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Episode number 6744
ITV broadcast date 1st February 2008
(Friday - Part 2)
Production code P694/6744
Writer Jonathan Harvey
Director Kay Patrick
Previous episode 1st February 2008
Next episode 4th February 2008



Steve is furious with Michelle for going back on her word to Ryan and Alex is upset when Michelle bundles him out of the door before Ryan comes in. Making her excuses, Michelle goes after him and reassures Alex she's not ashamed of him. Later, as she breaks the news to him that his father died and he looked just like him, Alex is saddened but tells her that he seems to be casusing her too much trouble and isn't sure they should see each other again. As he leaves without promising to call again, Michelle is heartbroken and feels awful about sneaking around behind Ryan's back. When Steve angrily questions why she's been so dishonest Michelle breaks down - she doesn't know what to do for the best. As much as she loves Steve and Ryan she can't and won't turn her back on her son.

Jason and Becky are enjoying themselves in the pub and Jason’s pleased to have someone to make light of his situation with Sarah. When David arrives in the pub and calls Becky a slapper, Jason’s quick to defend her but Becky jumps in and gives him a piece of his own mind, leaving David terrified and humiliated - much to Jason's delight. Becky's pleased that Jason stuck up for her and is thrilled when he suggests they go back to his. As they share a bottle of wine on the sofa, Sarah rings and Becky rejects the call, tipsy Jason play fights with her to get the phone back before hesitantly moving in for a kiss and adjourning to the bedroom.

At the Rovers, David and Tina cause a rumpus in the Rovers when Vernon catches them drinking underage. And Sally and Sophie are irritated when Kevin and Rosie head off for their father–daughter night out.



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