in italics, are found through sidequests. Espers require Mist Charges equal to their level to summon.

Level One Espers

Level Two Espers

Level Three Espers


Most of the names of the scions have something to do with angels, in both Judaism and Christianity.

A name with a hidden meaning is Emet-Shelch, the scion of light. His title is "The Angel of Truth". "Emet-shelch" in Hebrew means "Your Truth".

Nabriales, another Scion of Light, is a name of an angel in Jewish mythology. It is pronounced in Hebrew as "Nabriel".

Fandaniel matches the basic template of angel names in Judaism, as the "-el" suffix in hebrew means "god" and is usually at the end of many angel names, to mark their superior connection to God.

For the Etymology of the Scions of Darkness, see their corresponding articles.


Some of the Espers found in Final Fantasy XII reference a main antagonist in the main Final Fantasy Series either through name or Clan Primer story.

Gallery of Esper Glyphs

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