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Final Fantasy IX Enemy
Japanese エピタフ
Romaji Epitafu
Location Oeilvert
Class Stone
Steal Phoenix Down, Soft
Item Dropped Hi-Potion, Opal, Phoenix Down
Card Dropped Blazer Beetle
Abilities Mirror, Petrify
Eat Angel's Snack
Status Immunity Petrify, Trouble, Confusion, Stop, Regen, Heat, Vanish, Mini, Venom, Zombie, Berserk, Poison, Float, Freeze, Doom
Other Information N/A

Epitaph is a stone enemy from Final Fantasy IX, and can be found in Oeilvert. Its Mirror ability allows it to create doppelgangers of the player's party members. These mirrors will attack the party. If the character it mirrors is in the party, the mirror will perform an attack that deals 9,999 HP damage to the character mirrored.

If Epitaphs become a problem and are reliably KOing player characters in every encounter, a good way to hasten their defeat is to equip the Man Eater and Stone Eater abilities to quickly destroy the mirrors and Epitaph respectively. For a hassle-free but unrewarding technique, use Softs on Epitaphs as the first action of the battle.

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