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Eol Sha

Outer Rim Territories


Cauldron Nebula[1]



Rotation period

19 standard hours[1]

Orbital period

326 local days[1]




Type I (breathable)[1]





Primary terrain
Native species
Immigrated species


Primary language(s)

Galactic Basic Standard


Ruler by selection[1]


38 as of 11 ABY, 0 thereafter[1]


Galactic Republic

Eol Sha was a volcanic world located near the dangerous Cauldron Nebula. Despite a rather temperate climate, almost the entire planet was geologically active, which widespread volcanoes and geysers causing numerous earthquakes and avalanches.

Its length of day was 19 standard hours, and its year lasted 326 local days. It was orbited by a moon with an unstable descending orbit that would lead to a crash between planet and moon with the pass of the years, destroying both bodies. However, Eol Sha was probably destroyed much earlier than this when Kyp Durron used the Sun Crusher to cause all the suns in the Cauldron Nebula to go nova.



In 89 BBY entrepreneurs wanted to attempt a gas mining operation in the Cauldron Nebula. Using ramjet mining ships to plow through the nebula, gases would be collected and processed to create rare elements which could be sold on. As the only inhabitable planet in the area, it was colonized by settlers who prepared for the development of the mining operation. Unfortunately for the settlers, the entrepreneurs had poorly conceived their mining operation, severely underestimating the cost of developing maintaining and crewing harvest ships. This combined with the escalating costs to process the mostly unusable gases in the nebula, led to the project being abandoned and the colonists being left to fend for themselves on the harsh world.

The members of Eol Sha hunted the crustacean-like bugdillos and harvested edible lichens. The outpost was rediscovered by the New Republic in 9 ABY, at which time the representative filed a recommendation the immediate evacuation of the entire settlement. This report, however, was overlooked due to the appearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

At some point in the colony's history, a Jedi named Ta'ania settled on the colony as she raised her illicit offspring. Gantoris was a descendant of hers who also had an affinity with the Force, and he became the leader of Eol Sha.

In 11 ABY, Luke Skywalker came to the planet, seeking the offspring on Ta'ania. He persuaded Gantoris to join the New Jedi Order, promising the populace could be relocated to a better home by the New Republic. The entire colony was moved to Dantooine shortly after Gantoris left with Luke. Sadly, the entire new colony was slaughtered by AT-ATs in Admiral Daala's first strike against the New Republic.

Behind the scenes

Eol Sha may be a slightly-altered anagram of Sheol, the Jewish underworld, sometimes translated as hell, though this is slightly inaccurate but nevertheless a popular view. This popular view would fit the description of Eol Sha as "hellish."[3]



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