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Endor shield generator bunker
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Rebellion era


Galactic Empire

The shield generator bunker was an Imperial outpost on the forest moon of Endor. It was composed of the deflector shield generator, a large landing pad, and a secret back entrance. The ground portion of the Battle of Endor was fought around the secret entrance. The power generators and machinery for the shield generator spread for at least seventeen square kilometers underneath the forest.



When the Empire needed a construction site for the second Death Star, Endor was chosen as the site. The Empire established an outpost on the Sanctuary Moon, and it was from here that preparations were made so that the construction site for the second Death Star could be moved there. When Imperial teams arrived to construct the shield generator complex and other installations, they discovered Alliance Captain Junas Turner, who had come to the moon to locate the new Death Star. He was taken captive and sent to the automated prison station Balis-Baurgh, along with an Ewok named Grael. They would later escape, but it was too late to inform the Rebellion of the threat.


Battle of Endor

Main article: Battle of Endor
The Imperial outpost on Endor.

As the Galactic Civil War drew to a close in the years of 3-4 ABY, a Rebel Alliance strike team, led by Dash Rendar and Luke Skywalker, captured information from the cruiser Suprosa at Kothlis. It confirmed the existence of a second Death Star, being constructed over the moon of Endor. It was not realized then, but Galactic Emperor Palpatine had purposely allowed the plans to be captured, so that the Rebels could be coaxed into a trap.

The Rebel fleet amassed near Sullust and was addressed by Mon Mothma. She and Admiral Ackbar informed the battle-weary freedom fighters that the Emperor himself would be aboard the station, further emphasizing the need to win the battle, which would either way end the war. The entire operation was orchestrated to coordinate the fleet, commanded by Ackbar, and a substantial starfighter force, led by Lando Calrissian to jump to Endor through hyperspace and arrive to a shieldless, incomplete Death Star. A commando team would be sent on ahead in a coup-de-main (or, clandestine operation) and disable the shield generator and projector housed on the Endor moon.

The back door of the shield generator bunker.

The commando team, led by Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, Chewbacca, and Luke Skywalker, used the stolen Imperial shuttle Tydirium to slip past Imperial defenses and land on the moon. After speederbike chases, Leia going missing, and other confusions, the team fell into a primitive trap set by the main indigenous species, the Ewoks. At first they saw C-3PO as a deity, and prepared to sacrifice the main team in celebration to the droid. The Rebels were soon freed however after Luke Skywalker, using a few clever Force tricks, and with the help of C-3PO deceived the Ewoks into believing the droid possessed powerful magic he would use against them if his friends were not freed. Afterward, Threepio captivated the Ewoks with an epic recounting on the events leading up to their arrival on the forest moon. The Ewoks then inducted the Rebels into their tribe with great enthusiasm, cementing their cooperation against the Imperials in the forthcoming battle in which the Ewoks would play a pivotal role.

The destruction of the shield generator bunker.

Luke abandoned the team and allowed himself to be brought to the landing platform and then was brought to the Death Star by Vader. Several hours later, Ewok scouts led the strike team to the heavily guarded main entrance. On the advice of Wicket W. Warrick the team attacked the poorly guarded secret entrance. Another Ewok, Paploo, inventively dispersed the guards by stealing a speeder bike. The last guard was quickly dealt with and the team broke into the bunker. Unfortunately, an entire legion of troops were ready for them and the team was swiftly captured. Above the moon, the fleet arrived but could not attack the Death Star as the shield was still up. A massive Imperial fleet appeared and began to harass the rebel fleet. Things looked grave as the shield remained up, and Ackbar ordered the only thing the fleet could do: attack the Imperial Fleet.

But Rebel fortunes changed. The Ewoks, thanks to an impromptu distraction from C-3PO and R2-D2, attacked the groundside stormtrooper legions, and the Rebel commandos took advantage of the confusion. Unfortunately, a group of Imperial officers sealed themselves in the bunker and only R2 could help in getting the doors open again. R2 took a blaster bolt in trying to open the doors and Han's attempt to hot-wire the system failed. Meanwhile, Chewbacca and two Ewok's captured an AT-ST and managed to destroy another AT-ST and kill most of the Imperial ground force. Han used a stolen Imperial uniform to trick Hewex into opening the doors. The team laid explosive charges in the bunker and managed to destroy the bunker, allowing the Rebel fleet to destroy the Death Star.

Behind the scenes

At Disney Hollywood Studios theme park in Florida, a replica of the shield generator bunker serves as the backdrop for the stage that is home to the Jedi Training Academy attraction.


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Non-canon appearances

  • Vader vs. R2 & 3PO
  • LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga


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