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Publication information

Dark Horse Comics



General information

Rebellion era


34 ABY (38:6–39:3)

Published in

Star Wars: Visionaries

Entrenched is a 12-page comic featured in Star Wars: Visionaries, written and drawn by Alex Jaeger and M. Zachary Sherman.

Plot summary

This tells the story of the Battle of Hoth in the eyes of a young Rebel soldier, Corporal Jobin. He has recorded a holographic message for his mother, and the words in his message parallel the events in the story.

The Rebel troops prepare for the Imperial assault, and the Empire unloads AT-ATs and Juggernauts. Jobin fights in the trenches with his squad. One of his men spots a group of snowtroopers and an AT-ST advancing on the Rebellion's Planetary ion cannon. After attempting to reach Ion Control, he and four of his men rush to outflank the AT-ST.

Meanwhile, the snowtroopers inside the now-captured emplacement listen to Rebel requests for ion support. The Rebels burst in. They dispatch the Imperials, losing two squad members. When Jobin fires the cannon, his men set it to self-destruct. The three remaining troops retreat to Hangar Bay Seven, only to find Darth Vader and his troops.

Jobin and his squad retreat to Hangar Bay Ten, but Jobin is shot. He gives his recorded message to one of his men. Darth Vader briefly interrogates him, but he doesn't talk. After Jobin spits on his helmet, Vader kills him. Mon Mothma, apparently Jobin's mother, reads Jobin's letter at the Rebel rendezvous point near Sullust. Crix Madine tells her he's dead. She then goes to brief the Rebels for the Battle of Endor, with resolve in the words: "The Emperor has made a critical error and the time for our attack has come."

Behind the scenes

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Though the Rebels set the ion cannon to self-destruct in this story, the ion cannon is functional again by the time of Jaden Korr's trip to Hoth. Whether the cannon was repaired or replaced in the intervening years, or whether it ever actually self-destructed, is unknown.

On page 69, there is a mistake in Vader's line: were instead of where.


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