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Enlightened One
race: Human
affiliation: Hubologists
role: Hubologist preacher
location: NCR Downtown
appearances: Fallout 2
quests: Deliver Hubologist's field report to AHS-9 in San Francisco
dialogue file: Scenlone.msg

Enlightened One is Church of Hubology's missionary to NCR in 2241.



A striking woman in a long robe with a fixed stare and expression of mindless bliss, the Enlightened One was sent by AHS-9 to Shady Sands to spread the word of their religion. She is a level four Aligned Hub Seeker, with a tranquil state of mind, however, she has found it hard to convert citizens of the NCR to her religion.

Her beliefs infuriate Merk, the local crimeboss and big fish, who would like to see her dead.

Interactions with the player character

The player can opt to receive a zeta-scan from her, which can (randomly) increase or decrease luck. She can also give a report to deliver to AHS-9 on her progress. Last, she is the target in Merk's second quest.


Apparel Weapon Other item
Robes (not lootable) - -


Enlightened One appears in Fallout 2.

New California Republic capital

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