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Air Date October 19, 1991
Written by David A. Caplan and Brian Lapan
Director Jay Dubin
Earl broods over the fate of the grapdelites.

It's Earl and Fran's 20th wedding anniversary - the Grapdelite anniversary. Earl purchases a pair of Grapdelites, which are described sweet-tasting, adorable little mammals. Earl's friends comment about the increasing scarcity of the Grapdelites, and one jokes that Earl might have the last pair on Earth. Earl gives the pair to Robbie to hide until the anniversary. The Grapdelites befriend Robbie and confirm that they are the last of their species. Robbie becomes concerned for their fate and, after discovering that the pair consists of one male and one female, suggests that they have children.

Meanwhile, Richfield offers to buy the Grapdelites from Earl, who gives in after Richfield offers him $73 for them. Robbie tries to hide the Grapdelites from Earl, but returns them after the creatures tell him that their species doesn't have much of a chance if Robbie can't convince his own father of the lesson they taught him. After speaking with Robbie, Earl decides not to give the Grapdelites to Richfield due to their endangered situation. However, Richfield manipulates Earl, saying the WESAYSO Corporation has better resources to protect the creatures. Instead, he devours the pair as soon as Earl leaves his trailer.

The episode concludes with the Sinclair family discovering a pair of baby Grapdelites in their home.


  • Taped on July 1, 1991
  • This episode was originally pre-empted everywhere, except for the west coast, due to a news conference.

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Guild Wars

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  1. Deliver a Melandru's Stalker to Nante.
  2. Return to Master Ranger Nente for your reward.

Obtained from

Master Ranger Nente in Old Ascalon


Profession: Ranger
Prophecies Character
Charm Animal


  • 200 XP
  • Skills
Ranger Hunter's Shot
Ranger Comfort Animal
Ranger Troll Unguent
Ranger Charm Animal


"Before the Searing many of Melandru's Stalkers roamed the land. Now these great cats are nearing extinction, and if we are to know the true extent to which their population has been decimated I must keep an accurate count of them. If you can find and tame one of these beasts using the Charm Animal skill or if you already have one as a companion, bring it to me that I may update my current tally."
Accept: "I will bring you a Stalker."
Reject: "Perhaps another time."

Reward Dialogue

"To tame one of Melandru's Stalkers is no mean feat. Well done, my friend, well done. It is good to see that there are still some who strive to preserve the natural balance."


Master Ranger Nente can be found at the statue of Balthazar in Old Ascalon southeast of the Hammer Gate.

If you already have a charmed Stalker you don't have to bother searching for one; just speak to Nente again after receiving the quest. If you have some other type of pet, you will have to visit Jarrel the Tamer to get rid of it before you can charm a Stalker. There is only one area in post-Searing Ascalon where you can find the Stalker. Go west past Nente toward the Breach. The Stalker can be found a little south of the gate with guards. You can find it next to the NPCs you locate in the Family Ties quest. As with charming any pet, the Stalker will attack you once you begin using charm animal. The area is also full of devourers and sprouts, so make sure to approach slowly and clear the mobs that pop up.


  • You get to keep the Melandru's Stalker after finishing this quest.
  • If you already have a different pet, you might consider skipping this quest so you don't have to start over with a new, low-level pet.
  • Three of the skills from this quest are available as rewards in Pre-Searing, and the fourth, Hunter's Shot, is available in Yak's Bend.
  • Even though this quest offers Charm Animal as a reward, you can't complete it unless you already have Charm Animal.
  • A Melandru's Stalker tamed by a hero, or one from the Zaishen Menagerie, cannot be used to complete this quest.
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Non-Canon alert!
This article/section contains information that was shown or released via an official source such as ARGs or extended media (video games, books), however it has no canonical merit to the overall Lost mythos.

