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The Equipment Stats interface.
Equipment Stats (often referred to as equipment bonuses, or simply stats or bonuses) are bonuses found in the Worn Equipment section of the interface which are determined by the equipment a player is wearing. Equipment bonuses are split into three categories: Attack bonus, Defence bonus, and Other bonuses.

All armour and weapons give a value for each bonus, with the strongest equipment giving the highest bonuses. Equipment bonuses, combined with a player's levels in combat skills and their chosen attack style are formulated into the calculations made by RuneScape in extremely short amounts of time which determine the amount of damage is inflicted and received in return, as well as consistency in dealing damage.

Equipment bonuses are highly important to certain aspects of RuneScape such as player killing in Bounty Hunter and fighting in the Duel Arena for high stakes because players will put large amounts of time into determining what combination of equipment will give them the best chance of success.


Attack bonuses

The information from the Attack types article might support the following section.

While in combat, a player's attack bonus in the attack type of their chosen attack style, compared to their opponent's defence bonus in that attack style, determines how likely the player is to hit.

In short, a higher attack bonus in a particular style increases the chances of dealing damage to an opponent.

Corresponding with the five different attack styles, the five attack bonuses are:

  • Stab
  • Slash
  • Crush
  • Magic
  • Ranged

Defence bonuses

Bonuses to defence serve to protect combatants from damage. The higher the defence bonus in a particular style, the lower the chance of taking damage from an attack of that style.

As the defence bonuses correspond with the attack bonuses, there are six defence bonuses; one for each attack style and an extra, as there is no Summoning attack bonus. A higher bonus thus lowers the chance of being dealt damage by NPCs or players using the particular attack style, plus lowering the average amount of damage dealt when it connects. Maximum damage stays the same.

Corresponding with the six different defensive styles, their defence bonuses are:

  • Stab
  • Slash
  • Crush
  • Magic
  • Ranged
  • Summoning

Other bonuses

  • Strength: (colloquially str bonus) Two stats affect a player's maximum melee hit: their strength level (see Strength) and their equipment's strength bonus. The two of them calculated together result in the players max hit. See maximum melee hit for the formula used to calculate max hit.
  • A player with level 75 strength with a strength bonus of 0 would have a max hit of 9, but the same player with a strength bonus of +105 would have a max hit of 22. This is a clear illustration of why strong weapons are effective: the higher the strength bonus, the higher the maximum hit.
  • Ranged Strength: This stat that affects the maximum hit that a player can do with range. Only ranged ammunition (arrows, bolts, javelins, etc.) have this bonus. Gem tipped bolts have a slightly higher ranged strength than un-tipped bolts (ex. Bronze bolts have a ranged strength of 10 while opal tipped bronze bolts have a ranged strength of 14).

File:Prayericonnew.pngPrayer: Decreases the drain rate of prayers, or the amount of time a prayer takes to drain 1 prayer point. A prayer bonus of +15 will add 50% extra time to the use of all prayers, and a bonus of +30 will cut the drain rate for every prayer in half (meaning points will last twice as long). See prayer bonus.

  • Magic Damage: This is the bonus is the Magic Damage bonus which a few staves have a 10% bonus, the staves that have it would be a special staff or have a special auto cast, the 10% damage bonus would make Ice Barrage hit 33 instead of 30.

Equipment weight

Main article: Weight

The total weight (in kilograms) of the equipment worn is shown at the bottom of the interface. Weight influences how fast the Run energy decreases, and can be reduced by weight-reducing items, such as Boots of Lightness, Penance gloves, Spotted, Spottier cape, Agile legs and Agile top.


  • RuneScape Game Guide - for each topic below, select the equipment option for bonus information
    • Melee
    • Magic
    • Ranged

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