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Enterprise NX-01 was a Terran NX-class, or Enterprise-class, heavy cruiser in service to United Earth's Starfleet in the 22nd century. When the Enterprise was launched in 2151, she was the prototype of a new class of heavy cruisers. The Enterprise was the first ship equipped with the experimental Warp 5 engine. Under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer, the Enterprise played an instrumental role in promoting United Earth's role in interstellar politics, and in laying the groundwork for the creation of the United Federation of Planets. (ST roleplay module: Starships)

Originally, the ship was equipped with a grappler system but by the year 2159, Tractor beam technology was outfitted on the ship. (Star Trek video game: Legacy)



Enterprise in battle (Kir'Shara)


Enterprise's warp-5 engine was designed by Captain Jonathan Archer's father Henry Archer (who unfortunately was not able to live long enough to see the launch of the ship). It was the first sucessful warp-5 Earth vessel, launched 11 years after the tragic ion-cascading reaction accident that claimed the Daedalus (which was set to be Earth's first warp-5 ship). The ship first achieved warp 5 while evadaing Mazarite criminals. (ENT episode Fallen Hero)

Incident at Denari

In early 2153, on a routine science mission to observe the planet Denari inhabited by a pre-warp humanoid species, Enterprise struck a gravitic mine, accidentially passed through a spatial anomaly and (unknowingly) into an alternate universe where Denari General Sadir had conquered his race by using Starfleet technology stripped from the Earth-ship Daedalus (which hadn't exploded in a cascading ion drive accident as had the Daedalus in the other universe). Enterprise was promptly captured by Sadir's forces and all personnel taken to the Rava One prison colony while Commander Tucker and Ensign Sato escaped via a Suliban cell ship that had been stored in the Enterprise's cargo bay. After allying with the rebel Miners Guild, rescuing an alternate version of the Daedalus researcher Dr. Victor Brodesser from one of Sadir's prison colony and a failed attempt at capturing the General at the Kresh on Denari (Sadir commited suicide before he could be captured), Tucker finally realized Enterprise had crossed a barrier to an alternate universe, explaining the sickness he and Hosi had been experiencing from the Denari food (due to steroisomers in the food dangerous to human anatomy). The realization is made nearly simultaneously as T'Pol comes to the same conclusion at Rava One. (ENT novel: Daedalus)

Forced to take action now with the impending countdown placed by the stereoisomer sickness from the food, Archer, T'Pol and Phlox lead a rebellion at Rava One and take control of the complex with the help of a hypospray developed by Phlox. Soon after, however, he is captured by General Makandros and becomes entwined in alliance talks between Makandros' faction and the Miner's Guild (Lead by Guildsman Lind) in which he is re-united with Trip and Hoshi. They eventually find Enterprise with help of Makandros. Shortly after Archer is shocked by the startling revelation that in this alternate timeline he and an old flame from Daedalus has given birth to a son, Lee, who was believed to be Sadir's son and successor, not to mention that both mother and son are residing on Enterprise. After the mother's tragic death, Archer temporarily mentors the boy and tries to convince Lee to do his duty to his people (who are on the brink of a deadly civil war due to lack of government) and step up. Lee is successful in convincing his people that the Miner's Guild and General Makandros were not responsible for the recent genocide attacks on Denari and evades a desperate assasination attempt by the rival General Elson. With help of data from the Suliban vessel, Enterprise said good-bye to the Denari and made its way back through the anomaly. (ENT novel: Daedalus's Children)


See Enterprise (NX-01) personnel for a comprehensive list.



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Legendary even in her own time, Enterprise (NX-01) was the prototype NX-class starship, the first human vessel capable of reaching warp five, and the flagship of the United Earth Starfleet. Launched in 2151 under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer, Enterprise's exploits established Earth as an interstellar power in the mid-22nd century and forever altered the political face of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, helping to pave the way for the birth of the United Federation of Planets.



Among Enterprise's accomplishments during her decade of service were many successful first contacts, most notably those with the Andorians, Axanar, Suliban, Tholians and Xindi. (ENT: "The Andorian Incident", "Fight or Flight", "Broken Bow", "Future Tense", "The Xindi")

The latter contact involved a long-term mission into the Delphic Expanse, lasting from 2153 to 2154. (ENT: "The Expanse", "Zero Hour", et. al) Enterprise also became involved in the so-called Temporal Cold War between various factions from future eras, resulting in numerous alternate timelines, which were "reset" in 2154 when the War was "wiped from history." (ENT: "Cold Front", "Storm Front, Part II", et. al)

Afterwards, Enterprise became a pivotal element in galactic politics, instigating the Vulcan Reformation, taking the first steps toward uniting Earth with Vulcan, Andoria and Tellar against the Romulan Star Empire, and helping save the Klingon Empire from a mutagenic disease. She also fought threats closer to home, such as Dr. Arik Soong and his Augments, and the radical Terra Prime group. (ENT: "Awakening", "United", "Affliction", "Borderland", "Terra Prime", et. al)

Having (presumably) fought in the Earth-Romulan War, Enterprise remained under Captain Archer's command until 2161, when she returned home for the founding of the United Federation of Planets. (ENT: "These Are the Voyages")


Star Trek: Artemis

According to the biography of Captain David Hawk, Commanding Officer of the USS Artemis (NCC-71428), his Great-Great Grandfather, Thomas Hawk served on the NX class Enterprise as an Engineering Officer. (Star Trek: Artemis)

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