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Dr Who

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Also known as:
Race: Neanderthal
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 2700 BC
Appearances: NA: Timewyrm: Genesys

Enkidu, one of the few Neanderthals to have survived past the paleolithic age, was a friend and advisor to Gilgamesh. He aided the Doctor in his battle against Ishtar. Not long afterwards, he died of a severe illness. (NA: Timewyrm: Genesys)

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Final Fantasy

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Enkidu, in Final Fantasy XII's bestiary.

Enkidu (エンキドゥ Enkidu), sometimes known as Enkido, is the recurring partner of Gilgamesh, appearing in various Final Fantasy titles.




Final Fantasy V

See also: Abductor.

Enkidu is the name of one of the Abductor enemies in Final Fantasy V that fights alongside Gilgamesh in one battle against him.

Final Fantasy VI

Enkidu appears only in the Advance port, as one of the attacks Gilgamesh can use when he is summoned. It deals the most damage of the four attacks. Enkidu has the same sprite that he had in Final Fantasy V.

Final Fantasy IX

Although Enkidu is never actually seen in Final Fantasy IX, there is a message left for Gilgamesh regarding Excalibur II and Excalipur in Memoria by someone named Enkido, which is presumably a misspelling or mistranslation of Enkidu's name. The message is as follows:

"To Brother Gil - Bro, I found the sword, like you told me. But there were two. One of 'em had a lame name, Something II. It was a dingy, old thing with flashy decorations, something you'd probably like. So I went with Excalipur. I'll be back after I find the Tin Armor."

Final Fantasy XI

Enkidu is a member of the Golem genus found on the floating island of Tu'Lia. This is the only instance where Enkidu is not in some way related to Gilgamesh.

Final Fantasy XII

Enkidu appears as a dog-like pet of Gilgamesh, who appears as an Elite Mark. He is fought in both battles against him.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Enkidu's are the names of the Rock Wolves Gilgamesh calls to his side at the Gates of Shattered Time.


In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Enkidu is a wild man created as an answer to Gilgamesh's cruelty and ends up protecting animals in the wilderness by destroying hunters' traps. He becomes friends with Gilgamesh after being defeated by him in battle, and they go on heroic adventures together, including the slaying of Humbaba, the guardian of the Cedar Forest. He later succumbs to a disease leveled upon him by a vengeful goddess, and dies cursing the temple prostitute that seduced him into joining humanity (however he is convinced to take back what he says about the prostitute before he dies). Enkidu's death leaves Gilgamesh incredibly distraught.

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Production information



Pursuer-class enforcement ship


Patrol craft

Technical specifications

30.1 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1,000 km/h

Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 1
  • Backup Class 16

Military-grade shield generators

Navigation system



1 pilot

  • 2 guards
  • 5 prisoners
Cargo capacity

35 metric tons


5 weeks


Patrol craft


Rebellion era


Viraxo Industries

Enkidu was a MandalMotors Pursuer-class enforcement ship employed by K'armyn Viraxo in a mercenary role to intimidate business rivals and defend Viraxo interests against pirates. She was a thorn in her enemies' sides as she always managed to escape from its various missions without damage.

While conducting a hit-and-fade attack against the Harlequin Station trading post, the Enkidu and its sister ship the Gilgam were driven off by an unexpectedly aggressive Ace Azzameen piloting his family's YT-1300 Corellian light freighter the Sabra.

A further tense encounter with Ace Azzameen and his brother Emon at Dunari's Casino further intensified the enmity between the pilot of the Enkidu and the Azzameen family.

Enkidu was also seen while planting spice in a Twin Suns Transport Services cargo area.

The feud was ended when the Enkidu was destroyed by the Azzameens during a reprisal raid against a Viraxo facility.

Behind the Scenes

Enkidu was the name of the wild man who fought and then befriended the king Gilgamesh in the ancient Sumerian legend, "Epic of Gilgamesh".


  • Star Wars: X-wing Alliance

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