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Enemy Skill is a Command Materia from Final Fantasy VII that works in the same manner as Blue Magic. The Enemy Skill materia can be used to learn certain specific enemy spells when a character equipped with the materia is successfully targeted by that spell. The character permanently learns the spell regardless of whether he or she survives the battle. Some Enemies have to Manipulated to learn the Enemy Skill because they will never use it until you force them to by choosing their actions.

There are four E. Skill Materia in the game:

  1. In the sample tank in Hojo's lab after Red XIII joins the party
  2. In the Beginners' Hall (Intermediate) in Junon
  3. In one of the houses in the City of the Ancients
  4. Received from the Chocobo Sage's Mountain Chocobo

List of Enemy Skills

Skill MP Learned From Effect Image
???? 3 Jersey, Behemoth Does damage equal to the user's Max HP minus their current HP ????
Angel Whisper 50 Pollensalta Revives and fully heals one ally Angel Whisper
Aqualung 34 Jenova∙LIFE, Harpy, Serpent Water damage to all enemies, can be reflected Aqualung
Bad Breath 58 Malboro Inflicts Status effects on all enemies Bad Breath
Beta 35 Midgar Zolom Heavy Fire damage to all enemies, cannot be reflected Beta
Big Guard* 56 Beachplug, Wolfmeister Protect/Shell/Haste to all allies Big Guard
Chocobuckle 3 Chocobo Level must be a multiple of 4, Does damage equal to the number of times you have run, times 4 Chocobuckle
Death Force* 3 Adamantaimai Makes one ally immune to instant death Death Force
Death Sentence 10 Boundfat, Gi Spector, Sneaky Step Kills one enemy after 60 seconds, some enemies are immune to this. Death Sentence
Dragon Force* 19 Blue Dragon*, Dark Dragon Raises Defense and Magic Defense Dragon Force
Flame Thrower 10 Ark Dragon, Dragon Fire damage to one enemy Flame Thrower
Frog Song 5 Touch Me, Toxic Frog Inflicts Sleep and Frog on one enemy Frog Song
Goblin Punch 0 Goblin Physical damage to one target based on magical attack. Damage multiplied by 8 if target's level = caster's level Goblin Punch
Laser 16 Dark Dragon, Death Claw Inflicts damage equal to half of one enemy's remaining HP Laser
L4 Suicide 10 Mu, Trickplay Inflicts damage equal to 31/32nds of all enemies HP and inflicts Small, if their level is divisible by 4 L4 Suicide
L5 Death 22 Parasite Instant death to all enemies with levels divisible by 5 L5 Death
Magic Breath 75 Parasite, Stilva A powerful fire/ice/lightning multi-elemental attack to all enemies Magic Breath
Magic Hammer 3 Razor Weed Drains 100 MP from one enemy Magic Hammer
Matra Magic 8 Bullmotor, Custom Sweeper, Death Machine Attacks all enemies non-elementally Matra Magic
Pandora's Box 110 Dragon Zombie**** An extremely powerful defense-ignoring non-elemental attack to all enemies Pandora's Box
Roulette 6 Death Dealer Instant death to a random enemy or ally Roulette
Shadow Flare 100 Safer∙Sephiroth, Ultimate Weapon, Dragon Zombie, Ruby Weapon An extremely powerful defense-ignoring non-elemental attack to one enemy Shadow Flare
Trine 20 Materia Keeper, Godo, Stilva Strong Lightning attack on all enemies Trine
White Wind* 34 Wind Wing*, Zemzelett Heals all allies by however much HP the user has remaining, also heals status effects White Wind

Obtaining rare Enemy Skills

Trine can only be learned from three enemies: Materia Keeper, Godo and Stilva. Since the first two are bosses and the latter is found only at Gaea's Cliff (which is a one-visit area), Trine is the only E. Skill that can be missed permanently. The Stilva later appears in the Battle Square and uses Trine, but the player cannot learn Enemy Skills here.

Most of the rarer Enemy Skills can be obtained in the Northern Crater at the end of the game:

  • Parasite uses Level 5 Death and Magic Breath
  • Dark Dragon uses Dragon Force* and Laser
  • Malboro uses Bad Breath
  • Dragon Zombie uses Shadow Flare and Pandora's Box****
  • Pollensalta uses Angel Whisper*
  • Death Dealers use Roulette
  • King Behemoths use ????

Obtaining Roulette can be extremely frustrating, but the simplest method by far is to obtain Death Force from an Adamantaimai, then when fighting Death Dealers just cast Death Force on both the Death Dealer and the character you want to learn Roulette. This way, you can Manipulate the Death Dealer to cast Roulette until it successfully lands on the character, safe in the knowledge that the character can't die from being hit with it, and the Death Dealer won't KO itself during the attempts.

Due to the game's programming, the Dragon Zombie only uses the Pandora's Box skill once per save file, and will never use it again. Even if the Dragon Zombie can't cast it due to not having enough MP, none of the others will cast it ever again. If the player misses Pandora's Box the first time it is used, they can never obtain it.


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