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Halo 3


The Ark


Forerunner structure set in a desolate desert wasteland.

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"Experts can't agree on why, despite their technical prowess, the Forerunners lacked central air conditioning."

Epilogue is a multiplayer map variant of Epitaph, created by Bungie using a special Forge program. The map variant was released alongside TU2 on September 23rd, 2008, 2 days before Halo 3 reached its one year anniversary. Notable changes include removed shield doors and a tweaked weapon set-up, similar to the changes made to Snowbound for the new map Boundless.[1]


Altered Weapon Layout


The Sniper Rifle spawns in the former Brute Shot location. The Rocket Launcher has been moved from the upper, suspended platform to the ground level in the middle of the map, in the former Gravity Hammer spawn location. The Brute Shot now spawns on the upper, suspended platform. Both sets of Spike Grenades have been replaced with Plasma Grenades; and the Plasma Pistol and Magnum, which accompanied either set of grenades, have now been replaced with Battle Rifles. The Covenant Carbine on the ground floor leaning against the support pillar has also been replaced with a Battle Rifle. There are now dual Plasma Rifles (as opposed to single) in each doorway on either side of the new Active Camo location. The Needler, formerly on the walkway side of the upper platform lift, is now located on the lower, far side (side accessed by the ramp to the left of the lift) of the lift.


The Rocket Launcher now contains only two rockets instead of four. The Shotgun now contains only six shots instead of twelve.


Active Camouflage is now positioned in place of the Bubble Shield, at the top of the golden lift on the Shotgun side of the map. Additionally, the Bubble Shield now spawns in the former Active Camouflage location. Overshield is positioned in front of the golden lift that launches the player to the upper, suspended platform. Two Frag Grenades are spawned in the former Overshield location (which were previously in the new Overshield location). A Regenerator is now positioned on the walkway containing the shotgun, almost directly beneath the opening in the upper walkway. The Power Drain, formerly on the far side (side accessed by the ramp to the left of the lift) of the upper platform lift, is now located on the upper, walkway side of the lift.


  • Same as the original map, but without camping, due to the loss of the shield doors.
  • The Sniper Rifle gives an effective chance of camping out lengths of the map, and with the shotgun, you will be equipped for nearly anything thrown at you due to the small size of the map.


  • It is still entirely possible to create the platform of death by having Fusion Coils constantly respawning on top of the upper platform.
  • It is still possible to get under the map thanks to the Teleporter in Wall Glitch.


  • Epilogue appears slightly more often in Matchmaking than its original counterpart, Epitaph.
  • You can still hear the hum of the shield doors if you pass by a doorway that previously had a shield. (Maybe from Standby mode)
  • It takes place in the same tower as the Citadel.

Download Epilogue


  1. 2008-22-08, Bungie Weekly Update: Remember, Remember It's Nearly September. Accessed on 2008-22-08

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