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Enuo, illustrated by Tetsuya Nomura for Final Fantasy V Advance
"I see you've begun to understand my glorious existence here. Yet, perhaps it is best you see for yourselves my power... Power that held the whole world in fear... The power of the Void!"

Enuo (エヌオー Enuō) is an unseen character in Final Fantasy V, who appears as a non-playable character and Superboss in Final Fantasy V Advance.



1000 years before the start of the game, Enuo was an immortal wizard that traded his immortality for control over the Void, a great power of nothingness, to wreak havoc across the original world. After a difficult battle, Enuo was defeated by the power of the twelve Sealed Weapons. After the battle, the Crystals were split in two so that the world would be split in two. The Void was contained in the Interdimensional Rift between the two dimensions, so that no evil being could ever use the dark power again. Final Fantasy V Advance shows that while he was consumed by the Void, his essence lived on in the Sealed Temple within the Void itself.


Final Fantasy V Enemy
Level HP MP
97 125,000 (60,000 first form, and 65,000 second form) 65,000
Strength Magic
220 50
Defense M. Defense Evasion
100 30 20
Japanese エヌオー
Romaji Enuō
RPGe Name N/A
PS Name N/A
GBA Name Enuo
Location Sealed Temple
Type Heavy
Steal Bone Mail (Rare, second form only)
Item Dropped N/A
Abilities Aeroga, Almagest, Aqua Breath, Berserk, Bio, Blizzaga, Danse Macabre, Deep Freeze, Delta Attack, Dimension Zero, Drain Touch, Evil Eye, Firaga, Flare, Giga Flare, Grand Cross, Graviga, Haste, Holy, Hurricane, Level 3 Flare, Level 4 Graviga, Level 5 Death, Maelstrom, Meltdown, Meteor, Osmose, Poison, Protect, Reaper's Sword, Regen, Slowga, Thundaga, White Hole
Blue Magic Aqua Breath, Level 3 Flare, Level 4 Graviga, Level 5 Death, Pond's Chorus
Control N/A
Catch N/A
Weak Against N/A
Immune to N/A
Absorbs N/A
Status Immunity Death, Petrify, Toad, Mini, Float, Poison, Zombie, Darkness, Old, Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, Berserk, Silence, Image, Reflect, Stop (2nd form only), Slow (2nd form only), Catch, Control

Enuo is also a secret boss that can only be fought after the completion of the main game of the Game Boy Advance version (thus, while his spirit is destroyed, this is not true to the storyline); he is fought deep inside the Sealed Cave.

Enuo has two separate forms, both of which differ in AI script and have 60,000 HP and 65,000 HP (separately, to wit, making his overall health 125,000 HP).

His first form, much like Neo Shinryu, has two hidden targets, which, along with absorbing multi-hitting/target attacks such as !Rapid Fire or Meteor, rendering them nigh useless, can also perform attacks separately on their own, effectively allowing Enuo to psuedo-triplecast whatever spells he uses. These hands cannot be killed, and you can't target single target attacks at them anyway. This form is vulnerable to Slow and Stop.** It is best to use single-target attacks such as Holy, Flare, or even regular attack if you have the strongest weapons such as Apocalypse, Murakumo, or Ultima Weapon if you have already defeated Neo Shinryu.

Upon losing 60,000 HP, he'll switch to his second form, losing the hidden arms (use Flare Spellblade+Rapid Fire now) and Stop and Slow vulnerabilities. Enuo also gains inherent Protect and Shell (I've never checked whether these can be Dispelled like Omniscient's buffs, so if it works, take advantage of it). This is all accompanied with the text "The power of the Void is increasing!"

The most noticeable of his new attacks is Dimension Zero - this will likely kill whoever hits, as it ignores defense and always hits. If the victim somehow managed to survive, the ever-annoying Sap status is added to them.

**Though with his obscene Magic Evasion (120%), neither spell will hit, ever. Slow Cannon from the Cannoneer's !Combine ability works, as does Deep Freeze's bonus Stop effect if you hacked in the Necromancer class or !Dark Arts Lv2 for whatever reason, though neither will last very long due to his Heavy type. The second form, obviously, is not vulnerable to either status. Also note that Enuo can only be fought once.



First Form

Second Form

  • Dimension Zero (obscenely powerful physical attack on one character, can be blocked by Golem)
  • Almagest (multi-target Holy-elemental spell, extremely powerful)
  • Maelstrom (victims' HP is set to single digits)
  • Delta Attack (deals a small amount of damage and sets Petrify)
  • Hurricane (same as Maelstrom, except it's single-target)
  • Danse Macabre (sets Zombie, and can hit dead party members)
  • Reaper's Sword (deals a small amount of damage and sets Death)
  • Lv3 Flare
  • Lv4 Graviga
  • Lv5 Death

Enuo's second form will still use Flare, Holy, White Hole and Grand Cross randomly.


  • As he did not actually appear in the original version of the game, Tetsuya Nomura, who was originally responsible for Final Fantasy V's monster designs, was brought back to design his appearance for the Advance edition.
  • In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Exdeath's ultimate weapon is called Enuo's Scourge (エヌオーの杖 ).
  • Even though it is commonly misinterpreted, Exdeath has no relation with Enuo. Older materials state that Enuo was sealed in the tree that later became Exdeath, though the Advance port of the game puts this into question.
  • The battle with Enuo uses the same background and music as the battle with Neo Exdeath.

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