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Entrana Dungeon
Kingdom Entrana
Members Area Yes
Main Music Background
Levels 1
Strongest Monster During Lost City: Dramen Tree Spirit

After quest: Greater demon

Quests Lost City
Inhabitants/Race Undead, Demons
Entrana dungeon.

The Entrana dungeon is found on the north-west corner of Entrana.

It is used during the Lost City and Recipe for Disaster quests, and once the player enters the dungeon he cannot climb back up to Entrana.

The only exit available is a magical door, which leads to 32 Wilderness, so it is advised that the player brings a teleport.

There are zombies, greater demons and during the Lost City quest, a Dramen Tree Spirit.

Warning: Entering the cave drains the player's prayer to almost zero.

Dramen Tree

The main use for this dungeon is the Dramen tree. During Lost City, the player has to cut some branches from this tree.

As the player cuts it, a level 101 Dramen Tree Spirit will appear and attack them.

You do not have to defeat the spirit again after slaying it once.

Weapons and Armour

This is also one of the only non-wilderness spots to slay greater demons, and the fact that there are two behind an excellent safe spot makes this spot ideal once the player is set up. Unfortunately, you cannot bring any weapons or armour to the island, so you must be creative.

For example, a ranger could craft black dragonhide armour, a snakeskin bandana and snakeskin boots, a rune crossbow and mithril bolts, then enchant some. An amulet of glory, unholy book, and an archers' ring or ring of wealth would round out the setup.

A mage could wear Ghostly robes, wizard boots, a combat bracelet, a seers' ring or ring of wealth, an amulet of glory, a god cape and sufficient runes for the spell of choice. The most effective way to train combat this way would be to cut a branch from the Dramen tree and use a knife to get a Dramen staff, which gives +10 magic attack bonus.

A warrior could craft a silver sickle, black dragonhide armour, and a snelm for protection. They could also bring an amulet of fury, holy book, and a warrior ring, berserker ring or a ring of wealth, and wear a pair of H.a.m. boots or boots of lightness, along with some ice gloves. The drops from Greater demons could supply a rune full helm, rune scimitar, mithril kiteshield, and adamant platelegs. Even in the best case this technique would be terribly inefficient, however.

Using any combat style, for an extended stay, runes for High Level Alchemy, and a chisel to fletch bolt tips from gems would come in handy. In the melee case, Bones to Peaches would allow much longer stays as well, though demons do sometimes drop tuna.


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