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Episode Complete is a status that can be achieved within each area of Final Fantasy X-2 in the last chapter of the game, Chapter 5. In certain areas, such as Luca, simply visiting the area and fully playing through the events in it within Chapter 5 is enough to obtain Episode Complete status. For most areas, however, certain events must be completed in previous chapters in order to obtain this status. If these events are missed, then the player can only achieve the less satisfactory Episode Concluded status for the area. Episode Complete will generally provide the most satisfactory outcome for an area. For example, in Besaid Island, this status must be obtained in order to learn the name of Wakka and Lulu's baby. At Kilika, Dona and Barthello will be reunited if Episode Complete is obtained, but otherwise, Barthello will be left pleading outside the door of Dona's home.

Obtaining Episode Complete for all areas is required in order to obtain the Mascot dressphere. Once a player obtains Episode Complete status for an area, it will be shown in the description for the area in the Celsius's select menu. Additionally, completing either the Den of Woe in Mushroom Rock Road or the sequences involving O'aka in Macalania Woods will result in an on-screen "Episode Complete" display, but these scenes are not required in order to obtain Mascot. Obtaining Episode Complete for an area may also sometimes result in obtaining a Garment Grid or other special item.


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