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Erisi Dlarit
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7 ABY, Thyferran moon

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Just over 1.67 meters[1]

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New Republic era


Erisi Dlarit was a Human female from Thyferra who served as a starfighter pilot with the New Republic's Rogue Squadron. This, however, was her cover as a highly-placed spy for Imperial Intelligence chief Ysanne Isard.




Early history

Erisi was a native of Thyferra and the daughter of a prominent member of the Xucphra corporation, one of the two main producers of bacta (along with Zaltin). The Dlarit family became quite wealthy as a result of its position in the cartel in charge of bacta production and distribution. Due to the fact that the cartels had been formed under Imperial decree, the Dlarits and Xucphra had strong Imperialistic leanings.

Rogue Squadron

At some point, she was approached by Imperials to infiltrate Rogue Squadron when the New Republic decided to rebuild the famed unit. Erisi had applied to be a Rogue, and eventually was accepted as one of the eleven new members of the squadron. One of the New Republic's main reasons for accepting her application was to keep the bacta cartels happy; Bror Jace, another pilot accepted as a Rogue, represented the Zaltin Corporation.

Erisi flew in a number of early missions undertaken by the rebuilt squadron. During the first disastrous attempt to take Borleias, her X-wing had been hit by a TIE fighter, requiring her to eject from the ship. She had recovered in time to fly in the second attempt to take the planet, but was unable to participate in the mission due to a shortage of functional X-wings. Around this time, Erisi began to express attraction toward fellow squadron member Corran Horn. While Horn also found her attractive, he did not feel that Erisi was right for him because of their very different backgrounds.

When Bror Jace needed to return to Thyferra, Erisi informed Imperial Intelligence. The ISB subsequently ordered a ship to intercept him; Jace's X-wing was destroyed, and at the time, everyone thought he perished in the attack. However, just before his ship was intercepted, Jace had transferred to a freighter which took him the rest of the way. He had originally planned to fake his own death anyway by blowing up his fighter somewhere outside the system, and the Imperial attack provided just as good of a cover.

Coruscant scouting mission

Erisi and Corran were then inserted into Coruscant in an attempt to determine the best way to retake the planet from Imperial authority. Erisi's cover role was as a member of one of the great Kuati merchant houses, while Corran's cover was that of her Telbun, or Kuati impregnator. They spent the week traveling through Coruscant (especially the more well to do areas), with Corran evaluating the security setup on the planet. During this time, she reported their movements to Imperial Intelligence.

Eventually, Erisi and Corran joined forces with the other members of Rogue Squadron who had also come to Coruscant. When she had assisted Corran with his Z-95 Headhunter during the final part of the scouting mission, she had taken the fighter's codes, and transmitted them to Imperial Intelligence, resulting in Corran's capture and imprisonment onboard the Lusankya.

The Krytos crisis

In the aftermath of the New Republic's taking of Coruscant, things became very difficult for the Alliance and the squadron. Despite Tycho Celchu being accused of treason and murder in Corran Horn's apparent death, the squadron was publicly supportive of Celchu, including Erisi.

When a convoy of freighters carrying bacta was dispatched to Coruscant, Erisi informed Warlord Zsinj that the convoy would be stopping at the Alderaan system. Zsinj went to Alderaan, and destroyed nearly all the convoy ships. Mirax Terrik was initially thought to be killed in the attack, but she had secretly gone to Borleias as part of a covert New Republic mission.

After Corran had escaped from Lusankya, Ysanne Isard had the crew of that vessel break it free of the planet and leave the system, and Erisi decided that she would rejoin the Imperials at that point. She flew in close to the Super Star Destroyer, and claimed they put a tractor beam on her. But Commander Antilles, having put a program into the unit's astromech droids, pulled the status data from her ship. He found that not only did her ship not suffer any damage, but there was no tractor beam affecting it.

Antilles called Admiral Ackbar, and was about to tell them that Erisi was the traitor when Corran, who had just appeared during Celchu's trial, revealed that information; they were together able to prove that Erisi was the real traitor. Antilles told them of Erisi's lies concerning her ship's status, and it was also revealed that she had assisted Bror Jace in planning his return trip home. Finally Corran testified that she also helped him check out his fighter, giving her access to the fighter's codes which led to his capture once she had leaked them to the Imperials. They also later determined that she had betrayed the bacta convoy to Zsinj to drive up prices and to get her personal enemy (Mirax Terrik) eliminated.

Imperial service

After leaving Coruscant with Ysanne Isard aboard Lusankya, Erisi returned to her homeworld of Thyferra and supported the revolution that placed Isard in charge of the Thyferran government. Erisi was named a Commander in the Thyferran Home Defense Corps and was assigned to lead Elite Squadron, which was composed of TIE/In interceptors. During the Bacta War, she primarily remained at home on Thyferra, assisting Isard and former Corellian Moff Fliry Vorru in planning the war against not only Rogue Squadron, but the New Republic as well.

One mission in which she did take a direct role was the destruction of the Halanit colony. This colony had accepted a gift of bacta from Rogue Squadron. Because the colony had insufficient resources to pay for the amount of bacta they were given, Isard had the colony destroyed, resulting in the death of a large number of civilians. Soon after, Erisi and Vorru were both convinced that Isard was insane. Both of them reasoned that the New Republic would eventually intervene and send a force to Thyferra, and they planned to leave Thyferra after the destruction of Antilles.

During the final battle of the Bacta War, Erisi scrambled her forces to defend the planet and the Lusankya. She received orders to escort a shuttle that was apparently carrying Director Isard out of the system. At this point, Erisi directly engaged her former squadron mates for the first time. She was able to destroy Nawara Ven's X-wing, although he managed to eject. Corran Horn, however, chased her down. Horn fired a pair of proton torpedoes at her Interceptor, forcing her to turn away from the engagement. While outmaneuvering to dodge the torpedoes, Horn surprised her and fatally crippled her fighter, leaving it unable to maintain altitude over one of the Thyferran moons. It crashed into the surface, and crumpled into an unrecognizable shape. Corran Horn remarked that her death was nothing spectacular, and that she would have hated what had happened to her. His R2 unit, Whistler, told him something along the lines of who cared what she wanted.


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