Endangered Species
Publish Date
November 1, 2005

Endangered Species is a semi-canonical novel written by Cathy Hapka. The main character is Faith Harrington, an environmentalist struggling with guilt and self-doubt. This is the first Lost novel and was released November 1, 2005. The front cover features Kate. This book is available as a paperback, eBook, and audio-cd, and has been translated to other languages.


Publisher's summary

"Guys... Where are we?"
Stripped of everything, 48 survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 find themselves stranded on a tropical island. This band of friends, family, enemies, and strangers must work together to stay alive. But the Island isn't going to make it easy for them...
As an environmentalist, Faith Harrington could be one of the biggest assets for the group's survival. But the events that lead her to boarding Flight 815 have left her wracked with guilt and self-doubt.
As Faith reflects on the incidents from her past, she'll have to deal with the present reality of being surrounded by strangers in a hostile new environment.
Will this mysterious new world offer Faith an opportunity to start over? Or will she fall victim to one of the Island's deadly perils?


Off the Island Faith Harrington is a herpetology (the study of snakes) Ph.D. student. She is studying under the advisor Dr. Arreglo who, despite being an environmentalist, has just agreed to help Q Corp, a chemical company, build a plant in the Vibora Basin. Faith is told this by a campaigner named Oscar Wolfe but she does not believe him. After a short meeting with Arreglo she is stunned by the truth and tells him she would be applying for another advisor.

She then begins to date Oscar and they start campaigning together in the local area. One day, Oscar springs it on Faith that they will be campaigning in Sydney on an all expenses paid trip with a nature charity Faith hasn't heard of.

When in Sydney, Faith, Oscar and a number of others campaign against Arreglo during one of his speeches to a large crowd, although Faith is still not sure that she completely disagrees with Arreglo. After hearing one of his radio addresses her mind is changed again and she is once again on the side of Arreglo. She argues her point with Oscar but he does not agree and the two fall out. However, he is convinced to make up with her by one of the charity's scientist. Later that night, Faith helps out in the charity's laboratory milking some snakes.

The next day Oscar surprises Faith by arranging a meeting for her with Arreglo. Oscar seems somewhat nervous on the journey and on the way up to Arreglo's room. As the two of them enter Arreglo's room and are seated he begins speaking to Faith and shakes hands with Oscar. Oscar suddenly springs on Arreglo and stabs him in the chest with a syringe full of venom from a snake Faith had milked the night before. Despite Faith's protests, Oscar silences her and takes her back to the hotel. When he is looking elsewhere, Faith hits him over the head with a vase and phones the police, telling them of Arreglo's attack. When she is asked who and where she is, Faith hangs up and gets a taxi to the airport, changing her flight to the earliest possible time, Flight 815.

On the Island, Faith meets George with whom she helps to gather suitcases. She also helps George and Locke find the backgammon set he plays in the television show and she and Locke are the game's first two players on the Island. After a number of heated exchanges with George, Faith thinks she sees an endangered species of bird in the rainforest, although she fails to get a proper glimpse. On her way back to the beach on one occasion she hears George screaming in the jungle. She runs to his rescue and saves him from a poisonous snake, after which he apologizes for his attitude towards her earlier and she forgives him. After seeing a glimpse of the bird she seeks, Faith runs after it. She finally finds it, and although she discovers it is not in fact what she seeks, she realizes that it has others like it, just like she does on the Island. At this point Locke finds her and takes her back to the beach camp.


  • The book goes in chapters which have descriptive titles: Island, Flashback, Island, Flashback, and so on.
  • There are 23 chapters and 195 pages.
  • Covers the first 2 days after the crash.


Truede Arter cd front cover.
  • Trude Brænne Larssen translated this book to Norwegian.
  • The Norwegian title is "Truede Arter".
  • It is released on Dinamo forlag.
  • The ISBN is 9788280711304.

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Marvel Database

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Event Template Event Template
Endangered Species
Official Name
X-Men: Endangered Species



Event Synopsis

Image:Quote1.png Witness the death of a species... Image:Quote2.png


  • No special notes.


  • No trivia.

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