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Skirmishes in the Naboo Countryside


Disruption of Comm 4

Escort of Borvo the Hutt

Invasion of Naboo


32 BBY


Naboo Mountains


NRSF escorts Borvo the Hutt to his base and gains a new ally.


Trade Federation

  • Light to medium
  • 1 police cruiser damaged.
  • Damage to factory buildings


After the Trade Federation invaded Naboo, the Royal Security Forces were outgunned and outmanned. A group of resistance fighters, led by Captain Kael, was searching for allies in their desperate struggle. After saving a group of civilians in the Naboo Swamps, the group found a smuggler.


The search for a smuggler

Captain Kael, Lt. Gavyn Sykes, and Vedd Deviss traveled through the mountains to look for a smuggler. Sykes switched from his police cruiser to a landspeeder, after his fighter was damaged by patrolling droid starfighters. Kael and Deviss went to search for the smuggler on the north trail and Sykes went on east. Sykes came across a civilian homestead under attack by STAPs. He destroyed them and saved the owner, who gratefully gave Sykes technology to upgrade his vehicle. Sykes had to continue his search for the smuggler. Kael ordered him to ignore several houses under attack by the Federation because there were too many droids. Sykes then found a ship in a canyon pinned down by AATs. He contacted the ship and offered his assistance. Sykes then escorted the ship through the canyon, destroying many tanks.

Through the Mountains

After traveling through the canyons, Borvo asked for an escort to his hidden base. The Naboo pilots traveled with him. Sykes found another police cruiser and took to the skies while Deviss landed and supported the group from the ground. Sykes was worried they might be heading into a trap, but Kael assured him it was worth the wait. The Federation had mined the area, but the pilots successfully escorted Borvo to his base, destroying several turrets on the way. First, though, the ship had to stop at a staging area and allow Kol Kotha the chance to join the fight.

At the base

Borvo's base was a factory for N-1 starfighters, and the Trade Federation was attempting to wipe it out. Sykes performed several strafing runs and destroyed the attackers. The Hutt gave the pilots new fighters and vital intelligence, and the two groups joined together to plan an offensive.


  • Star Wars: Battle for Naboo

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